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Rajeev Bhargava's Children's Stories
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David And Monicas Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party
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Halloween Night is fast approaching, and David and Monica are preparing a Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party. Will everything be ready in time for the Witching Hour?
There's plenty of preparations to be made for the fun-loving couple.
Children's Story: David And Monicas Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party by Rajeev Bhargava
Once again, it was approaching that time of the year; namely Halloween.
Children venture out at night, dressed up in fancy ghoulish masks and costumes; ringing doorbells and then inviting un-suspecting people to play trick-or treat.
In the build-up to it, one couple, David and Monica, were in the process of 'preparing' for this year's Halloween by organising a Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party.
From time-to-time, David enjoyed playing school-age pranks on Monica, who in contrast was of a slightly nervous disposition, to say the least. And so, David had taken the helm and insisted on arranging it, with Monica's consent, of course.
"David," Monica called.
"Yes, dear,"
"Why on earth are you sticking that rubber bat on the kitchen window?"
"Because," he replied, wiggling his fingers, "my dear innocent Monica, it's supposed to send shivers down your spine!" he said with an evil chuckle.
"But it doesn't frighten me even one teeny-weeny bit!" she chuckled, putting the kettle on.
David raised his eyebrows and flapped his arms as though he were a bat.
"It doesn't matter, love. Hey, come here." He stretched out his arms, affectionately ushering her to come for a cuddle but when she did, David sneakily pulled out a rubber toad from his left-side trouser pocket and put it onto Monica's neck.
"Look out, it's a toad!"
"Aaahhhrrrggg!!!" she screamed, jumping in the air.
"Oh; just for that I'm only fixing one cup of tea, for myself! And furthermore, I'm not going to help you organise your so called Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party, so there!"
"Oh, don't be so childish, Monica; can't you take a joke?"
"Huh, trust me David; it didn't look like a joke from where I was standing."
"I'm sorry, dear."
"Now, if you could please kindly leave me in alone in peace, as I need to prepare supper."
"May I help in anyway?" David asked; trying to cheer up Monica.
"No! But in the meantime, you can do whatever decorating and preparations you like in the Hallway or Living Room, as long as you keep as far away from me as possible! Thank you!"
Monica swung the right side of her hip, pushing David out, which sent him reeling into the Hallway, after which she shut the kitchen door for privacy.
Children's Story: David And Monicas Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party by Rajeev Bhargava
Later that evening, David, who by now was in the full-swing of things, was engrossed in displaying his Halloween exhibits all around the place. These included rubber creepy crawlies that were suspended from the ceiling, with string and tape, snakes in 'hiding places on the floor', bats on the windows and some toads on the front doorstep of their house. He even added a bucket of glow in the dark floating eyeballs.
David stood back momentarily, in one corner of the Living Room, examining his work.
'What to do next; I wonder...' He peered around the room until his eyes fell on a Magazine Rack, which had a stack of vintage vinyl records.
Next to them was a record player.
Interestingly enough, by sheer fate, or coincidence, the record on the very top was Monster Mash, Halloween Party Version. David's eyes lit up in joy.
'That's just perfect for my Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party' he thought.
The sound of the Kitchen door opening distracted him.
"David, could you give me a hand please; and I mean your real hand and not some rubber one!"
"Coming dear."
David was surprised to see Monica holding a tray with two large jugs of flavoured drinks.
"Looks deliciously wicked," he chuckled.
"There are two flavours which I prepared.
The green one's Gremlins Stripes and the red one is Vampire's Venom. Hope you, and your invited guests enjoy it. And there's another two trays in the kitchen, one containing Liquorice Skeleton Candy Figures and Strawberry Jam 'Brain' sandwiches, which I thought looks uncannily, like blood. See, now you've got me started!" She tutted and went to the Dining Room table, placing the tray on the centre of the table.
"Just to add some menace, you could add some of your rubber crawlies around the sides of the sandwiches," she suggested helpfully.
"Great; I'll go and get the trays first. Thanks very much for all your help and support, sweetheart."
"Don't mention it." Monica walked away with a pleased smile on her face.
Children's Story: David And Monicas Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party by Rajeev Bhargava
Finally, the big day had arrived, and there were just five minutes to the witching hour.
It wouldn't be Midnight this Halloween, as the party was for young children that lived in the neighbourhood.
David was beginning to feel very anxious and nervous inside.
Despite wearing his fancy dress skeleton costume, his hands shook and his feet trembled.
He was a perfectionist and wanted everything to go smoothly.
As Monica approached David, she coughed to clear her throat, and then began to sing.
"Halloween Halloween; Witches, Cats and Big Black Bats, they'll be after you."
"A...are you feeling alright?" David asked, looking pale and nervous.
"Why David, you're as white as a sheet. I think you had better loosen up because any second now, the clocks strike MIDNIGHT; (they had moved their clocks forward for effect) and your spooky friends will arrive, through that door." She pointed to the front door, then added,
"Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to fix myself a nice hot cup of tea before the fun begins.
Suddenly, at the stroke of Midnight, the doorbell sounded and David felt his heart beat pounding.
'Oh, pull yourself together, David.' He said to himself, and then headed to the door.
The bell sounded again, then again, repeatedly.
"Alright, I'm coming." 'Well, here comes guest number one!'
He opened the door wide.
Children's Story: David And Monicas Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party by Rajeev Bhargava
"Boo!!!" screamed a short figure, dressed as a witch, and poked her broomstick in his direction.
"Trick or Treat?"
Her costume and make up was so realistic that David panicked and slammed the door shut.
He retreated to the living room and curled up in his chair.
'What did he know about throwing a party for dozens of ghoulish children?' he thought to himself.
In a few moments Monica appeared and asked inquisitively,
"What happened, what was all that noise, and where's the first guest?"
David looked at her with a panic stricken face.
Monica read the situation and then understood.
She headed to the front door and opened it.
The same short figure stood at the same spot and repeated.
"Boo!! Trick or Treat Madam?"
"Why don't you come on inside; and help yourself to some Candy Skeletons?"
The figure excitedly came in.
Monica waved to the girl's parents and called out that the party should be over by 9pm.
Monica made out that it was a just little girl, of around seven years of age.
She smiled and asked' "What's your name, darling?"
"Well Jessica, why don't you follow me into the Dining Room and tuck into some delicious Strawberry Jam, oops, I mean, Halloween Spook Sandwiches and some soft drinks."
More children arrived and Monica called out to the parents;
"Wishing you and everyone out there; A VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"
Now, let's enjoy our Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party!
After which, she put on the Monster Mash record and even David finally managed to retain his composure, tottered in and joined in the fun and dancing.
From being the timid one, Monica had saved the day.
Children's Story: David And Monicas Halloween Night Fancy Dress Party by Rajeev Bhargava

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