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  Dont Wander Lucy Lamb
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Children's Story: by

Lucy the lamb felt lost and alone,
She was tired and hungry and wanted to go home.
Where was her mother?
Which way should she go?
She lay down, then shivered,
It had started to snow
Lucy was hoping someone would help her find her way,
Her mother had always told her,
"never talk to strangers, they might lead you astray!"
So she trudged along to look for shelter from the cold,
"Why did I wander?" she thought,
"I should have done as I was told."
Children's Story: by
"We must always stick together," her mother taught her every day,
And now because she had disobeyed, she was lost and couldn't find her way.
Lucky for her the snow didn't last, it fell to the ground but melted fast.
She pricked up her ears as she heard a familiar sound,
"Lucy, Lucy ... where are you?"
OH, thank goodness, she had been found.
Children's Story: by
She ran in the direction, where she had heard the voice call,
Stumbling in her haste, she nearly had a fall.
At last she saw her mother, her brothers and sisters too.
Lucy was so happy she cried, "OH Mummy I'm so glad to see you."
Her mother was relieved, but moaned at Lucy all the same.
"You shouldn't have wandered like that Lucy,
I have warned you time and time again.
To wander off on your own without telling me,
you must learn to behave."
Children's Story: by
"I am so sorry Mummy,
it will never happen again,
I could have lost you forever,
What would have happened to me then?"
So, boys and girls, remember,
always stay close to Mum and Dad.
Strangers can pretend to be nice
But sometimes can be bad.
It's always best to listen.
And do as you are told,
or else you could get lost like Lucy
and be lonely and cold.
Children's Story: by
Now cuddle up in your bed,
go straight to sleep
and dream about Lucy,
that naughty little sheep.
The End
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