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  There Once Was A Bird That Forgot How To Fly
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Below is the first stanza of this poetic tale. It involves a dove that found he simply couldn't fly one day.
Now stuck deep in a canyon he realises has not only lost his wings but also his self-esteem.
Though, he is about to find he's not the only lonely creature in the canyon that has a disability.

There once was a bird that forgot how to fly
stuck in a canyon, the ground high above
he stared at the sky as he tried to recall
what made him a non-flying dove.
He didn't know how his body broke down
though different, he still looked the same
what a burden it is to be carrying wings
when the wings that you carry are lame.
The bird paced around and got very depressed,
he was totally stressed-out and lonely
for no other bird had forgotten how to fly,
he was the one and the only.
Soon he saw crows perching nearby
and thought he might finally be saved
but when they all realised the bird couldn't fly
they scoffed and took-off right away.
The dove felt ashamed, like he did something wrong
blamed himself and now wanted to die
for how could a bird live the life he deserved
when he knew he would no longer fly?
He started to weep and while wiping his beak
he decided to hide in a hole,
he laid down to sleep but then heard a loud
squeak when out of the ground popped a mole.
The mole was afraid so he ran to escape
but, instead, hit his head on a stone
when the dove tried to help, the mole simply yelped,
"Just go away, leave me alone!"
The bird reassured him he never would hurt him
which made the mole feel a lot better,
he choked as he spoke, then broke down and cried
so the dove wiped his cheek with his feather.
He said, "Moles such as I cannot focus our eyes
we use whiskers to see where we're going
though small in my youth, I eventually grew
but my whiskers refused to start growing."
"So you see, Mister Dove, I am not only blind
but I also have nowhere to go
so please help me find my way back to a hole
where I'll rest in the ground deep below."
"Oh dear, just stay here!" begged the bird of the mole
"You see, I forgot how to fly,
I've been stuck in this canyon and always assumed
there was nobody down here, but I."
"But now I found you and you have found me,
together we're never alone
I'll help you to see if you show me the way
to make this strange canyon my home."
The mole cracked a smile, then bear-hugged the dove
he forgot that his whiskers won't grow
and for once the white dove didn't gaze high above
but found peace in the canyon below.

The End
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