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  You Can Do It Treetop Friends!
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Children's Story: by
At the Treetop School for Animals any animal can climb to the treetops, but sometimes they need a little help from their friends.
It was a warm, sunny spring morning and the Treetop animals were very excited to start their day...
Children's Story: by
Billy Bunny wanted to be an astronaut someday and building rocket ships with Magnetiles was his absolute favourite thing to do.
On Play Partner Day in Mrs. Zebra's class, Billy became very excited when he saw that one of the buddy activities was building with Magnetiles!
He grew even more excited when his partner Jimmy Giraffe said that building a rocket ship was a great idea. Together they would build the most powerful and colourful rocket ship in the world...but there was one big and little problem.
After working hard at stacking tile after tile to create their rocket ship, Jimmy Giraffe easily stacked tiles high to build the top of the rocket ship since he had such a long neck, but little Billy Bunny was way too short to reach the top.
Each time Billy tried to add another Magnetile, he knocked others down!
This made him very frustrated and made Jimmy very angry.
"YOU'RE KNOCKING DOWN THE ROCKET SHIP!!!" he yelled so loudly the whole class was looking.
Billy wanted so badly to build a great rocket ship.
He dreamed of rocket ships; he dreamed that he was a brave astronaut rocketing to the moon...but now the only thing that was blasting off was Jimmy Giraffe's temper.
Mrs. Zebra came over right away and said, "You can do it, Billy Bunny. Why don't you build the engine of the rocket ship? Every rocket ship needs a powerful engine!"
Then, while Jimmy Giraffe finished building the top of the rocket ship, Billy Bunny built the most powerful and colourful rocket ship engine ever!
Children's Story: by
Billy Bunny was so proud of himself!
Mrs. Zebra was so impressed that she left the rocket ship standing for the rest of the day for Treetop animals to admire and as a reminder to Billy Bunny that you don't have to be tall to create something great!
Children's Story: by
Tommy Turtle loved playing in the playground with his friends and his favourite game was hide and seek.
He liked searching for the best place to hide and trying to find the secret place where a friend was hiding.
Tommy Turtle was always really happy when it was playground time because he knew lots of his friends liked to play hide and seek every day. Whatever game or activity Tommy Turtle was playing in the playground, whenever he heard a friend counting loudly to ten, he became so excited that he felt he could burst right through his shell!
But there was one problem. Tommy Turtle, just like other turtles, moved very, very slowly.
He rarely had enough time to hide no matter how slowly his friend was counting to ten. Usually by count ten, Tommy Turtle was still walking to his hiding place and not anywhere near it.
Unfortunately, today was no different.
Timothy T Rex counted "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10!" with his eyes closed.
Then in his booming voice he called, "Ready or not here I come!"
Timothy T Rex found Bonnie Bird, Katie Cat, Peter Panda, and Larry Lion whose tail was sticking out from behind the climbing wall.
But sadly, Tommy Turtle was still all the way across the playground by the time Timothy T Rex was starting his search.
"It's hopeless!" Tommy Turtle cried.
Billy Bunny noticed that Tommy Turtle was feeling very sad and he knew exactly why, so he ran over to him and patted his shell.
"Don't worry, Tommy. You can do it! You can play hide and seek!"
Tommy Turtle had no idea how.
Billy Bunny quickly hopped over to Timothy T Rex and explained the problem.
"Tommy Turtle loves to play hide and seek, but he needs more time to hide. Can you count to twenty when you play?"
"Sure!" Timothy T Rex announced.
Timothy T Rex was not only understanding of the situation, but he couldn't wait to show off his counting skills.
This time by count fifteen, Tommy Turtle was happily hiding under the steps to the slide and he smiled a big smile at Billy Bunny who was hiding with him.
Tommy Turtle felt so good inside that he was finally hiding and he decided that the next time there was a game of hide and seek he would ask the seeker to please count to twenty.
Children's Story: by
Bonnie Bird thought board games were a great way to play and learn at the same time. Whenever Mrs. Zebra took out a board game for one of the classroom table activities, Bonnie Bird always listened closely to directions on how to play the game.
