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Kukaburra Kitty Goes Shopping With Felicity Fruity
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This is the tale of Kukaburra Kitty, a child-minder who lives with her animal friends in the back courtyard. But sometimes Kukaburra needs to go outdoors so teaches the elder animals their responsibilities and to take charge in such times.
This is the first adventure of Kukaburra Kitty in which she bumps into her old friend Felicity Fruity at the shopping market.
Find out what happens next, children.

Children's Story: by
One fine summer afternoon, after her tea in the back courtyard, Kukaburra Kitty told her animal friends that she was going shopping.
They should not open the door to any strangers nor should they pick up the telephone as she would leave the answering machine on.
Joey, her marmoset monkey, was the oldest so all responsibilities, in her absence, rested on his shoulders.
Children's Story: by
"Joey, you're the oldest, after me of course, so I am leaving you in complete charge.
I'll only be away for half an hour, so please, please don't make a loud noises when you are playing, just talk to each other in a low voice."
"Kitty, please may I go inside and watch my Andy Pandy DVD?"
"Of course darling."
It was Simone' a tiny female red squirrel who had asked.
Children's Story: by
"Okay then, I'm going now, Bye."
"What about the main door?" asked Joey with a smile on his face.
He knew he had said something very adult like and responsible.
"Good boy! You see, I was going to tell you to put the chain on the main door.
No matter who is standing there, you must not open it at any cost.
Do you all understand?"
"Yes Kitty." they all said out aloud, in a dull monotonous tone.
"And please cheer up; we're all a big happy family. Okay, bye for now, see you in thirty minutes."
Children's Story: by
"Thirty minutes, caw, thirty minutes, caaw." said Cindy the cockatoo as she played with twigs on a tree trunk.
Kitty smiled, waved bye-bye and left.
The shops were just around the corner from where Kukaburra Kitty lived.
All the neighborhood did their shopping there as well, so time to time she would bump into different people living close-by.
"Well well, if it isn't Kukaburra Kitty, fancy seeing you here."
Kukaburra Kitty was inside a shopping market when the voice had called out from one of the counters close-by.
Children's Story: by
"Oh! Hello Felicity Fruity, what a pleasant surprise seeing you here."
"Same here, you're looking so lovely, also you have lost some weight?"
Kukaburra Kitty blushed.
"Let's shop together, it'll be great fun!"
So the two friends did their shopping and talked along the way.
Felicity Fruity chose all the different fruits, especially cherries and oranges, which she absolutely loved.
Kukaburra Kitty helped herself to some vegetables for her animal friends, and put in a bar of chocolate, exclusively for herself.
Also a home decorating magazine to read at night.
Children's Story: by
The two friends had such a lovely time that instead of thirty minutes it took one and a half hours before they left the shop and went their own ways.
Felicity promised she would come and participate in Kookaburra's tea and biscuit party next weekend on Saturday afternoon.
When Kitty arrived home she took out her key and opened the door, but it did not fully open.
"Coming!" called a voice, running down the stairs it was Joey the marmoset monkey.
"Sorry Kukaburra Kitty, but I was sitting with Simone' in her room.
"I'm really happy you all obeyed my instructions, and just for that I am going to give you all a treat.
Next week we are going to have a very special visitor with us, can you guess who he or she is, hmm?"
Joey scratched his head and thought for a moment, then a big smile formed on his face and he snapped his fingers.
"It just has to be Felicity Fruity, am I right, Kukaburra Kitty?"
"Right!" everyone called out aloud at the same time.


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