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The Not So Wise Owl - Rhyming Children's Story
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The Not So Wise Owl - Children's Rhyming Story Book
 The Not So Wise Owl 

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Children's Book
 Amazing Adventures Book 

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The Not So Wise Owl - Rhyming Story in verse
The Not So Wise Owl is an amusing tale written in rhyme to stimulate children and their sense of humour, thoroughly enjoyable while encouraging reading.
The following extract illustrates the verse style:
"The other oak dwellers at first couldn't see"
"What was wrong with the funny old owl in the tree"
Find out what happened to poor Owl in this entertaining story of life in an oak tree. Will Owl ever be wise again?
The Not So Wise Owl - double page spreads throughout
Every page is fully illustrated, Premium full colour double page spreads throughout, examples above.
  • Author: Rober James Parfett
  • Illustrator: Sarah-Leigh Wills
  • Graphics: Simon Hopkins
  • Published on: 21 August 2015
  • Large Print UK English Edition 20cm x 25cm (8 x 10 inches)
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-9560331-6-1
  • ISBN 10: 0956033164
  • RRP: £7.95p (UK)  or  Discounted up to 50% click Bookseller buttons below
  • Publisher:™
  • Subject code: JNF042010 - JUVENILE NONFICTION Poetry Humorous
  • Book style: Saddle Stitch on 70lb White, Premium Colour, Gloss Laminate Cover
  • Distributors: Ingram and partners worldwide inc: Gardners and Bertrams
  • Booksellers: 38,000 worldwide
To Download the PDF Book Flyer  
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Buying the Book
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The Not So Wise Owl cover

About the Author: Robert James Parfett
Robert Parfett left England in 2000 to teach English to primary school children in international schools. Through his experience he has gained a deep understanding of developing children's reading skills.
Robert is a prolific writer. Apart from his regular books, he contributes educational stories to for children to access worldwide online.
Robert is the father of two boys, his strongest supporters and critics!.



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