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  Verity Vale And The Extraordinary Scarves
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Children's Story: by

Verity Vale was on her way to somewhere else when the sign caught her eye; 'Welcome to Commontown. A Most Ordinary Town.'
"Well," said Verity, who wouldn't know ordinary if it bit her on the nose. "Well, well ..."
As the people of Commontown watched Verity Vale pitch her tent on the edge of town they felt a change in the air.
It twitched behind their same smiles.
Snuck into their identical houses.
Ruffled their matching haircuts.
It felt a little bit unnerving, and truth be told, a little bit exciting.
In some ways Verity Vale was an ordinary little old lady.
She enjoyed feeding the ducks, knitting, scarves were her specialty, and could tai chi with the best of them.
In other ways she was different.
There was the tent for one thing.
Who lived in a tent?
And the scarves for another, so many scarves.
Not ordinary little old lady scarves, Oh no.
As Verity unpacked the scarves, the people of Commontown frowned and shook their heads, and grew uncommonly excited.
With a twist and a flourish Verity turned scarf after scarf into the most surprising things.
There were skipping scarves, rock climbing scarves, scarves for dancing, for hot air ballooning, for magic shows and puppet shows and for games of hiding and seeking.
Children's Story: by
Verity Vale quickly became the talk of the town.
She should act her age, the people giggled.
Learn to fit in, they whispered with a wink.
Be more ordinary like us, they agreed without meaning a word of it.
Day after day Verity weaved her scarves through the town.
They fluttered from hedges, lined the streets, turned and twisted around fence pickets, tickled the neighbourhood children and chased the cats and dogs. Never had Commontown looked less ordinary.
Never had the people felt more inspired.
Children's Story: by
At first the changes people made were small - a dab of paint here, a garden gnome there.
But soon no smile, no house, no haircut was exactly the same as the one next door.
And the sign that had first caught Verity's eye?
That had changed too -
'Welcome to UNcommontown. A Most Extra Ordinary Town (with thanks to V.V.)'
But by this time Verity Vale had packed up her tent and her scarves and was well on her way to somewhere else.

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