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  Time To Grow
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Children's Story: by
( Dark interior, light above. )
Girl Bulb: I think it's finally warming up above, almost time to push out.
Boy Bulb: What's the rush, I like it here. It's warm enough. There's still plenty to eat.
Girl: You really have no choice.
Male: Why, is this my fate?
Girl: It is, for both of us, and you're an early bloomer.
Male: I want more from life than living a short dull life, then shrivelling up and die.
I want to soar on winds or be king of the jungle, conquering all before me.
Girl: You're a TULIP!
Boy: A daffodil actually, narcissus type. I don't know how I got tossed in with this group.
Girl: You still bring beauty to others.
Boy: I don't see the beauty in standing around all day in one place,
swaying in the wind with bees poking at you.
Girl: Basking in the sun, looking at the trees and all the other flowers.
That's heavenly; didn't your mother teach you this?
Male: I've heard stories of Uncle Ralph getting trampled by children and Grandma Lorraine eaten by
a deer. Ghastly! It's not safe out there. It's safe here in our beds.
Girl: There's nothing more sad than having an animal or human dig you out of the ground
before you've had a chance to bloom.
Boy: This is what I was made to do, is that what you're saying?
Girl: That's right. Push on.
Boy: You'll miss me.
Girl: Some of us will be right behind you. I'm a late bloomer. I'll see you in late spring
Boy: When I'm shrivelled and old, ready to fade to nothing.
Girl: You can be re-planted and grow again next year.
And if you've been a good flower, eventually you go to heaven.
Or perhaps you prefer your Karma?
You be a good tulip and in a few generations or so,
you can maybe become an oak tree or even a frog.
Boy: Sounds exhausting! Can I stay in bed just a couple more days?
Girl: It's your time. Go!
Boy: Well, maybe I'll see other daffodils out in the sunlight.
Girl: That's the spirit!
Boy: Adios, my friends. May your short Spring be sweet.
Girl: You leave here a bulb. Soon you become a flower!
( Short Silence )
Boy: Stay back! Rabbits!

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