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  The Animal Olympics
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Douglas and his friends agreed to an Olympic Games,
So they all put down on paper every body's names
A board was set up to agree, just who was doing what,
Then work out systems for the drill, and begin to train the lot
A message was sent throughout the land, to creatures far and wide
To challenge all to play their part, and make a special stride
Many farm animals did agree to join in with the scene
And so began the biggest games the world had ever seen
Harry horse put down his name to do two hundred yards
He would have done much more than that, but found it was too hard
Hector Hog said he could throw a spear quite a way
Five thousand meters could be done by Dan the dog, he'd say
Gerald goose, volunteered, the high jump was his fun
While Reg the Ram had ideas, to try the marrowthon
Billy goat was very keen to throw a discus round
While Douglas was himself quite keen to throw a hammer down
Four chickens signed the entry form to run the relay race
And rank outsider Martha Mule went for the steeple chase
Soon all were ready for the games and everyone was trained
Then the big day came along, and it never even rained
The creatures came from miles around, all looking rather fit
And Daisy cow, who was in charge, said let's get on with it
She rang the bell to start the games, and soon events begun
Charlie duck from Wilson's farm won gold for his great run
Then it came to Harry's part, and he got hitched to go
Two hundred yards he was to pull, a plough to make it sow
He pulled and pulled so very hard, until his task was done
When they added up the points, a silver he had won
Gerald Goose faced the barnyard wall to jump his way to fame
But got disqualified for flying and never jumped again
Bronze for Dan, who rallied over fifty sheep or more
Running for five thousand meters, to secure them, nothing more
Hammer safety in his mouth, when Douglas came to throw
But when it came to let loose the thing he couldn't let it go
He landed in the field next door, and though it didn't count,
It was the longest throw of all, by a large amount
Reg the Ram was next to try a marrowthon so bold
Thirty marrows he did eat and walked off with the Gold
While Billy Goat, he got a bronze for throwing weighty stone
And Martha Mule she came in last, and swore she would atone
Six burly cows from Barrets farm won first in Tug of War
While Stewart goose won gold for swimming fifty lengths or more
Billy goat was at the discus spot to have his turn
But he missed the throwing point and swore never to return
Hector hog then grabbed his spear and threw for all his might
It landed just behind the lead, a silver medal flight
Jasper sheep from Dixons farm came flying through the air
But failed to get a high jump win and went home in despair
The Chickens won the relay race by pecking seed at rate
Horace Bull got a silver medal for lifting up the gate
I know I could go on and on about how things occurred
Like how the rooster, Tango, was knocked back to third
The games finished well, and all agreed it was a load of fun
They all were sure it was the best thing they had ever done
As for our yard they did the best of anyone that day
Four Gold, six Silver and six Bronze, it proved their finest play

The End

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