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  What A Lot Of Noise
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Children's Story: by

Mark zipped up his big blue jacket and put his shoes on.
His mummy was taking him with her to do some jobs.
Cars zoomed past them as they walked down the street.
The cars made whooshing noises and some drivers honked their horns.
He liked the horn noise because it made him laugh.
His mummy opened the door to the library and they went in, it was very quiet.
Mark's mummy looked at the books on the shelves.
He didn't want to read so Mark sat down on a squishy chair and started to think about cars.
"Honk honk," he made the sound of the car horn.
"Honk honk," he made the sound even louder.
People stopped reading and stared at him.
"Honk honk! Mummy, I am a car!"
She rushed over to him, "you must be quiet here, please don't be naughty."
"I want to make noises, honk honk!"
"Mark, please behave or there will be no bedtime story for you tonight."
Mark wanted a story so he stopped being noisy and helped his mummy to find a good book.
Children's Story: by
They also had to buy some food at the shop.
The tills were beeping.
"Beep beep," Mark said to his mummy, "that is the sound that the tills make when they see your shopping."
"I can see our shopping in the trolley, beep beep."
"Please don't beep too loudly, be a good boy."
"Beep beep!" Mark shouted, "beep beep!"
He chuckled; he liked the beeps more than the honk of the car horns.
His mummy looked a bit cross and some people frowned at him.
One man said, "Shush."
"Mark, please behave, you must be quiet so that I can find the food for your dinner."
Mark wanted a nice dinner so he stopped being noisy and helped his Mummy to find some food.
They had to visit the office where his mummy worked in the mornings.
He sat down at an empty desk, there were telephones ringing.
"Ring ring." Mark said.
His mummy's friend smiled at him. "That's right, ring ring."
"Ring ring Mummy!" Mark shouted across the office, "ring ring!"
"Please be quiet Mark, people are trying to work."
"Ring ring, ring ring!" Mark liked being a telephone.
His mummy looked as though she was going to tell him off for being naughty again, so he smiled ever so sweetly.
"Mark, please behave, when this job has been done we can go home."
Mark wanted to go home so he stopped being noisy and he waited for his Mummy.
He made honk honk noises as they walked home.
Children's Story: by
When they got home his mummy turned on the television so that they could watch his favourite show together.
Mark sang the song that was on the television, he liked singing.
After a little while he didn't want to be noisy any more.
"Mummy, my throat hurts."
Children's Story: by
His mummy gave him a big hug.
"I think that your voice wants to have a rest now"
"No more honk honking?"
"No more beep beeping?"
"No more ring ringing or singing?"
"Not today, your throat needs to get better."
"Honk honk, beep beep, ring ring," Mark said when he woke up the next day.
Hooray, his throat wasn't sore any more.
His mummy was right; he had been a very noisy boy.
He was going to try harder to be quiet in the places where he wasn't meant to make lots of noise, he knew that he would find it a bit hard but he wanted to be good.
Children's Story: by
Mark jumped out of his bed, it was time for a new adventure.


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