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  Cats In Court
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The cats in this story were in terrible trouble, because they were not doing the work they were supposed to do, which was catching mice in their town.
Children's Story: by
Seven scrawny cats, in their rags and tats,
Were standing in a row with their heads hung low;
In came the magistrates, eyes as big as dinner plates.
All of them were large and fat, big enough to catch a rat.
The biggest one was tabby brown, he had on a judge's gown.
When he spoke, he seemed to roar; a scrawny cat fell to the floor.
"Meow!" said the big brown cat. "All the mice are getting fat,
All of you must testify, we must know the reason why.
Children's Story: by
Here, we have a full report of all the mice you haven't caught.
One complaint from Mr Dockett, claims he found one in his pocket.
Mrs Meacham wants to sue because, she found one in her shoe.
Mrs Taylor thinks it's shocking; one was wriggling in her stocking.
Lord and Lady Fothersqueue say they found one in their stew.
This is really, most distressing; you must see the point I'm stressing.
Let us hear what your defence is, for the cause of these offences."
Children's Story: by
One cat spoke in a squeaky voice. "Please, sir, we really had no choice.
There are many, many dogs out there, running riot everywhere.
Every time we saw a mouse, a dog came running from a house,
Down our street the dogs are mean, this is why we are so lean,
We've lived on scraps that we have found, scared to even make a sound.
We deeply beg your pardon, you can be very sure,
That we will try much harder than we've ever done before."
Children's Story: by
The big brown cat called for the guard, with eyes like steel, cold and hard.
"See these cats?" He waved his paw. "Take them through the cellar door."
"Please, sir, mercy!" One cat cried, wiping a teardrop from his eye.
The big brown cat let out a roar. "What's a grown cat crying for?"
"You must learn now, my young feller, while you're staying in the cellar,
Scraps will not be fed you there, all your food is everywhere.
By the pads upon my feet, mice will be your only meat.
On returning through that door, you will know what claws are for!"
Days went by and sure enough, those scrawny cats had learnt their stuff.
Walking through the cellar door, scrawny cats, they were no more.
Heads no longer hanging low, a grinning judge said. "You can go!
Your punishment was not in vain, those dogs won't mess with you again."
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