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  Chuckles Nose
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Children's Story: by
Chuckles the friendly clown
Felt really glum, very down
No smiles, just sighs and frowns
Chuckles, poor Chuckles, he had a runny nose
How he loved his shiny red nose
But it had run away, lost forever he supposed
Chuckles had searched high and low
Its loss was a truly sad blow
He loved to wear his nose for his circus shows
"Chuckles, don't worry, don't be downhearted,"
Called his friend Tinkle, "you and your nose won't be long parted.
Larry the lion's found it and he's keeping it warm in bed."
Children's Story: by
Chuckles hurried along in his flippity-floppity shoes
His nose had stopped running!
There was no time to lose
Larry would be a pal and give it to him for a steak or two
Chuckles went to the circus kitchen and collected three
To have his nose back would fill him with glee
How lucky that it had been found by his lion chum Larry
Children's Story: by
Chuckles lay down the steaks, Larry licked his lips
He forget his runny nose jokes and his funny quips
The red nose he pushed to Chuckles with his paw tips
Chuckles polished the nose and he put it on
Ever so happy that his nose hadn't been lost too long
Then he saw a cheeky smile on the face of Larry Lion
"Chuckles, my friend, my plan worked hee hee!
I knew that delicious food you'd bring to me
If I found your shiny runny nose, I'm clever you see!"
Chuckles beamed.
"Hooray! My nose is back with me, its loving owner."
Larry winked, "And I'm thrilled to have juicy steak all over my fluff and fur.
But, I have to ask, where are the fries, my milkshake and dessert?"
Children's Story: by
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