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  Bad Vacation
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Children's Story: by
Vacation's soon and I can't wait,
on the calendar mark the date.
Planning and dreaming all long year.
Soon our vacation will be here!
I started to pack weeks before,
just a few clothes, and toys galore.
I need a lot for our long stay.
But mom repacks it anyway.
Children's Story: by
Alarm didn't work, taxi was late.
With seconds left we made the gate.
We sat in the plane, no fresh air,
waiting for bad weather to clear.
Hours wasted then off we fly.
Wings wobble, we bounce in gray sky.
Black night rain, runway wet and slick,
vacation starts, we all get sick.
Children's Story: by
We landed late, our luggage not there.
Just full of clothes, I didn't care.
Late night shuttle cost us double.
Big tip needed for the trouble.
Children's Story: by
Get to our rooms, sun starts to rise.
Daylight's wasted with closed eyes.
Day one of vacation's now done.
Hope the next five will be more fun.
But first a shower then some rest,
then out for breakfast that'll be best.
Eggs and juice, toast with warm butter.
Got to the room our hearts flutter.
Toilets broke no shower at all.
A sign on door said tub down hall.
Beds were unmade, hot water cool.
Mom's mad, dad joked about the pool.
Children's Story: by
We went to the lobby to protest.
We stood in the line with the rest.
The man at the desk did all he could.
Some of the guests didn't treat him good.
He threw down his pen, could take no more.
Grunting and shouting ran for the door.
Hotel closed he said running out.
Leaving us stranded, all in doubt
Where would we go, where would we stay?
Would this be another bad day?
We found a place, it wasn't cheap.
But we needed a place to sleep.
Cramped and dark but at least clean,
the tiniest bathroom I'd ever seen.
Just two beds, no TV at all.
One small window looked at a wall.
Children's Story: by
We settle in to rest our eyes,
then off to lunch in clear blue skies.
But halfway there it starts to rain,
my jackets gone, left on the plane.
We ran fast to a place nearby.
Sitting soaked on stools too high,
fish only menu, not for me.
Hours passed drinking pop, refills free!
Children's Story: by
Bellies bloated, day's spent.
The sun came out and down it went.
Saw a movie we've seen before,
then back to our room, locked the door.
Much the same the rest of the week,
sun came out once, we caught a peek.
Went to the beach, water was cold,
this bad vacation's getting old.
Children's Story: by
Good news came later that week
Luggage found but in Chesapeake.
Put back on plane, soon to leave there.
They'll be back late, we won't be here.
Trip's soon over, saw a new place.
Lots of ant bites, rash on my face.
Dad lost his watch; mom caught a bug,
stuffed plastic bags with things to lug.
Children's Story: by
Our ride to the airport, not much fun,
stuck in traffic in the noon day sun.
A bad vacation was had this year.
Getting home soon is all I care.
One good thing of a trip gone bad,
is getting home and being glad.
Vacations done, better next year,
you go and have fun, I'll wait here.
Children's Story: by

The End
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