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  Beach Day
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Children's Story: by

Tomorrow's to be the best day.
A day of sunshine, swim and play.
Must get to sleep, morning is near.
We'll wake early, much to prepare.
Eat breakfast, find my pail and rake.
Great big castles of sand we'll make.
Pack cooler with lunch, bring a hat.
Bags for towels and this and that.
Morning has come, wide open eyes.
Hoping for those clear blue skies.
It must be early, sky's still gray.
Maybe I woke on the wrong day.
Waited all winter, now's in reach,
sunny day of fun at the beach.
Went back to bed, nothing to do.
Closed my eyes then the sun shined through.
Children's Story: by
Jumped out of bed, day's second chance.
Brush my teeth and put on short pants.
Ran downstairs for breakfast and more,
a surprise friend waits at my door.
We all got packed into the car.
Hoping the drive won't be too far.
Wheels turn, rush of cool air.
Windows open, I smell the sea air.
Children's Story: by
Pull in the lot, our fun begins.
Unpack the car, pull out the bins.
We carry the bags, two for each.
Umbrellas up, blanket on beach.
Cooler wheels stuck in the sand.
Dad asked me to lend him a hand.
We're all set up, time to explore.
There's much to do at the seashore.
We hurry down to take our dips.
First toes then knees, up to hips.
The water's cold, we jumped back out.
To thick towels we run and shout.
Children's Story: by
My fingers wrinkle, lips turn blue.
The sunshine's warming me and you.
Sand's sticking to my wet swimsuit.
Mom gets lunch; sandwich, drink and fruit.
Our feast is done, time to play ball.
Huffing and puffing, shared by all.
We blew it up then threw it high.
Caught by the wind, kept by the sky.
Children's Story: by
Grab our shovels, pile the sand.
Moats and towers, kings of this land.
Then waves came in with a crash.
Hours to build, gone in a splash.
Now we'll find some big new sea shells.
Some are flat some shaped like bells.
Some you hear the sea in your ear.
Some will have things living in there.
Sifting for treasure in the sands.
Time slipping through our small wet hands.
We keep the best in a small sack.
To be explored when we get back.
Children's Story: by
Now let's try the water again.
First you go then I'll jump right in.
Dive and swim, watch seaweed float by.
Then the sun sank low in the sky.
We all go home, skin pink, eyes red.
Take a cool bath then off to bed.
Going to sleep dreaming of more,
a day at the beach is best - I' m sure!
Children's Story: by
The End
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