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  Sparkle Sprites - The Tiny Fairy Delights
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A story of tiny fairy babies who are born into the world when someone blows dandelion seeds into the air.
They provide love, luck and magic to people and animals of the world
Children's Story: by

Every time you blow a dandelion seed high up into the air,
Something wondrous and magical will appear,
A tiny little magical fairy baby with golden dewdrop wings,
Is born into the new day's dawn, as the morning's birds do sing.
The weeny little being is a beautiful delight,
It's a fantastical fairy baby called a Sparkle Sprite.
Sparkle Sprites have lots of magic from the moment they are born,
They ride about on fallen leaves if their wings get tired and they start to yawn.
They live inside a castle made from flower petals and mossy twigs or branches,
And they wake each day bright and early when the sun's light dances.
They use their magic powers to do good for everyone,
And like to help people by bringing a spark of luck to their lives before the day is done.
The entrance to their castle is guarded by two ginger fairy cats,
Who have fairy wings, golden gleaming eyes and wear flower petal hats.
They keep the Sparkle Sprites home safe and invisible to the human eye,
And prevent invading animals from entering no matter how hard they try.
The Sparkle Sprites sprinkle magic fairy dust everywhere they go,
And from the magic fairy dust feelings of happiness and love start to grow,
The fairy dust falls down upon the animals and people nearby and lights up their hearts with loves sweet glow.
The Sparkle Sprites help the goddess of the seasons turn Winter into Spring,
They nurture the baby animals and with the newly hatched birds they sing,
They sing sweet notes of gentle harmony that reach far across the land and far across the sea.
Sometimes when it's dark and the stars are shining at night
In the distance you might see a soft glowing rainbow coloured light
Then take heart and know that you have seen the glow of a magical Sparkle Sprite.
They spend so many hours making magic in the world
Sometimes they fall asleep on a soft plant that has unfurled,
If you ever get to have a glimpse of one know you are a very lucky boy or girl!
Now you know all about these wonderful magical creatures try to do good like them,
And learn the lessons of love and caring they try to teach us.
Then you will be blessed with joy and delight
And be as happy and lucky as a Sparkle Sprite!
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