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  A New Day Is Here
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A rhyming alphabet acrostic story in which a child wakes up, sees that it's a sunny, bright and breezy day and considers what fantastic fun and adventures to have on that day.
Look at the first letter of each line!

Children's Story: by
A cheeky peek from under my duvet through the open window at the morning sky
Brings to my eyes a bright and breezy day that creates a wide smile on my face
Chattering birds fly between trees and swoop and swirl in the candy-floss clouds way way up high Delighted, I hop out of bed and decide there won't be any rain today. That would be naughty.
A disgrace!
Every ray of sunshine is joyful. People and animals prepare for the best of days now night has passed Frogs ribbit in the nearby pond as squirrels wave to quacking ducks, our dog Billy leaps in to the water to swim
Good morning it most certainly is! I wash, brush, dress, skip downstairs to the kitchen. Dad's at the stove stirring something. Yawning, my Mum takes orders for breakfast
Hmm, hot toasty soldiers and a dippy egg please Mum, and orange juice right up to the glass rim
Children's Story: by
I look at the stairs as I hear a familiar thud-thud-thud. It's here. Do you know what it can be?
Jibber jabbering about how his pillow fell off his bed, it's a messy haired monster brother
Kyle doesn't know that below his crumpled pyjamas his dinosaur slippers are on the wrong feet
Like he cares! Life is one big adventure to him, and me, rocketing from one story to another
Maybe today we'll make magic kingdoms appear, see fairies dance, watch unicorns race or fly to space, play queen of the castle so little rascal must be Kyle's role
Net some flittering fluttering butterflies, hunt for treasure in low tempting tree holes and spy some wiggly and jiggly bugs
Or pedal to the play park on our bikes with Dad. I love the swings, rope ladders, the slide and even the tricky climbing poles
Pretend to be shopkeepers and sell invisible plants to our neighbours who can pay us with hugs
Children's Story: by
Quick quests to find our dog Billy's lost squeaky toys and a reward of ice cream or cake
Rush eagerly to a play date with friends that our Mum's have booked at the ball pit in town, yippee!
Spot aeroplanes and cars go by, sort out the big and the small things, count colours and see how many shapes we can find and make
Then we'll call Gran and Gramps to tell them all our news. We'll babble it out twice over, they'll get no peace!
Under the shady chestnut tree is a table and chairs for us to have story-time and eat our delicious food fuel
Very likely that I'll have a nap after lunch before the play resumes in the afternoon. At a sprint and with a shriek off to adventures galore
We never get bored of playing out until it's dark and it might even be bedtime before it gets dark. Pesky parent's rules!
X-Y-Z and A-B-C it's all planned at breakfast and done happily, until we finally flop under our duvets for a well earned dreamy snore
You see, we'll have worn ourselves out by then, that's what we do.
We don't plan that part but it's what happened yesterday and probably tomorrow too
Zoom, zip or zig-zag in to our sunny-funny adventures wherever you are and whoever you want to be. You're a good friend and always will be. That's just what you do.
Children's Story: by
The End
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