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Rajeev Bhargava's Children's Stories
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Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Three
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What fate lies ahead for our beloved caveman? Will the purple snake-lady overpower him with her hypnosis spell? What of the cavewoman? Read on to find out dear readers, in Chapter Three of Digilitis Sapien!

Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Three by Rajeev Bhargava
Suddenly the caveman stood up firmly on his feet and released his own beam of light which caught the purple snake-lady by surprise.
In an instant she swung her arms up, dropping the apple, and then she slithered away, back behind the tree.
He had successfully taken away her powers, disabling her; he then beat his chest triumphantly.
He returned to the swamp and saw the cavewoman, crouched on the ground, petrified.
Very gently he reached out his arms and helped her to her feet.
He stared into her eyes reassuringly and let go.
As he began to move off, she followed him.
He smiled and held her hand softly; he had found a companion at last.
But as they moved further on the cavewoman had plans of her own, and it wasn't very long before he began to follow her.
It was as if she was leading him somewhere, perhaps to her own cave.
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Three by Rajeev Bhargava
Along the way they came across various prehistoric life-forms.
The first was a very large yellow Stegosaurus, with blue spikes across its back and tail and green markings along its skin.
At first both were afraid by its sheer size, but soon realised it was just a very gentle herbivorous giant. It wasn't long when the two of them stood directly under it, as it searched around for food, with its head bowed.
The cavewoman was so fascinated by the Stegosaurus that the caveman decided to continue a little further on his own, in search of some food.
He told her to wait for him, "Ugh Ugghh"
To which she replied, "Urrgg!"
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Three by Rajeev Bhargava
And so the caveman made his way ahead.
A short time later he heard loud thudding noises.
They sounded like very heavy footsteps, and they were very close.
He quickened his pace alerted; after all not all the dinosaurs were friendly like the Stegosaurus.
As he sped along, the ground under his feet began to shake and then he saw it.
It appeared suddenly ahead of him; the most colourful and beautiful dinosaur he had yet seen; a bright orange and yellow Diplodocus who was luckily also a herbivore.
For a short while he walked alongside it.
It did not seem bothered by his presence and soon moved off ahead of him.
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Three by Rajeev Bhargava
After a while he realised it was getting late and so made his way back to the cavewoman.
But he didn't have to travel very far back as she had been following behind him.
This time they held hands and moved together.
Before long they reached an orchard where the cavewoman stopped and smiled at him, as if telling him that they had reached their destination.
This was her home.
It was a simply beautiful piece of land, where fruits of all sorts lay under trees.
After a small feast, this time she reached out her arms to the caveman, prompting him to do the same, which he did.
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Three by Rajeev Bhargava
Then, the moment they touched hands, pink rain began to fall.
Something unusual was happening....
Suddenly they were transported into another time and dimension.
More than that, both their appearances had changed to a more advanced kind and they were dressed differently as well.
The cavewoman noticed a pink wicker basket on the bright yellow ground, filled with ripe red apples.
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Three by Rajeev Bhargava
But the most eye-catching thing was a long pink trail with a row of blue twigged trees alongside it.
Where on earth were they?
The cavewoman did not seem so surprised and sat down, munching a juicy and sweet red apple, while the caveman stood and pondered at the bright pink trail.
Should they follow it; and if so, where would it lead to?
Children's Story: Digilitis Sapien - Chapter Three by Rajeev Bhargava
He finally came to a decision and helped the cave woman to her feet, holding her hand softly, after which they began to follow the trail.

What's at the end of the trail? Are they walking into a trap?
Find out next time dear readers, in Chapter Four of Digilitis Sapien!

The End
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