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Rajeev Bhargava's Children's Stories
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Mias First Visit To The Library
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When Mia, a very bright and intelligent five year old girl, learns the alphabet her parents decide it's the right time to take her to their local library.
Mia is overjoyed, and when her father takes her to select a book of her choice a whole new world of true love and togetherness opens up for her when she befriends another girl called Emma.
Children's Story: Mias First Visit To The Library by Rajeev Bhargava
Mia was five and had just learned to read the Alphabet.
Her parents were so pleased and excited with her enthusiasm and innovation to learn that they decided that now appeared to be about the right time to take her for her first visit to the local library.
Next morning Mia's mother Fay said to Alex, Mia's father, who was engrossed on his favourite armchair, trying to finish off a crossword puzzle.
"Good Morning sweetheart; aren't you forgetting something?"
Alex tilted his spectacles downwards and peered up at her.
"I've sent the cat out dear, and fed her a saucer of milk."
She folded her arms.
"Ahem, perhaps I should rephrase my words, I meant to say, aren't you forgetting something extremely urgent?"
He looked up quizzically, thought hard, and then his eyes lit up.
"Oh, you mean taking Mia to the library!"
"Right, you remembered! Now, if you're not busy, it may be a good time of the day to take her."
"Oh absolutely, where is our dearest darling daughter?"
"Probably playing on the swing in the back garden, I'll go and fetch her."
Fay helped Millie zip her coat, gave her a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek, and then said,
"Mia dear, your Daddy is taking you on your very first visit to the Library! I hope you're feeling as excited as we are!"
"Oh Mummy, thank you, thank you, thank you!" she replied, jumping up and down like a yo-yo.
"And once you reach there, you are allowed to borrow any children's book of your choice."
Mia began to dance and twirl to and fro.
"Hey, calm down, little one." said Alex, smiling.
He turned to Fay and said. "Alright dear, we're leaving now; wish us the best of luck."
He gently held Mia's right hand and they left home.
Upon entering the library Alex took Mia to the Children's section, where they saw lots of parents with their children.
Some were seated and absorbed in reading, while others were standing and selecting a book.
Mia's eyes began to widen with excitement at the sight of so many picture books on display.
It didn't take very long for her to make her first choice either.
It was a large picture book and on the cover was a beautiful enchantress gently caressing a baby dragon.
Peculiarly, both were seated around a wooden table on which lay a pot of tea and cakes.
This appealed to Mia and she instinctively pointed to it and turned to her father.
"Daddy," she whispered softly, "Please may I borrow this one?"
"Oh, what a delightful first choice!"
He lifted it and flicked through its pages.
"Well, it certainly has a lot of pictures in it; it will keep you busy for days."
He smiled and held her hand.
As they made their way towards reception, a girl, the same age as Mia, tapped on an empty chair beside her.
Children's Story: Mias First Visit To The Library by Rajeev Bhargava
She was with her mother who sat opposite her, holding a picture book on Panthers.
Mia tugged on her daddy's sleeve and whispered.
"Daddy, may I sit next to her please?"
Alex smiled and nodded.
"Hello, my name's Emma," said the girl, "What's yours?"
"Mia, pleased to meet you."
"Mummy, can my friend listen too?"
Her mother smiled warmly.
"Of course, dear Mia, you're most welcome."
Alex stood and smiled approvingly.
"It's alright," he said whispering, "we're in no rush, you carry on while I get this book stamped."
Before departing, Alex, upon seeing the two children so happy in each other's company, used his initiative and made a decision and popped a question to Emma's mother.
"Thank you so much for reading that delightful story, Mrs..."
"Emma; oh sorry, I meant to say Helen."
Both children burst out in a fit of giggles.
"My name is Alex, Um...Emma, I was wondering if I may impose on you and invite you and your family over this evening for dinner.
Shall we make it around 7pm to 8pm, before the children's bedtime, naturally?"
"My husband Frank and I would be delighted to accept your invitation; are you local?"
Alex handed her his address card, smiled and shook hands.
"That's just great; well, see you all later this evening Helen.
Come on Mia, Mummy will be waiting for us."
Children's Story: Mias First Visit To The Library by Rajeev Bhargava
Later that day, even at such short notice, Fay had used her natural inborn cooking skills to conjure up a delicious home-made recipe consisting of roast tomato soup with buns, for starters, followed by baked potatoes, carrots and sprouts, accompanied by a plate of green beans and corn on the cob and ending with dessert, which was a warm custard with slices of banana and chocolate cake.
Children's Story: Mias First Visit To The Library by Rajeev Bhargava
Through just one visit to the local library, the two families' visits became more frequent, which developed into a deep friendship.
In addition to this, as Mia and Emma grew into very refined and intelligent students, attending the same school and their natural love for Art and Literature developed to its optimal potential.
They continued to go to libraries and would often exchange books and read them, not minding being referred to as bookworms.
After all, that is what brought them, and their families, together in the first place.

The End
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