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  Victor The Vintage Motor Car
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This is a story about a vintage car that is restored to its former glory after being left all alone for years in an old barn.

Children's Story: by
Sometime ago, in a quiet corner of South West England, lived a vintage motor car called Victor; he was proudly owned by a lovely family who cared for him dearly.
He was beautiful and shiny and everybody loved him. Each week they would care for Victor by washing and polishing him. Checking his oil and tyres, making sure he was in tip top condition.
The whole family, which consisted of Dad, Mum and their son and daughter, Jim and Jenny, would go out for a drive in Victor, especially on Sunday afternoons.
They would drive out through the village and all the villagers would wave as they went by, gazing in wonder at this beautiful car.
Into the countryside they would go, always taking a picnic with them.
Victor loved these afternoons, they were always the best of fun, many days were spent like this, Victor could not have been more happy.
As the years went by the children, Jim and Jenny grew and became less interested in Victor; which was sad for he didn´t really understand. Only their Dad was caring for him now, so the Sunday outings became very few and far between.
Then one day, just like that, not a word spoken, everything stopped.
Nobody came, poor old Victor was shut away in the barn never understanding what had happened.
No one came near him, so there he stood, days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and months turned to years.
Children's Story: by
Poor old Victor only had the mice for company; they had made nests under his bonnet and inside his seats. Sadly the once beautiful shiny vintage car was now in a dirty sorry state that was just not loved anymore.
As time went on and there seemed no hope for Victor, quite out of the blue something happened.
One morning the barn doors were flung open and the sunlight streamed in.
Silhouetted in the sunlight stood several figures, one of them a young man approached Victor.
"Here he is, Dad´s old classic, oh dear he is in a bit of a state."
As Victor looked on he instantly recognised the young man as Jim, the boy in the family.
The boy who went out on the Sunday drives in the country, the boy who helped keep him clean and in tip top condition all those years ago.
Jim brushed some of the dust off of Victor´s bonnet and could still see the yellow paint underneath.
Jim had come to save Victor, so no sooner said than done, Victor was whisked away from that dirty old barn and taken to be restored to his former glory.
Children's Story: by
Now Jim drives Victor the vintage car, he too has a family who love and cherish him.
They too wash and polish him, check his oil and tyres to make sure he is in tip top condition.
They would go into the countryside taking a picnic on Sunday afternoons, just like the old days.
So now, once again, Victor is a very, very happy Vintage motor car.
The End

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