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Barry Helps A Farmer
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Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson

One day Pat the Arms, Pat the Wind and Barry were in the kitchen of their house, getting the breakfast ready.
Pat the Arms was squeezing oranges in order to make orange juice.
Pat the Wind was blowing gently at the four cups of tea he had made in order to cool them.
Suddenly Pat the Eyes rushed into the kitchen.
He had been walking on a hill watching a thrush build a nest many miles away.
He had spotted a man lying in a ditch with blood on his face!
"There is a handcart lying beside the man, and it is broken up," Pat the Eyes told the others.
"Then he needs our help," said Barry. "We'll go immediately and have our breakfast later."
Barry and his three friends left their house and Pat the Eyes led them along the road until they came to the man lying in the ditch.
"What happened to you?" asked Barry, with concern in his voice.
"I am a poor farmer," said the man,I have a wife and little girl at home.
This morning I brought some potatoes and cabbages to the market in my handcart.
When I was going home, two men with red noses jumped out and punched me.
They took the money I got at the market.
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson
One of them pulled my lovely gold wedding ring from my finger and it hurt.
The other man smashed up my handcart with a hatchet!"
"That is terrible," said Barry. "We will help you."
Pat the Arms lifted the farmer in his arms and carried him along the road towards his house.
When they arrived at the farmer's little house, they saw his wife and little girl waiting for him.
They were shocked at what they saw, the little girl started to cry.
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson
Pat the Arms carried the farmer into the house and put him to bed.
"We will get back the wedding ring," Barry told the farmer's wife.
"We will also stop these two men from robbing anyone else."
The little girl's name was Eileen.
Barry gave her a big hug and told her that his thee friends would help her.
She then stopped crying.
Barry and the three Pats left the farmer's house and went back to where they had found him.
Pat the Eyes said: "I can see the footprints of the two robbers. I will lead you to them."
Pat the Arms, Pat the Wind and Barry walked behind Pat the Eyes as he followed the robbers' footprints.
They were very faint but Pat the Eyes could see them clearly.
Barry and the Three Pats came to a big house.
Barry knocked at the door and shouted "Hello" in the letter-box.
Someone inside the house shouted back: "Go away or we will kill you!"
Pat the Arms then struck the door with his fist and smashed it.
Barry and his three friends walked into a big room.
Two evil-looking men with red noses faced them.
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson
One of these men took a big basin of hot water from the fire and threw it at Barry and his friends.
Immediately Pat the Wind blew fiercely and the hot water flew back on to the two robbers.
They screamed and ran out of the room!
A few minutes later the two robbers returned.
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson
One had a knife.
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson
The other had a hatchet!
Pat the Arms grabbed a big table and ran at the robbers with it.
This knocked them out and they lay in the corner moaning!
The house was full of jewellery and money.
Barry told his friends to look for the farmer's wedding ring.
It was hard to find but Pat the Eyes saw it lying on a high shelf.
Pat the Arms was able to reach up and get it.
He gave it to Barry who put it in his pocket.
Barry asked the others to bring the two robbers to the Sheriff in
the town.
Pat the Arms lifted each of them up by the back of the neck and dragged them out of the house!
Pat the Eyes, Pat the Wind and Barry started walking towards the town.
Pat the Arms walked behind them with the two robbers held in his two arms like sacks of potatoes!
When they were about three miles from the town Pat the Eyes said:
"I can see a poster on the wall outside the Sheriff's Office.
It has a picture of the two robbers with red noses and it says that there is a reward of a hundred gold pieces for whoever captures them!"
Barry and his friends soon reached the Sheriff's Office.
The Sheriff was delighted when Pat the Arms roughly dropped the robbers on the floor.
"These two devils have been robbing people for years but we could never catch them. Here is the reward." said the Sheriff.
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson
He handed Barry a bag with the hundred gold pieces in it!
Barry and his friends thanked the Sheriff and headed for the shops in the town.
First they went to a cart shop and bought a lovely cart with some of the gold pieces.
The cart has a nice soft seat for two in it.
Then they called at a stable yard.
There were lots of horses for sale.
Pat the Eyes pointed to a little pony that was wet and dirty looking.
"How much is that pony?" Barry asked the dealer.
"That little animal is going cheap because he fell into a hole yesterday and got very muddy."
Barry bought the pony who stood there shivering.
Pat the Wind started blowing gently at the pony and soon it was dry and lovely looking.
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson
It was now pure white!
Barry bought tackle and put the pony between the shafts of the cart.
Then they started on the journey back to the farmer.
When they arrived there the farmer was feeling a little better and was out of bed.
When Barry handed him his wedding ring he was delighted.
Then Barry said: "This pony and cart will make it easier to go to the market with the vegetables, and Eileen can go with you."
The little girl danced with delight and hugged the white pony.
"I will feed him every day," she said.
Barry then handed the farmer the bag of gold pieces.
"This will help the three of you to recover from this terrible day." he said. They did not want to accept the gold but Barry said:
"Take it, we have plenty of money, but we would like a big breakfast!"
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson
The farmer's wife cooked eggs, sausages, rashers, black and white pudding and laid out a massive breakfast on the table.
She toasted over a hundred slices of bread on the fire!
Barry ate just a little, but each of the Three Pats ate what ten other people would eat!
After having a little rest Barry and the Three Pats waved goodbye to the farmer, his wife and Eileen and started walking back towards their own house.
Children's Story: Barry Helps A Farmer by Martin Gleeson

The End
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About Martin
Martin is now a retired College Lecturer who enjoys writing and foreign travel with his wife, he occasionally writes for magazines.
While Martin's five children were growing up, he and his wife Carmel loved to tell the children stories.
Two of these special stories were Smut Fada (means long snout) and The Three Pats.
When Martin's grandchild Katie wanted to hear some stories, Martin sat down to write the spin-off stories.
Credit is due to Martin's eldest son Rory who provides story illustrations (Smut Fada).
Martin's youngest son Barry, was the original inspiration for boy called Barry in The Three Pats story, Barry now gives Martin technical help with his computer.
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