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  A Day On The Farm
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

Children's Story: by
The sun's our clock, rooster alarm.
Up to start a day on the farm.
Fresh air and sunshine all long day.
Eat our breakfast then on our way.
I put on my boots, coat and hat.
And find a glove under the cat.
Out the door to the bunnies hutch.
They get pellets they don't like much.
Children's Story: by
My dog follows, opens the door.
Sometimes gone for hours or more.
Jumping high, trips latch with paw.
The cutest thing I ever saw.
Children's Story: by
Next we're off to feed the plump hens.
Gather eggs, clean muddy pig pens.
We'll hose it down then slop the sows.
Grab our pails and milk the cows.
Children's Story: by
Feed the mare, sleeps in the stable.
I'll ride her soon when I'm able.
First she's brushed then gets oats and hay.
We do all these things twice a day
Children's Story: by
In the garden, vegetables grow.
Sprout from seeds we plant in a row.
Water well, pluck weeds in between.
Shoo away pests when they're seen.
When all the digging and feeding's through.
There's still more on a farm to do.
Pick fresh fruit for mom's best jelly.
Yummy sweet, wiggles in my belly.
Orange balloons float above ground.
Pumpkin pies shared all around.
Our beans are red and peas are green.
The tastiest rainbows ever seen.
Children's Story: by
Life on the farm is so much fun.
Little to do when work is done.
Get up early, busy all day.
We eat our supper then hit the hay.
Children's Story: by
The End

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