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  Ben To Sea
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Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
I am Ben and I'm off to sea.
Ships ahoy and aye, aye matey.
I'll sail all the oceans blue.
Or maybe just a chosen few.
Children's Story: by
Pack my coat and hat for my head.
Bring a blanket for my new bed.
Teddy must stay with all my toys.
Sailors don't need them, just small boys.
I'll have no school or boring chores.
Just climbing rigging, manning oars.
I'll tie knots and tell sea tales -
Of pirates treasure, storms and whales.
Children's Story: by
I'll sleep at sunset, rise at dawn.
Then swab the decks not mow the lawn.
I'll eat ships biscuit and dried peas.
But hold the weevils if you please.
I'll make new friends, captain and crew.
I'll polish the brass just like new.
I'll travel to faraway lands.
See new faces, shake lots of hands.
Children's Story: by
I'll grow muscles and learn to swim,
never a splash over the rim.
I'll grow a beard and get a tan.
Mom won't know her new little man.
Children's Story: by
I'll paint her name on my sea-chest.
Then she'll know I love her best.
I'll miss my cat, sister and dad.
I hope leaving won't make them sad.
Children's Story: by
But I'll return with gifts for all.
Dads will be big and sister's small.
Jewels for mom, fish for my cat.
Gramps will get a new sailors hat.
Children's Story: by
Now mom's calling, bedtime is near.
My journey starts, nothing to fear.
My tub is full, ships wait for me.
Always too short, my trips to the sea.
Children's Story: by
I rub and scrub and have some fun.
Until mom says my bath is done.
Voyage over, out goes the light.
Snug in my bunk I'll say goodnight
Children's Story: by
The End


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