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Rajeev Bhargava's Children's Stories
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Baby Bertha, The Magical Rainbow-dragon
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This is the warm and innocent love story between an infant rainbow-dragon and a nursery tutor.
It all begins when a stupendously large rainbow magically appears over Miss Stobo's farmhouse in the middle of the day.
Miss Stobo, who was taking an afternoon nap, awakens to find the toddler seated on the right toe of her foot.
Now the search is on, to find her real Mother and get her home again.

Children's Story: Baby Bertha, The Magical Rainbow-dragon by Rajeev Bhargava
It was in the middle of a typical meteorological winter storm, in mid-January to be precise.
When, literally out of thin air, a beautiful gigantic rainbow magically appeared directly over Stobo Farm which belonged exclusively to a Miss Belinda Stobo, a smart, attractive young nursery tutor in her early twenties.
Her parents would come and visit her every two weeks.
Sometimes children accompanied by teachers would visit her farmhouse, where she would show the children on the school-trip around, and then explain about the animals and how they adapt to farm-life.
The children enjoyed and cherished every moment there, in the fresh country landscape.
No sooner had the rainbow appeared, when moments later, Belinda's sleep was suddenly interrupted by the light, which was intensely bright and brilliant, with multi-coloured rays that penetrated through her eye-lids, generating warmth and denoted a warm inviting feel.
This brought about a smile that formed across her lips, as she was enjoying this 'dream.' Unfortunately, this was ended abruptly by a soft thump.
Something had landed on her bed, which made her awake with a shriek, then jump and sit up, wide-eyed.
"Who's there?"
She looked around, alarmed and then peered under her bed.
She felt a soft wet nibble on her right big-toe; she instinctively began to giggle.
"Hey, that tickles, please stop."
Belinda leaned forwards to see, and when she saw who it was, her face lit up in a mixture of disbelief and delight.
Children's Story: Baby Bertha, The Magical Rainbow-dragon by Rajeev Bhargava
There at her feet, was what appeared to be a tiny infant dragon, made up of an array of rainbow colours.
When it gazed back at her, she perceived its eyes were emerald blue.
It was so petite; she had to strain her eyes hard to see it.
Yes, it was definitely, and undoubtedly, a rainbow-dragon at her feet, clinging onto her big toe, suckling it, as a baby would on its thumb, to feel safe and secure.
"Aww, what a sweet, beautiful little soul you are."
But as she reached out to hold it the dragon curled up, frightened, then popped out a yellow tongue and made a puffing sound, perhaps feeling the need to defend itself.
Belinda chuckled.
"Am I dreaming, like Alice, or are you really there?"
Then, to her surprise, it wagged its tale then spoke to her.
"Please miss, could you help me find my way home to my Mummy. I accidently lost my balance and fell off the rainbow."
It began to sob
"Of course I will. Where is your Mummy, little darling?"
"She lives over the rainbow."
"Oh; so that explains the bright warm light and the beautiful rainbow colours on your coat."
She scratched her head.
"It's rather odd. I mean to say, rainbows tend to appear on a warm and sunny day, especially during the rain, and this is winter?
The baby dragon gazed back at her, attentively, with a quizzical look, as if trying to understand.
"Oh, it doesn't matter. Yes, I will help you find your Mummy; I promise."
She crouched forward to take a closer look.
"Do you have a name?"
The infant had begun suckling on her toe again, then popped its tongue out and looked up.
"Bertha." it answered.
"Aww, that's such a pretty name. And seeing you're literally an infant I think I'll call you Little Miss Baby Bertha. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Belinda Harper, but just between us, you can call me Bell. Will you be my friend?"
She tutted, feeling silly then said out loud to herself,
"Oh, why am I being so formal? I keep forgetting, I'm only talking to a young child."
Once again the baby dragon popped its tongue out, and this time wagged her tail a lot faster and her ears retreated back; a symbol of submission, love, friendship and affection.
"Great, so now we're literally room-mates, oh, there I go again, using all those big words. Hee, Hee sorry." She shrugged.
A moment's silence followed, as Belinda realised she now had a big responsibility to look after the infant. She had to act as her surrogate mother until her real mother was found. But how was she going to get Baby Berth to climb back onto the rainbow leading her back home again.
She gave a sign of confusion then turned to Baby Bertha. She wondered if this was a new species of dragon, a smaller, friendlier species, not the giant fire-breathing kind, as one would imagine.
"You must be starving, here, let me look in the kitchen."
Belinda turned to sit up, carefully ensuring that the infant was secure and on her toe. Somehow it felt safe at her feet, so she moved around carefully barefoot, as it could get crushed in her slipper.
