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  Stinky The Swamp Monster
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Children's Story: by
The birds sang songs for all to hear,
And deer and squirrels ran and smiled,
When their dear princess drew near,
Bess was loved in the forest, sweet child.
Oh no! a muddy splat hit her dress,
Thrown by a swamp monster with hairy feet,
He chuckled and chortled "Ha ha princess!
Hee hee, what did you bring me?"
Children's Story: by
She harrumphed, "For the birds I brought bread,
For the deer I brought ripe fruit,
There's nuts for the squirrels overhead,
For you, not even a kick from my boot!"
"Well, I wouldn't want that, Hee hee!"
"You are a naughty, smelly, mud throwing thing."
"Me, a thing?! I'm the greedy monster Stinky!"
He tried to shake her hand, like he was a proud king.
Children's Story: by
"Euuuuuuch," she screwed up her nose,
"Your nails and teeth need a clean Stinky."
He laughed, "and my feet, look between my toes!"
"Euuuuuuch, but you've given me an idea Stinky."
"And you've rudely not given me a gift!"
"Hush, my smelly greedy swamp chap."
"This idea must not be a kick so swift."
"No, it's much nicer than that," she clapped.
"Stinky, to give is better than to get."
"To give is better? I can't think why."
"You can give us all a gift and get wet."
"Pah and pah again, Gooooooodbye!"
"Stinky," Princess Bess blocked his path,
"What? You want to remind me that I'm smelly?"
"Um, yes, don't you want a warm bubble bath?
When you are less smelly, close friends we can be."
Children's Story: by
"I don't have friends, Princess. It's sad, I can't lie."
"When you have friends you might not be so greedy."
"Hmm and aahh and dum-de-dum, fine, a bath I'll try."
"Yippee! We'll be great friends, you and I Stinky."
Children's Story: by
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