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Jenny And Luckys Big Adventure
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

Children's Story: by

Jenny and Lucky were in the garden, enjoying the summer sun,
but they were soon getting bored, and wanted to have some fun,
"Come on" said Jenny, "let's go for a run."
Lucky was soon on his feet, not to be outdone,
off they went together, can you guess who has won.

Children's Story: by

Sooty is their mother, looking up at the bright blue sky,
startled and dazed, she opened one eye,
"I must be dreaming" she said, as Jenny and Lucky went running by,
"Don't go too far" she shouted, "it will soon be teatime, custard and apple pie,"
"We will not be too long" Jenny shouted in reply.

Children's Story: by

They ran as fast as they could go, across the fields towards the brook,
the owl perched on the gatepost, even Mr rabbit stopped to take a look,
the shepherd tending his sheep, angrily he waved his crook,
Jenny soon reached the water's edge,
and said "good morning" to Mrs Duck.

Jenny looked over to Lucky, held out her paw for him to hold,
"come into the water" she cried, "you must be brave and bold
the water is lovely, not to hot and not to cold."
"No we must be careful by water."
Lucky remembered what he had been told.

Back home Sooty was getting worried, wherever could the children be,
running wild and playing games, Patch their father had to agree,
Patch had an angry look in his eyes,
"When they get home send them to me,
straight to bed they will go, and there will be no tea."

Sooty was getting restless, as she looked towards the garden gate,
where could Jenny and Lucky be, they have never been this late,
"I must go and look for them, I can't stand the wait"
she was soon running towards the fields, regardless of her fate.

Jenny and Lucky were now a long way from home, and were losing their way,
it will soon be dark, and the end of the day,
Jenny knew they had better go back home, and without anymore delay,
there could be danger ahead, with their lives they would pay,
wolves and bears would soon be out, and they could be their prey

Sooty was running at such a pace, to look for her son and daughter,
they could be in great danger,
hoping Jenny remembered what she had taught her,
she was never to talk to strangers,
and the dangers of playing by water.

Mr Wolf was watching from nearby, he was kind and rather sweet,
Sooty called out "Could you please help me sir,
my children are missing and now I'm incomplete"
Mr Wolf replied "I'm sorry, I can't help you my dear.
I've been in my lair all day, out of the midday heat,
now I must go hunting, and I'm due for a treat"

Sooty had not gone far, before she picked up their scent,
Jenny and Lucky couldn't be far away, this must be the way they went,
Sooty remembered Mr Wolf's words,
and she knew exactly what he meant,
hunting down his prey, is how his nights are spent.

Children's Story: by

The thought of their mother worrying, was still in Jenny's head,
they would soon be home, so softly they began to tread,
Patch their father was waiting,
smoking his pipe by the garden shed,
"Where do you think you have been, you should be tucked up in your bed."

To bed without any tea, Patch was heard to say,
Jenny and Lucky were soon fast asleep,
in their warm beds they now lay,
tired and exhausted, their dreams were far away,
of their wonderful adventure, and everything they had done that day.

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