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  Alesha The Cat
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Children's Story: by

Daddy, daddy come quick and see.
There are big eyes staring at me.
In the window there, can you see?
It's a kitty looking back at me.
Please can we keep her, can we please?
I'll wash her good if there are fleas.
We gave her some milk on a plate.
It seemed like hours I had to wait.
Then mom came home, was kitty there?
Yes! - She's napping on the porch chair.
Mom and dad had a little chat.
They called me in and there I sat.
Hoped to hear we have a new pet.
"First" they said "a trip to the vet"
"Vet" I said "whatever is that?"
They said "a doctor for your cat."
Found a box, she fits just right.
Curled in a towel - out of sight.
Into the car and off we go.
To a new place I didn't know.
Never been to a vet before.
Many new things behind the door.
There's lots of cats and dogs of course.
But shocked to see a tiny horse.
Saw a snake and a talking bird.
Said some words I've never heard.
The vet was fun just like the zoo.
But I was glad when we were through.
We brought her home, she disappeared.
Hid under the bed like mom feared.
To get her out we had a plan.
Gave her some tuna from a can.
That didn't work, mom tried a trick.
She tied some yarn on a long stick.
I wiggled the yarn on the floor.
We saw a paw and then two more.
Next was a tail then furry head.
Now she's out from under my bed.
Gave her a scratch as she ran past.
To the new food she ate too fast.
We gave her some time to explore.
She made a big mess on the floor.
Dad cleaned it up, almost got sick.
Mom finished the job; I said "ick!"
And when done we all had a laugh.
Thankful our cat wasn't a calf.
Then made a list for a quick shop.
A litter box was at the top.
Bought cans and bags of this and that,
Much was needed for our new cat.
While we were out dad took a nap.
Our new kitty curled on his lap.
She woke with a stretch and a purr.
Licking her paws and stripey fur.
Dad woke next and was surprised.
By his new friend's big sleepy eyes.
He cuddled her close, scratched her ears.
Mom smiled, I thought I saw tears.
Then we all had a good giggle.
Watching kitty twist and wiggle.
Mom picked her up, gave her a hug.
Put her down gently on the rug.
The cutest thing I ever did see.
But what to call my new kitty?
She'll be Alesha, our cat "A".
Like in the book I read today.
By a doctor who wrote fun rhymes.
I've read them all oodles of times.
Now's time to sleep, our day is done.
I hope tomorrows just as fun.
Tucked in bed, Alesha and me.
Soon to dream of little cat "B".

The End

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