Once inside the kitchen Belinda caught sight of a Candy box.
She opened the lid and tasted a piece, indirectly watching for Bertha's reaction.
Its eyes widened and she licked her lips, being tempted.
She smiled then bent down and asked softly,
"Would you like to try a piece of candy, Little Miss Baby Bertha?"
She extended her left arm out and placed a morsel next to her mouth, which she accepted and ate.
"I'm so glad you enjoyed that. Now, let me show you around my farmhouse.
Belinda cupped her hand and the dragon climbed into it without fear.
"By the way, don't be afraid; you're completely safe with me, as Mum and Dad won't be visiting until next week, so you popped in at just the right time!
Mind you, that shouldn't be too hard, as you're so tiny. Hee, hee."
Baby Bertha mimicked her laugh.
As they stepped out in the open Belinda Stobo looked upwards to catch a glimpse of the rainbow.
It wasn't there.
She wondered when it would re-appear, then decided to spend the day by showing Little Miss Baby Bertha around the farm, to keep her amused and entertained.
And so, they spent the entire day around the farmhouse.
Belinda looked up into the sky again and again, hoping that maybe the rainbow would re-appear.
But what concerned her the most was how to get Baby Bertha to climb back onto it confidently and return to her Mummy.
She thought hard, and then her eyes lit up.
Of course! I'll have to teach her how to take her first steps. I know Baby Bertha loves the taste of Candy, so that will help lure her to stand up and walk.
"Okay, Baby Bertha, first I'm going to give you a nice warm bath, to reveal your true full-fledged beauty, and then we'll start our Induction Lesson on how to take your first step to walking!"
Belinda found a mug and prepared some luke-warm water with baby shampoo, all in the kitchen sink. She then opened a new sponge and used it to give the infant a sponge bath. Baby Bertha seemed quite happy and relaxed, until a drop of water landed on her face; that prompted her to instinctively remove the water off her tiny body by shaking left and right, vigorously.
"Aww, how pretty you look now. You are now a real rainbow dragon princess, my darling Little Miss Baby Bertha."
The evening passed by very quickly and already it was 9 P.M., which meant bedtime for the infant dragon.
"Now then," said Belinda, holding Baby Bertha on the palm of her left hand.
"How about some nice luke warm milk, hmm?"
Back inside the kitchen, she prepared a tiny bottle and tipped it gently to the infant's rainbow coloured lips.
After a while, her eyes began to droop and finally close. It then started to snore and curled up in Belinda's palm.
"Aww, bless your little soul."
Suddenly a brilliant light surrounded her; she recognised it instantly.
It was the same Rainbow Light that had awoken her earlier in the day.
"Oh my goodness!"
She quietly tip-toed out of the farmhouse, so as not to awaken the infant and lo and behold, there it was; the same stupendous rainbow, towering above.
Belinda smiled in ecstasy and her jaws gaped wide-open.
Just then a loud, concerned motherly voice called out.
"Honey! Sugar! Cupcake dear, where are you!"
A sobbing sound followed, then silence.
As the light was so bright Belinda had to shield her face with her free hand, to see who was calling.
Then she spotted what appeared to be a fully grown, but also small, rainbow dragon, smartly dressed in an apron and slippers.
Belinda waved excitedly, "Yoo hoo, are you by any chance the mummy of this little sweetheart?"
The dragon spotted Belinda, and the baby in her hand, and a great big smile formed across her face.
"My baby! Aww, come to Mama."
The infant awoke and wagged its tail and tried to flap its tiny wings to take flight. Belinda extended her left arm towards the mother, who glided down with great ease and gently eased her baby with her mouth into her pouch.
Children's Story: Baby Bertha, The Magical Rainbow-dragon by Rajeev Bhargava
Just as she was about to take off, she gave a look of appreciation and gratitude.
Belinda bowed respectfully and said softly,
"Please don't be concerned, as far as I'm concerned it was my good Karma and privilege to take care of your baby and see it re-united with her mother. Oh, and rest assured your secret's safe with me. As far as I'm concerned, this never happened."
"Thank you child." replied its mother. "We shall always treasure this sweet memory and remember that in this world there are still some good people left, like you, for us to feel safe comfortable and above all, close to. One day, in the near future, we might be together again."
After which both mother and baby took off, over the rainbow, which promptly faded away.
Belinda found herself engulfed in the cool night air once again, and felt tears rolling down her cheeks.
In the little time spent together with the infant, she had gelled with her like they had known each other for many years. She gave a deep sigh, gazed up at to where the rainbow had appeared. Now a full moon was visible, and said,
"I am looking forward to us being together again, very soon, Little Baby Bertha: I love you."
The End

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