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Submit Your Story for Publication
New and existing authors of any age, including children, are welcome to submit their Children's Stories here for publication.
We make Free Children's stories available to all to help parents and others encourage Children to enjoy Traditional Reading, promote good Authors and Childrens-Stories.Net as a child safe source of Children's Stories
Anonymity is guaranteed if required through a free choice of Pen Name. You can also include pictures to illustrate your story.
New Children's Author Pop Johnson Our new author Pop Johnson wants to share the news: "I have won two awards for stories I submitted to the Tennessee Mountain Writers Contest. I was very pleased and surprised to receive second place in the 2014 Joy Margrave Non-Fiction Award for my memoir, 'Living in the Shadow of the Nuclear Warhead', about growing up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Then, I was called up again for 'The Bears' Picnic', second place in Children's Literature Category. Pretty exciting for a novice writer. I only had the confidence to enter because Childrens-Stories.Net were kind enough to publish my first-ever stories The Queen's Cat and The Bear's Picnic.
Our Free stories are aimed at helping children:
  • By stimulating children's imagination their creative abilities develop.
  • The carefully selected use of words and language develops understanding.
  • Fun short stories fit within a childs initial attention span and stimulates the desire for more.
  • Gradualy increasing story length develops children's attention span.
  • Enjoyment of stories stimulates the desire in children to read for themselves.
We change our free children's story selections from our library frequently and email our many 10,000's of readers about New Stories and developments from time to time.
We provide unlimited access to our entire library (currently   stories) for a small contribution to help cover our costs.
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We may also publish selections of stories from time to time in eBooks for most eReaders including Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, laptops, PC's and in print. Some versions may include narration (audio track). Some may require a small download or print on demand fee through the supplier to cover costs.
Helping Authors
We promote the good work of Children's Authors who help us encourage children to enjoy reading by contributing stories.
We publish the Authors Name or Pen Name along with their story and may also, at our option include an introduction to the author and a Special Promotion for those Authors providing a number of good stories.
Special Pomotion example   
  Elliot's Amazing Adventures  
Contributing Authors may freely include a short Biography, photo and contact details in our popular Children's Authors section.
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  Children's Authors    section
We promote Authors and their Stories to our many readers worlwide, in the year 2014, 64,500 individuals read 7 stories each (on average) online at, in 2015 readers increased by 56% (first 6 months compared to the same period in 2014).
Children's Stories Readers Worsd map
To see our current reader distribution World Map  
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All contributed stories are checked for suitability before they are published and are proof read and corrected as neccessary (a small fee may sometimes apply if the work is substantial). Unsuitable stories may not be published at our option.
Our online (website) visitors are encouraged to: "freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for their own domestic private use, individual qualified School Teachers may also similarly freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment."
Childrens-Stories.Net provides a unique and valuable opportunity for Authors to become known and promote themselves to a large worlwide readership.
For more information about Your Own Book publishing  
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Preparing Your Story
We accept stories in Plain Text (prefered) and other well known formats (eg: MS Word and OpenOffice), so no need for expensive or complicated software, stories can be pasted into this page, see Submit Your Story Here further down.
We prefer not to receive stories on paper by post, extra time is needed to type these in. If there are special circumstances (eg: computer breakdown or disability) then please contact us before sending by post.
Download our Submission Guide  
  Click Here  
As a writer you may know of 'Microsoft Word' the most common word processor, subject to version, this can cost between 80 and 400 ($120 to $600 US), in some cases Microsoft requires a yearly renewal fee, in short prohibitively expensive for some.
