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Children's Story Book Publishing
This section is intended as an outline guide for those Authors relatively new to Children's Book Publishing.
Here are some example covers from Authors Published Worldwide with our help:
Children's Stories Net Author's Book Covers

We can provide anything and everything an Author may require, from guiding and handholding beginners on a shoe string to producing and promoting high quality books and making them available in over 30,000 Booksellers Worldwide and eBooks in their various forms.
Please feel free to contact us for any information and advice by telephone or email, click the Contact Us button above.
A Bit of Recent History
Not so long ago unknown Authors were very much at the mercy of the Big Publishers, most found it very tough trying to get good work accepted, one of the well known examples J K Rowling struggled for some years with 8 Big Publisher rejections of Harry Potter, eventualy selling the first book 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' for just £2,500. The rest is history.
So what do Publishers know? often not near enough as Harry Potter demonstrates. The main thing to learn from J K Rowling's experience is, if you've got good work persevere, you've got the advantage of and others such as Social Media which were not in existence at the time of Harry Potter's beginnings.
Since then technology has changed things, now relatively unkown authors on a shoe string budget can attract large readerships and publish worldwide with their printed books selling through 10,000's of bookshops in many countries. eBooks add yet another growing dimension which is also low cost to setup (Amazon Kindle and others)
Around 2000 we were approached by an Author having difficulties promoting his lifes work specialist book, he'd had the run round from numerous Publishers. We used the internet to freely publish part of his work as a taster through a dedicated website and ensured search engines returned the content near the top of page one, this generated a lot of interest, in his case the time was right 5 years later to publish his major life work, sales went through the roof, £13,500 in the first month from one online outlet, mainly because a lot of work went into creating interest over a number of years (there was no social media then). Needless to say a very happy Author.
Other Authors got to hear of our work, they too were having some difficulties with promoting their Children's Stories and thus Childrens-Stories.Net was developed into useful promotional media for both Authors and Readers, in short every one wins. provides a means for Authors to test their work and become known worldwide by providing Free Stories to 10,000's of readers.
  • In 2014, 64,500 individuals read 7 stories each (average)
  • In 2015 readers increased by 56% (first 6 months)
Amazon's phenomenal growth and price cutting was seen as a great success by many, the majority loved cheaper books.
Now that Amazon presents a list of 100,000's of Children's Books it's impossible to browse the range, the chance of finding a new authors work while browsing on Amazon can be very slim unless promotional advertising is paid for. attempts to solve some of the problems by freely providing a specialist Children's Story platform for it's contributing Authors.
Your Own Book
We provide a range of economical high quality in house expertise to assist those Authors wishing to be published in eBooks or in Print. We have extensive graphics and book creation know how and facilities.
Authors are free to use our help as little or as much as they wish, we can advise by telephone or email free of charge (within reason) including practical help.
The Big Change Helping Authors
Just a few years ago it was neccessary to produce and stock large quantities of books in a warehouses in numerous countries, producing small quantities was too expensive.
New instant book production technology has recently solved that problem, there are now compact machines that can produce a single complete finished full colour book automatically in moments. These machines are installed in central locations round the world and in some larger bookshops, books are simply produced in moments as required. The following image shows one type of book machine with locations.
Instant Book Production Machine
Instant Book Quality is high, Premium Full Colour pages throughout including gloss finish hardback covers as required, please ask us for returnable samples or buy one of our Author's books to see and feel the quality (more about some of these further down).
The key to this Instant Book Revolution is our creation of secure electronic print masters which are made available as required for book printing, thus authors books can easily reach a world wide market overnight with almost no cost. Historically this was a very expensive thing to do which included moving book stock round the world by ship to numerous warehouses.
Our Leading Global Distribution Partner
Some years ago we joined second to none Ingram the largest global book producer and distributor covering 220 countries and territories with 22 offices, distribution centers and manufacturing plants round the world. Working with Ingram simply means we can achieve the best global distribution very quickly and economically.
ISBN - International Standard Book Number
ISBN - International Standard Book Number - Barcode The International Standard Book Number gives books a registered identity and book record that enables anyone world wide to find and buy a book.
While many people produce books without ISBN's, they are immediately at a disadvantage simply because the book is not easy to find and will not appear in bookshop tills that use barcodes, this is a no no for most retailers.
We recommend and provide a fully registered ISBN record and Barcode for all our Authors books.
How Individual Authors Did It
Elliot's Amazing Adventures Number 1 cover Elliot's Amazing Adventures stories are created by Author Linda Farrelly. Having built up a following on Childrens-Stories.Net she decided it was time to try her first book.
Linda created all her own illustrations on regular art paper with pencil and paintbrush, we guided her by telephone and email how to scan and paste objects so she only had to draw them once for her many illustrations, thus using her computer to paste objects into ready prepared backgrounds.
We provided Linda with further help in producing her book cover and other features after which she sent it all to us by email.
We then tweaked her graphics and made them suitbale for her book layout and printing and created the Electronic Print Masters which we inserted into the global market instant print system. Within a few days her book was available world wide.
The Not So Wise Owl is created by Author Robert James Parfett. He also built up some following through Childrens-Stories.Net and decided he would like to try his first book.
Robert found an independent illustrator who's work he liked, the artwork was created on art paper with pencil and paintbrush and sent to us.
The illustrations did not fit Robert's chosen book size and layout so we used all kinds of graphics tricks to turn them into a high quality wrap round Cover and Double Page spreads with overlay of story text.
We made them suitable for printing and created the Electronic Print Masters which we inserted into the global market instant print system. Within four days the book was available world wide.
Please contact us for further information or advice, click the contact us button at the top of this page



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