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  Harum Scarum Wolf
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This is a rhyming story about a wolf called Harum Scarum.
A little unconventional, he is scruffy, very smelly and a useless hunter.

Children's Story: by

"Grrrrrrr" he cried with savagery
"This is the life that's meant for me
Amongst the forests thick with bark
And carpeted by fallen leaves
Of green and gold and often brown
Where I tread without a sound"
"The moving shadows on the breeze
Will hide my very soul to keep
As I pursue the western wind
The prey in sight be mine to feast"
The hunt is swift, the battle short
Defeat is kept in numbers for
The deer or rabbit that he takes
Is natures balance, without break
Children's Story: by
The distant sound of water broke
The spell of all those dreams again
As he awoke with one ear bent
His teeth around a broken twig
Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
His home was filled with rotten pongs
Which lasted through the summers long
And smelly salmon hung around
Attracting flies above the ground
He stretched his short and stubby legs
And curled his toes around his head
Whilst tweaking at his wonky ears
His eyes were not quite wide awake
And with the sound of clanking tins
He hooked a rusty can of beans
His toe nails were too long you see
To fit inside his hairy feet
And more than once he had found
They stuck quite fast into the ground
His coat was thick with matted earth
And food he scavenged from the bins
Of villages beyond the woods
Where he lurked, stopped and stood
Children's Story: by
He was slow, no good with prey
And nothing like a wolf you'll see
In films and books or even zoos
He was just plain silly and cross eyed too
His teeth were long and did not fit
Inside the jaws where they should sit
And sat instead beside his nose
Or on his cheeks, and heaven knows
He really had no idea of looks
And made the driver of a truck
Slow down so fast he almost hit
A farmer's cat that looked like him
He lost his way a million times
His eyes so crossed he often found
The road to nowhere looked much the same
And every creature knew his name
Harum Scarum was no bully..................
He simply was just too funny
Children's Story: by
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