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  Poodle Mcdoodle
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Children's Story: by

Poodle McDoodle the curly haired mutt,
Came from bonny Scotland and was made of stern stuff,
He arrived on my doorstep in the deepest of snow,
And said sadly " Och Canna I come in please I've nowhere to go."

He was wearing a tartan kilt and a very smart hat,
He bowed to me politely and I thought; 'Fancy that'
A talking Scottish poodle right here at my door,
And I let him have a seat cos his paws were so sore.

Then I heard a big rumble from inside his belly,
So Mum gave him some lamb for dinner with fruit and Jelly.
A lovely big smile lit up his hairy black face,
And he thanked us all kindly and unpacked his suitcase!

Children's Story: by

He gave a big yawn and said he needed some sleep,
Then he went up to my room and tucked himself in under my sheets!
I told him quite firmly "Please get out of my bed."
But he just grinned at me cheekily and this is what he said;

"Your bed is so soft and just right for me to feel at home,
You can sleep on the floor next to me, so there's no need to moan."
Poodle McDoodle the curly haired mutt,
Wanted a story as he found going to sleep tough,

So I read him a book about a very naughty dog,
And soon he was snoring and sleeping like a log,
As for me my back hurt from sleeping on the floor,
And my ears had had quite enough of his very loud snores !

Morning dawned and the sun soon arose,
Up got Poodle McDoodle and nudged me with his wet nose,
"It's time to get up, the sun has his hat on,
come on get up, you've haven't got long."

He sang as he danced and twirled round my room,
I got dressed as he hummed an old Scottish tune,
Downstairs we bounced to fill up our belly,
Mum wrinkled her nose and said McDoodle was smelly,

Children's Story: by

"A bath is in order, if he is to stay,
and he must wash thoroughly and have it today."
Mum said as she watched us gobble our toast,
Then we had a competition to see who could burp the most.

Poodle McDoodle the curly haired mutt,
Was going to have a wash, brush and haircut,
I filled up the bathtub with warm water and bubbles,
McDoodle jumped in with a grin that spelt trouble,

He played with my bath ducks and splashed water everywhere,
The bathroom was wet and covered in bubbles but he didn't care,
We popped the bubbles as they floated by,
And laughed so much I thought I would cry.

Once he was clean, he shook himself dry,
His black curls went all fluffy, like a little black sheep,
But I trimmed his fur and brushed him till sleek,
I got him the mirror and he had a quick look.

Children's Story: by

He was so pleased that he danced till he shook,
He put on his kilt and did a little Scottish jig,
Then he disappeared and came back wearing mums pink wig,
He pranced and bowed in her high heeled shoes,
I laughed till it hurt, I'd never been so amused,

"Oh, you're so funny you must live with us for evermore,
I don't even mind always sleeping on the floor."
I pleaded and begged but he shook his curly head,

"Och, I canna do that lassie." he sadly said.
Poodle McDoodle the curly haired mutt,
Once lived in the Scottish highlands in a little stone hut,
He goes wherever there is a child who needs cheering up,

He has loved entertaining since he was a pup,
I was so sad the day that he packed his suitcase,
But he blew a raspberry on my nose and put the smile back on my face,
We all gathered round to give him a hug,

And say goodbye to the talking Scottish poodle, we'd all grown to love,
We waved till our arms hurt as he danced out of the gate,
I know I'll see him again though and "Och I canna wait".

The End
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