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  I Wonder What Other Animals Eat
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

Children's Story: by
The girl said, "Puss, do you ever think of other animals food,
I do quite often, so it's put me in the mood,
To go on a little journey to see what we can find,
We'll ask all the animals, I don't think they will mind."
First we'll start here right now, just across the street,
And ask the dog that lives there what he likes to eat,
"Hey mister dog what is it you're chewing all alone."
"It's a very big juicy beefy, beefy, bone."
Children's Story: by
Next they saw a cow, "Hello missus cow, what is it that you eat."
"Oh I like to eat the lush green stuff that's underneath your feet."
"Oh the grass, I don't think we could eat that, I think we'll give it a miss."
So leaving very politely she gave the cow a kiss.
Children's Story: by
Then they found a monkey, "So what is it you eat."
"Ah bananas are my favourite, they really are a treat."
"I like bananas but Puss is not so keen."
"Well you're not having any of mine." said the monkey,
Who was really rather mean.
Children's Story: by
Please yourself said the girl and on their way they went,
'till they came across a koala bear who was sitting in a little tree that was looking rather bent.
"Hello mister koala bear what do you like to munch."
"Eucalyptus leaves; I eat them by the bunch."
"Eucalyptus leaves; oh I don't think so,
Let's carry on our journey and see where we can go."
Children's Story: by
The girl and her cat came to a river, running through a wood,
And right there in a clearing a pelican was stood.
"You're a pelican aren't you sir, I see that you like fish."
"Oh yes indeed I do like fish, it's a very tasty dish."
Children's Story: by
"Look puss there are some squirrels, we'll ask them what they're doing."
"We're collecting nuts and acorns to hide in our winter store,
When they are laying on the ground, we'll gather up some more.
So when it's cold and the snow is on the ground,
There's lots of nuts and acorns for us to pass around.
We eat them in the winter so we can stay nice and fat,
Perhaps you'd like to try some or give them to your cat."
Children's Story: by
Just around the corner there was a panda in a tree,
"Hey mister panda would you kindly tell us what you eat for tea."
"I'm eating bamboo, it's really very nice."
"Oh that's funny because I thought that panda's ate bowls of rice."
Children's Story: by
Further down the road they found a feeding trough,
Where several large pigs were having a good old scoff.
"Piggy pigs what are you eating."
"They call it piggy swill."
"It looks pretty horrible and it's making pussy ill."
Children's Story: by
Later they met some rabbits eating something green,
They like to eat it quickly before they're even seen.
In the farmers field they eat the carrot tops,
So that's why all the carrots look like that! Down at the local shops.
"Very funny rabbits but I don't think that is true,
But finding out what others eat it gives another clue."
Children's Story: by
"Well puss we'd best go home and think about what we've learnt,
I hope we're not too late for tea because it might be burnt."
The End
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