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  Time For Time-out
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Children's Story: by

Time for time-out, it'll end soon.
Dug in the yard with mom's good spoon.
She's had it since her wedding day.
Used just for holidays, not play.
I said that it was shaped just right.
To dig a trench where armies can fight.
Needs to be deep but not too wide.
Had to dig fast so they can hide.
Buried far down just like a tomb.
Guarding treasure found in your room.
Found in a box high on a chest.
It's the booty pirates like best.
I must protect those shiny things:
chains, charms, bracelets, baubles and rings.
Hid them good, remembered the map.
But then forgot after my nap.
To help me dig I found a pet.
The best digger there is I'll bet.
Finished our yard then went next door,
found nothing, ran off to dig more.
Chased our cat high up in the tree.
Grandma called the police for me.
Her nurse had to help make the call.
The police came, that isn't all.
While chasing his dog, which I found.
The man fell from holes in the ground.
He said he'll sue, just wait and see.
I said it was his dog, not me.
His face was red, limping away.
But grandma's heart will be OK.
And I have some more good news.
While digging today, I wore no shoes.
They're nice and clean and tucked away.
I'll try no pants some other day.
Though mess was made with my bare feet.
I cleaned it up with hose and sheet.
Pushed all the water out the door.
Then to your room, I cleaned some more.
Too bad the hose didn't quite reach.
I luckily then found the bleach.
You'll smile when you turn on the light.
I know you like things clean and white.
With spots of colour here and there.
You'll surely hug your little dear.
I'm glad you're home early today.
Don't believe what the neighbours say.
The rescue came, Dad's all right.
Not much pain, he'll wake by tonight.
Go to the doctor, I'll just wait.
I'll be good and won't stay up late.
I missed lunch; I'll make us a snack,
fix the chair dad broke with his back.
He climbed too high to find his keys.
Lost his balance from wobbly knees.
I found some socks to wrap dad's head.
Then found soldiers under my bed.
Recalled the mission to be done.
Ran downstairs to start the fun.
Found no spoons not already bent.
But then found yours and out I went.
And that's where my story began.
Now come sit close mom, hold my hand.
I know that time-outs hurt you too.
But when it's done I'll still love you.
The End

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