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  Just A Regular, Old Boring Night
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

Once upon a time, on a regular old boring night,
Daddy read me a book and then tucked me in, just a bit too tight.
He said goodnight little buddy, and kissed me on the head,
I made him a promise that I would be quiet and stay in bed.
I flashed him a smile as he turned and walked away,
He left me alone, but I was still wide awake.
I wiggled and squirmed and kicked the blankets off my feet.
I tried to think of a quiet game to play; after all, I had a promise to keep.
So silently I played with some of my quiet toys.
I don't have that many, they all make a noise.
So I drew some pictures and made sculptures with my play-dough.
Mom and dad would really love these; it's too late to show them today though.
Quickly I ran out of quiet things I could do.
Everything else is loud, like my cars and trucks, and transformers too.
I could not get to sleep, or even close my eyes.
Nor could I lay still; on this old, boring, no fun night.
As my thoughts began to wander, and my consciousness drift,
I felt a big rumble and the house began to shift
I opened my eyes and jumped to the floor.
I realized quickly, that I was not at my home anymore
I was in a faraway land, a rather dusty place.
There was no sign of home, not even a trace.
I saw horses and sheep, and big red barns.
And a small village surrounded by farms.
I saw a group of peasants with fear in their eyes.
They all looked friendly, but it seemed that something was not quite right.
Before I could ask them what was the matter, I heard a loud ROAR!
So loud I thought my eardrums might shatter!
I turned around and looked up toward the sky;
to see the most incredible, but terrifying sight
Flying above, the ugliest of creatures;
a DRAGON, with sharp teeth and many scary features.
He had scales and spikes, and dark red eyes,
and a forked blue tongue, with teeth of great size.
He blew fire and smoke, and set the village ablaze.
He terrorized the townspeople in many frightening ways.
The monster had a deviant and menacing look in his eye.
"Please somebody help us!" The villagers all cried.
It's the dragon that the people so intensely fear,
and that must be the reason that I have come here.
They looked to me to save them from this awful beast.
But I don't know how to slay a dragon, not in the least!
But no need to fear; be nervous or scared;
because I am as a boy scout, and always come prepared
I looked down at my belt and beheld a shimmering sword.
I had a bow and some arrows, and weapons galore!
As I entered the ring, I could hear the crowd sing.
For these are my people, and I am their king!
With a knot in my stomach, and a lump in my throat,
I lifted my sword high, and swung my first stroke.
The dragon turned his scaly head and sneered:
"It will take more than that if you wish to beat me,
for I am of noble blood, and come from royalty."
I turned and grinned and looked my foe in the eyes;
"That doesn't scare me, for you are evil and full of pride!"
I ducked as the dragon swung his great big tail;
for I must save my people, I cannot fail.
So I grabbed that tail as it swung back around;
and spun him around, around, and around
With all of my might, and muscles so strong, I released!
and threw that beast until he was long gone!
The people all cheered, and they laughed and they clapped.
For the dragon is gone and they have their home back.
I was glad I could help those poor people in need;
It makes me feel happy to do a good deed.
Suddenly....I felt a cold breeze and wind at my back.
A storm was approaching, so dark it looked black
Soon I was surrounded by dust and debris;
by then it was so dark that I could barely see
Then it carried me away with such power and haste;
until I found myself in a familiar place.
I was back in my room where it was quiet and dark;
with Mr. Bear and my toys, and all things close to my heart
I laid in my bed without making a sound;
but then I rolled over and I fell to the ground
Dad opened the door and asked if I was alright.
And I just smiled and said yep;
It's just another regular, old boring night.
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