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Rajeev Bhargava's Children's Stories
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Floanna, Pink Princess Of The Mermaids
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While on their country vacation, the youngest member of the Bredstone Family, Karen, spots an unusual figure crouched in a drying up stream.
It turns out that she is in fact a Mermaid and a pink one too.
She introduces herself to Karen as Floanna, Pink Princess of the Mermaids.
Unfortunately she is trapped in the drying pool, so it is up to her to help Floanna back to a river, but can Karen confide in her parents for help to get her there in their caravan?
Children's Story: Floanna, Pink Princess Of The Mermaids by Rajeev Bhargava
The Bredstone family; Frank, Carla and their twelve year old daughter Karen, were on their dream vacation, and what better place for fresh air than at the coast.
As their caravan took a sharp turn along a sandy trail Karen suddenly called out,
"Daddy, please stop the car, quickly!"
Frank put his foot on the foot-brake and turned his head around and gave her a stern look. "What is it now, Karen?"
She had spotted something unusual, lying sideways in a rocky outlet she saw a lone figure, who had probably been washed up on a high tide.
As she wanted to find out first for herself, she thought hard, then replied, "I...I need to go to the bathroom."
"Alright dear," her mother replied, "but don't venture far and put on your raincoat as there may be heavy rain any moment."
"Thank you Mummy."
She put on her yellow raincoat and quickly made her way towards the figure.
When the figure saw Karen approaching she sat up and tried to hide, but there was nowhere to go, so she cupped her face in distress.
"What's wrong? You look so unhappy. Are you lost? Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."
The figure lowered her hands to reveal a beautiful young girl with golden flowing hair, wearing a jewelled crown.
As Karen moved closer, she could see below the water-ripples to where the girl's lower body was.
"Wow!" She was bedazzled and blurted out; "You're a Mermaid."
With a frightened look on her face, the girl said, "Oh please, don't tell anyone. If my secret gets out, then not only me but all of my people will be endangered."
"What's your name?"
"I'm Floanna, Pink Princess of the Mermaids."
"I'm Karen; don't worry your secret's safe with me Princess. It's a real honour to meet you." Karen took a bow.
"But why are you here on the coast-line?"
"It's a long story. I was washed ashore by a strong high tide and crashed against the rocks, after which I fainted. It's my fault really. You see, we mermaids are always supposed to remain below in our kingdom, but I got bored and grew curious to find out what it's like above."
"Hmm, well now I know, but I've got to figure out a way to help you back on your feet; sorry I meant flippers." Karen rubbed her chin in thought then snapped her fingers. "First we have to build up your strength so you will be strong enough to swim once the tide comes back in."
I'll sneak some food back to you from the caravan; after which you'll be strong enough to swim back home again, Princess."
"Oh that's very kind of you, but there is plenty of food down below already."
"Even so, we're now good friends and I absolutely insist. Now, you wait here and I'll be right back."
Floanna smiled weakly and replied sadly, almost to herself, "There's nowhere else for me to go, Karen."
Upon reaching the caravan, Karen opened the back door and searched around until she spotted a hot pan of soup sitting on the stove. Luckily for Karen, her parents had decided to have some lunch while waiting for her.
She found a cloth to protect her hands from its heat and poured a nice big bowl full, she held it carefully, but just as she turned around she almost collided with her father.
"And what exactly are you up to, Karen?" he asked suspiciously?
She jumped and some soup fell on the floor. She looked at him, pleadingly, then she turned to her mother who also appeared.
"Mother, may I speak to you privately, please. It's a delicate matter."
Carla turned to Frank who raised an eyebrow and retreated outside.
"Mother," whispered Karen "can you keep a secret from Father?"
"What kind of secret?"
"There's a very frail young girl, washed up at the sea-coast, I think she must have bumped her head after accidently hitting a rock while surfing and...I just wanted to help her by feeding her soup to give her strength back; please may I?"
She looked up at her Mother with soft soppy eyes.
"If she's hurt you must bring her back here darling. We might have to take her to a hospital and let her parents know.
Karen panicked. Although she didn't want her parents to know that Floanna was a mermaid she also knew that they wouldn't leave a young girl in trouble down on the rocks.
Finally Karen had to tell them the truth.
"I know I've only just met her but we are friends now and I promised not to tell anyone. She's extremely shy and wary of people.
"Oh, the poor soul, then you had better take that long blanket with you, while your father and I decide how best to help her."
"Thank you, Mummy. I love you."
Carla gave Karen a kiss on the cheek and ushered her to go quickly.
Upon reaching Floanna, Karen quickly handed her the bowl of soup which she drank, without question.
After a while, Floanna felt strong enough to swing her flippers side-to side and gazed into Karen's eyes affectionately.
Karen knew it was going to be goodbye so she said in a broken voice, "I wish you and all the mermaids could live here on the surface, truly I do."
Suddenly, from behind, Karen's parents appeared and smiled reassuringly at Floanna.
"Now young lady, we had better make sure you are fit enough to swim once the tide comes in." Her father checked her fin and luckily there was no damage.
Floanna smiled back.
"You see, I have the capacity to read your minds and can see that you are all very kind hearted and good people. Oh how I wish all of MANKIND were as big-hearted and compassionate as you all. Before I leave, I want to thank you all for showing me so such affection and especially for keeping my secret guarded and I humbly plead with you all to let in remain so. Maybe one day in the future, when humans understand the true meaning of love and learn to respect every life form that walks on this earth, then we will emerge from the seabed, where we currently abide in safety, in our hidden kingdom. I want to also bless you all with good fortune and long and prosperous, healthy lives."
Karen was on the brink of tears and asked, in a shaky voice, "Will we ever meet again, sweet Princess Floanna?"
"Perhaps one day; but every night, in your dreams, we can swim the seas together."
She then removed a ruby scale from her side and handed it to Karen. "This will be your lucky charm." and winked at her.
They stayed with the mermaid keeping her warm until the tide rose high enough for her to swim, then two dolphins appeared with two zebra fish, to escort her back down to the depths of the sea to her kingdom.
Children's Story: Floanna, Pink Princess Of The Mermaids by Rajeev Bhargava
As she waved one last time to the Bredstone family, they all waved back and said, "Goodbye, Princess Floanna, and rest assured, your secret is safe with us.
The End

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