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  The Sultans Daughter
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Children's Story: by
Once there was a great and powerful Sultan named Mo.
Like other men Mo was also a father.
His daughter was called Pearl and he loved her beyond measure.
Mo could not bear any harm come to his daughter so he kept her imprisoned inside the Palace grounds.
Pearl spent her days wandering the Palace gardens.
She was not allowed any companionship outside of her servants and the Palace guards.
Pearl loved her gardens and she loved her Father, but that alone was not enough.
Pearl yearned to know the world and people in the outside world.
One day, she explored the edges of the grounds and came upon a path she had not seen before.
Following the path she discovered it led to a gate.
Carefully she checked the gate latch, and was surprised to find it was not locked!
The gate opened onto a bustling village filled with people and activity.
"Freedom!" she cried.
Children's Story: by
As she was about to enter the world beyond hers, she heard a small cry. Looking down she noticed a basket, a tiny pink fist waved furiously from within.
"Goodness, it is a little baby!"
Pearl scooped the wriggling baby up into her arms and gently held it to her breast.
She was not sure at first what she should do.
There, beyond, was an open gate to a desired freedom.
Here in her arms was a helpless sweet baby that needed her so desperately.
It took only moments for her to decide, she turned on her heels and took the baby into the Palace.
She kept the baby in her own apartments for several months where she and the baby formed a deep loving bond.
Peal knew no other complete happiness and forgot completely her desire to leave the Palace.
One day, the Sultan came to Pearl's apartments to visit.
He saw that a true love had developed between his daughter and the little orphan, but he grew pensive as he watched over them.
He said to his daughter,
"Do you not think, my daughter, this child may have a mother and father who may me searching for their child?"
To which she replied,
"But Father, I found her left defenceless and alone, there was no mother or father about".
The Sultan heaved a great sigh; he knew what he must do.
Pearl had not searched for the child's parents so he sent forth emissaries to look for them.
Days later the emissaries returned to the Palace.
They brought with them a man and woman and stood them before the Sultan.
The young couple claimed to have lost a baby child.
They had set the baby by the wall while they went out to find food.
When they had returned, their baby was gone!
They told their story with great shows of grief and lamentations but when the Sultan looked closely he did not see real tears in their eyes.
The Sultan thought about this.
He decided on what action he would take.
He offered them a pot of gold to leave the Palace and never return, or he could lead them at that moment to their lost child and re-unite them forever.
The couple took the pot of gold and made haste to exit the Palace.
This satisfied the Sultan and he went to his daughter's apartments.
Pearl saw her father return.
With a heavy heart she told him she had heard the true mother and father had been found.
"Have you come for my baby?" she asked, her eyes filled with tears.
The Sultan smiled and answered.
"Yes indeed my child, I have found the true mother.
She is before me, holding her dear baby tightly in her arms."
The Princess wept with joy.
With the Princess and her baby, the Sultan became a tolerant father and hereafter the three were seen often and widely together, travelling through the village and countryside.
The End

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