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  Grandpas Easter Surprise
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Children's Story: by
It is such a sunny day, and it's Easter Sunday.
I've come to Grandpa's house to visit him and play, Hooray!
Grandpa is sitting over there in his garden chair,
With a great big Easter egg for he and I to share.
And next to him in, a little wooden hutch, is a fluffy thing.
So cute and shy but so much furry joy it could bring.
Children's Story: by
"Ah, you've seen her then, your Easter surprise?"
"Oh yes Grandpa, and what a lovely surprise!"
"She's yours if you promise to love and play with her.
Will you give her lots of fun time and tickle her fur?"
"Yes yes, please!" I promise, "I would love to."
"Well, well, that's good, you can name her too."
"Grandpa, she must have a pretty cheery bouncy name."
"Hmm, I wouldn't call her Rover, Spot or Hammy, that would be a shame,"
Grandpa chuckles.
He tickles my new friend behind her ears, "Be sure to keep her safe, we can't let her disappear."
"No, I've seen them do that in magic shows. Grandpa, is she a magical one?"
I jump up and down, "Goodness, a magical friend would be such fun."
Grandpa shakes his head, "I don't think she is, she hasn't done any tricks.
Mind you, in her hutch she did kick over her little straw bricks."
"Can I hold her, please, please, please?" I excitedly cry.
"Of course you can, she's your jolly Easter surprise."
I scoop her up with Grandpa's help and look in to her sweet eyes.
So fluffy, furry and adorable, she really is a fabulous Easter day prize.
Children's Story: by
For all the chocolate eggs in the world I give not one second of thought
This beautiful wriggly cotton tailed present has my full attention caught.
I know just what to call her and I think that it might cause some laughter When I say the name my Grandpa will claim he can think of nothing dafter.
"This baby bunny rabbit of mine is loved so much already, like one of the family.
I'm going to call her Hoppity Hoppy Hopper Rabbit, that's who she can be!
My very own special Easter bunny, Hoppity Hopper can hop around all day long.
So happily munching on carrots and lettuce, nibbling at straw.
Thank you Grandpa. I'm very lucky."
"You two will be best friends forever; that much I can see.
Lucky you and lucky little Hoppity."
Children's Story: by

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