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  Colours Blend And Make Friends
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This is a story about making friends and working together. Different colour paints have to make friends and create new colours for Katie's picture to form.

Children's Story: by
The lovely new paints in the paint box were feeling shy
Katie's mum had just brought them home from the shop
The paints knew they were a fabulous choice for her to buy
But they didn't know each other and were shy from toe to top
They stared at their feet, shuffled a bit; they couldn't look at each other
That would mean being truly brave and meeting new folk
And just like people, the paints were scared to talk to one another
Blue and Yellow smiled to each other once, but neither spoke
White believed that the brightness of Red meant she had an angry nature
So very bright was she compared to his own cool and placid hues and ways
Black was as quiet as the night. To the others he seemed wise, very mature.
Yellow thought Blue looked friendly but still no words could they say
Then Katie came to the paint box with her paintbrush in hand
The paints peered up and gasped as Katie looked down eagerly at them
Her blond bunched hair, blue eyes and brilliant smile showed not what she planned
But she knew that she was set to paint a picture for Mummy. A flower on a stem.
Katie placed the brush in a pot of water and pulled it out wet
She needed the water to get her paint to cling to and spread on the brush
The paintbrush loomed closer to the paints. They broke out in nervous sweat
To be spirited away, to be honest, they were in no rush
"What do we do?" Yellow whispered.
"I don't think we can hide." Red answered.
"What happens when we go on the brush?" Yellow questioned.
"We land on that bit of paper, I think." Blue trembled and pointed.
Children's Story: by
"I'm scared; I don't want to go out alone." said Blue.
"Nor do I." Yellow sighed, shivered too.
"We can't go together." Red was uneasy, she knew.
"I don't think we'd go well together." said Red to Blue.
The paintbrush looked at them all and chuckled.
"What are you talking about? You're great friends!"
"We aren't." said Black. White knitted his knuckles.
"You are. When you guys get together, you blend."
"We what?" the paints gawped at one another, then at the paintbrush.
"You're great friends, but I'm guessing you don't yet know it."
"We don't know it or each other. We only met this morning Mr. Paintbrush."
"Thanks for telling me Yellow. That explains why you're all shy, doesn't it?"
Children's Story: by
The paints nodded because he made sense. Paintbrush took charge of the matter.
"Red meet Blue, Blue meet Yellow, Red meet White, Black meet Blue."
There followed a lot of hello's and then some 'getting to know you' chatter.
"That's better, no longer strangers. You've done the how do you do's!"
"Mummy," said Katie, "I want to paint a pink flower but there isn't a pink."
"You can paint pink, my love," replied Katie's mum, "you can make it appear."
The paints looked at each other. Katie was right. "Pink? Not I."
"Just put two of these colours together. You can work it out, my dear."
Katie remembered something about colours, Mummy was right.
Colours added together made new colours including fabulous pink.
"Would you add red to a lighter colour?" Katie had white in her sights.
The paints frowned; they weren't sure. The new friends saw no red to pink link.
The paintbrush chuckled at the paints again. "Your faces!"
"What about them?" said Black. "What's wrong with them?"
"You haven't a clue. You believe you're so different that you can't work as one."
Red pointed to her fellow paints, "I have to work with one of them?"
"You most certainly do; you're meant to make a mixture. Get ready to blend!"
Red shook her head. "But I'm Red; how can I become Pink?"
Katie smiled. The red needed some white, they were pink friends.
"Mummy, if I add red and white to each other I'll make pink, I think."
Children's Story: by
"Try it and see." Katie's mum grinned and looked very pleased.
Katie dabbed her brush in Red and tickled White's tummy, stirred them until they were dizzy.
"That's it! We've made pink." What magic they'd achieved! Well done Katie!
Red turned to White. "Hello my colourful friend. Let's get busy."
Cheerful Blue and Yellow were next to be blended.
They'd had a quick chat in the paint pot about how colourful life could be.
They knew that forever each other they'd befriended.
For Katie's flower stem they danced and made a bright green.
A stylish black and white vase was added to the picture
"White, aren't we friends then?" Black sounded sad.
"We should be, I'm sure." White nodded. "We'd make a great mixture."
They held hands in the paint box and soon made grey. "Hey, that's great, so glad."
Red jumped in to Blue and made brown, orange was made by Red and Yellow
The paintbrush beamed."That's better! See? Mixing and making friends is fun."
Paintbrush knew the secret about colours and friends:
When you say hello you make new friends and different people can get along fine, enemies none.
That was the story of a happy life, the paintbrush, and now the paints, knew so well.
It's a story of joy and togetherness that we all love to tell.

The End

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