Children's Christmas story A Floating Christmas by David Martin

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A Floating Christmas
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Children's Story: by

Underneath the bridge which arched over the Porter Village Lock, a mile outside Marmile, a young boy sat on the bank by the pond, dreaming about Christmas day which was only two days away and which quirkily, was also his 12th Birthday.
Stuart Sumper was always dreaming.
He dreamed when he was at school.
He dreamed when he was in bed.
He dreamed when he was having his breakfast.
Now however, his dreams were concentrated on Christmas and what kind of day it might be.
Last year and the year before, and the year before that, he celebrated Christmas and his Birthday at home with his mother, Matilda Sumper, his younger sister Beatrice Sumper and his Father Pogo Sumper, a nickname he had been given during his school days, when he used to spend all his waking hours jumping on a Pogo Stick
His mother was always cajoling him and telling him; "Stuart Sumper, your dreams will get you into a heap of trouble one of these days."
Trouble was though; young Stuart enjoyed dreaming more than he enjoyed real life. In his dreams his world was always a happy place but in real life, it was sometimes not very nice.
So as he sat on the bank and dreamed away, a boat drifted by and from the deck a friendly voice shouted; "Ahoy there young Stuart, would you like to come aboard?"
The young lad didn't need a second invitation; he jumped up and took the hand of Jess Brown, the local Porter Village Fisherman, and clambered aboard.
Jess and his father Pogo were best pals from school days.
"Now what was you a'dreaming about there young Stuart me lad" said Jess "You was a'lookin' a bit sad."
Jess told the old sea dog his tale, that every year he looked forward to Christmas Day and every year it was a bit ordinary with no frills.
As he told Jess, the weather beaten face of the fisherman seemed to crack into a smile but he said nothing.
And so, two days passed and Christmas day dawned.
Stuart awoke with a hearty crashing of young feet on the landing as his little sister Beatrice flew into his room and jumped on his bed..
"Wakey Wakey birthday boy!" she screamed as she pushed a parcel into his dreamy hands. Swiftly up the stairs came his father and mother, all smiles and both bearing gifts.
"Now then young Stuart me lad, quick quick, up you get and get dressed we're off out today" fired his Dad.
Stuart was open mouthed and in a state of shock. Did he hear his father say 'off out?'
He got dressed as fast as he could and no sooner had the family gobbled up their breakfast they all piled into Mr. Sumper's old Ford Anglia and set off with a trundle and splutter.
Stuart could hardly contain his excitement.
The rickety old car wound through the village to the docks.
On arrival Stuart saw with utter disbelief old Jess at the quay, dressed in full Captain's uniform, saluting by his boat.
Aboard the vessel he could see all his pals from his class at school and a great big sign hanging from the mast flew in the wind, with the words in big red paint which said;
Stuart was now in a state of daze.
His parents ushered him aboard the boat and amidst yelling, hooting and cheering, Captain Jess set sail up the river for Marmile.
On the way all his friends sang Happy Birthday and they gave him presents.
Stuart had the most enjoyable Birthday on that day that he could ever remember.
It also made him realise that sometimes dreams really can come true.

The End
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