The Good News you can have a very good equivalent 'OpenOffice' absolutely free and above board (sponsored by: The Apache Software Foundation). Open Office works in an almost identical way to Microsoft Word, thus existing skills transfer easily. More good news is OpenOffice can work with existing Microsoft Word files (most versions) so no compatability problems.
Apache Open Office Logo   Download OpenOffice FREE here:  
    Download OpenOffice    
Help With Illustrations
True Shih Tzu Stories - Lucy's Adventures - By Lucy Sitzu (tm) You will see from our story selections currently available that many stories are illustrated and some are not.
Illustrations are not compulsory, some stories are fine without, others benefit from illustrations.
Not every one can produce illustrations, there's numerous sources of Free Clip Art which can be found through Google search.
The prefered minimum size for illustrations is 576 pixels (dots) high, bigger is better. Please see the Submission Guide above.
Photographs can also provide a good means of illustration, the example cover for 'True Shih Tzu Stories - Lucy's Adventures - by Lucy Sitzu™', the regular photo does the job very well.
We have our own in house graphics facilities which may be able to help you. For example the titles on the "Lucy's Adventures" cover were added to the regular photo.
You can request help with graphics and illustrations on the submission form below, please bear in mind we may not be able to provide what everyone would like due to cost constraints.
Publication Rights
By submitting your Free Story (and any pictures) to us you confirm you are the rights owner or writer and grant us indefinite (in perpetuity) non exclusive publication rights to your material in any media. In addition we may edit, add to and abridge the whole or portions of your material for promotional and publication purposes and to help ensure the best result from your story, such altered versions may be subject to some joint copyright.
Content Suitable For All
We have a world wide readership in 100's of countries. All our content is intended to be suitable for all, accordingly we do not knowingly allow any form of inappropriate content. We fully support equal opportunities and freedom from discrimination, accordingly we do not permit any content that may be perceived to influence, promote or favour any one social group or personal persuasion.
Submit Your Story Here
If you have not already registered your email address for Free Stories, then please do that first, click the 'Free Story Access' button top left of this page. If your email address has not been verified the form below will fail.
If your are under 16 years old you should discuss this with a parent, teacher or guardian.
We will never disclose your details or email address to anyone (unless the law requires it), you can write under a Pen Name if you wish to protect your identity from the public, we will only disclose the Pen Name with your story.
Confirm registered email:  
Story Title:  
NB: Titles can only include upper and lower case A to Z, 0 to 9, space, hyphen " - " and asterisk " ' ". The title word convention is: Capital first letters to each word or single letters, then lower case. Do not use full stops (periods) after single letters
Brief story outline (synopsis) to encouarge readers:
NB:Leave a blank line to separate paragraphs, otherwise do not press return to end lines, text wraps. Allowed text characters are upper and lower case A to Z, 0 to 9 and ! $ * ( ) - + = : ; . , @ ' " ?, click in the text area to activate the cursor before pasting in plain text (no formating other than paragraphs)
How many words (word count):
Proposed Age Range:
How many chapters (if any):
How many pictures ready to send (if any):
Would you like help with pictures or graphics:
Has the story been Proof Read (checked for mistakes):
Have you written other stories:
Real Name:
Pen Name (optional):
Your age:
If under 16 name of parent or guardian:
Post Address:
Post code / zip:
Phone (optional):
If your story has no pictures and is under 5000 words long, you can paste it into the box below before clicking the Submit Story button at the bottom.
If your story has pictures please note in the story where you would like them placed. We will contact you about sending the pictures to us.
If your story is longer than 5000 words please Submit this form without the story, we will contact you by email about sending your story content to us.
Short Story (under 5000 words) you can paste it into the area below:
NB:Leave a blank line to separate paragraphs, otherwise do not press return to end lines, text wraps. Allowed text characters are upper and lower case A to Z, 0 to 9 and ! $ * ( ) - + = : ; . , @ ' " ?, click in the text area to activate the cursor before pasting in plain text (no formating other than paragraphs)

When you've checked everything please click the 'Submit Story' button below, we will immediately send you a confirmation email.  
    Submit Story    

After we've had time to go through your details we will get in touch by email.
You can contact us at any time, click the 'Contact Us' button at the top of this page.



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