Children's Story: by
She thought moving tokens across the board while counting spaces, taking turns with friends, collecting different game pieces, and getting closer to the finish line was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Bonnie Bird had a problem when it came to board games.
Often, by accident, she knocked down not only her token, but the other players' tokens too. Her four-legged friends with paws, like Katie Cat and Daniel Dog, didn't seem to have this problem. In fact, not one animal she knew had this problem.
Bonnie Bird needed to balance on her two legs when she stood beside the game board, so she used her wing to move her token but that wasn't always easy to do.
Today it happened again...and this time she knocked down everyone's tokens!
"YOU RUINED THE GAME!!!" Katie Cat yelled.
"NOT AGAIN!!" Daniel Dog complained.
"YOU'RE SO CLUMSY!" Horace Hedgehog exclaimed.
Then Bonnie Bird hid behind her wing and started to cry.
Mrs. Zebra came over right away and told the animals that even if they are frustrated, they need to be patient and find a way to help their friend, because that is what friends do.
Then she sternly told Horace Hedgehog that he should never say words that would hurt a friend's feelings.
"Remember when you accidentally spilled your grape juice all over Peter Panda's painting? Peter Panda didn't shout at you or call you a name. He knew it was just an accident and everyone makes mistakes sometimes."
Then Horace Hedgehog said "I'm sorry Bonnie Bird."
Tommy Turtle had been listening nearby to what happened, and he said "You can do it Bonnie Bird! Try moving your token slowly. Believe me, I know about moving slowly. If you move your token slowly, you can control it better."
Mrs. Zebra thought that was very good advice.
Katie Cat, Daniel Dog, Horace Hedgehog and Bonnie Bird continued playing and it worked! Bonnie Bird moved her token very slowly and no one's game piece fell down.
One thing that Bonnie Bird liked doing fast was spinning the spinner with her beak, so for the rest of the game she spun it quickly and very happily.
It was afternoon playground time and Eddie Elephant, the new animal at school, wanted more than anything to play superheroes with Jimmy Giraffe, Timothy T Rex and Peter Panda.
Those three were the amazing superhero trio at the Treetop School for Animals and they always saved the day!
Today Eddie Elephant thought he had an elephant-sized problem.
He felt strange about asking to join the superhero friends because last week when he had asked to play with them, Peter Panda said "No", Timothy T Rex said "We have enough superheroes", and Jimmy Giraffe said "I never heard of an elephant superhero anyway!"
Then they all ran off to save the day, while Eddie Elephant sadly dragged his trunk on the ground not wanting to play anything at all.
Today he was dragging his long trunk through the mulch in the playground making a swirly path behind him until Bonnie Bird flew over to him and asked him what was wrong.
After Eddie Elephant explained the problem, Bonnie Bird didn't think it was an elephant-sized problem; she thought it was more like a bird-sized problem and she was going to help solve it! "You can do it, Eddie Elephant! You can be an amazing superhero! Let's show everyone your superhero powers!"
Then Bonnie Bird quickly flew to the top of the monkey bars and cried loudly,
Eddie Elephant yelled, "I'm coming Bonnie Bird!" as he charged across the playground.
He rescued her by swiftly lifting her off the monkey bars with his long trunk.
Children's Story: by
Not only were all the Treetop animals looking at the daring rescue, but Peter Panda, Timothy T Rex, and Jimmy Giraffe, who were playing superheroes as usual, stopped with their mouths hanging open in astonishment.
"My hero!" Bonnie Bird called extra loudly, winking at Superelephant.
"Uh...Superelephant? Can you play with us?" Jimmy Giraffe asked.
"We could really use your help in rescuing people."
"Sure!" exclaimed Eddie Elephant, super grateful to Bonnie Bird for being a good friend.
For the rest of playground time, Superelephant helped to save the day with the amazing superhero trio and Bonnie Bird flying right alongside him!
Eddie Elephant would never forget that day.
It was almost time to go home, but the Treetop animals knew that tomorrow there would be new ways to help more animals love their day!
Children's Story: by
The End
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