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  Sam, Spectacles And A Surprise
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Children's Story: by
Sam the seagull was feeling dazed and henpecked
But that's what happens when you fly into a chicken coop!
He would have put his glasses on when he got out of bed
So that he could see where he was going to loop the loop
But last evening he'd gone out to play on the seafront with Fred
Children's Story: by
Fred was a fellow screeching young gull, a fun friend and scholar
They'd raced for crusts and crisps and played beakball with the packet
But Sam lost his specs to the sea, "Come back!" he did holler
Looking for them Sam and Fred made such a noise. What a racket!
Sadly, spectacles are not obedient so it became time for valour
Sam crept home to his mum, she wasn't very pleased
At the half blind little gull fluttering around her tidy nest
Squawking away, his woes she did not want to ease
He assured her that he'd tried to find them, he'd done his best
Mum grumbled about an eye test and new spectacle's fee
Children's Story: by
The morning came and there was more searching to do
He saw Fred on his way to the ocean, laughing hysterically
This was after he'd shocked the chickens and made them poo
Walloped his wings and bumped his head on twenty odd trees
Fred screeched "Look out to sea, mate, I've good news for you!"
Sam saw what his friend was doubled over about
A sea lion was lumbering merrily towards the shore
Wearing the glasses, unable to see through them no doubt
"Hi you must be Sam, I like your glasses." The sea lion honked, Sam was in awe
"I thought I'd keep these safe until you stumbled once more on the sand dunes hereabouts."
Children's Story: by
"Thank you so much! You are my new friend sea lion. What's your name?"
"Hamish, I'm from the tip of Scotland, a Scottish dancing sea lion, that's me."
"You've saved me from the opticians, for a trip there I would be to blame."
"You need to keep your things safe, Sam, whatever treats the humans leave!"
"I've learned that now Hamish, searching for my spectacles was a rubbish game."

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