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Rajeev Bhargava's Children's Stories
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A Celestial Reunion
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When Annabelle Carter's Aunty Esmeralda invites her over for 'A magical and unforgettable evening', her parents encourage her to go and visit her.
But it's been many years since they last met; when Annabelle was a mere child.
Now she is about to find out, something very special, a deep held secret from her Aunty.
Children's Story: A Celestial Reunion by Rajeev Bhargava
Annabelle Carter had only just turned sixteen when she received a postcard from her most favourite aunty, Esmeralda, inviting her to spend an evening with her at her country cottage, which she promised would be, as she put it, 'A magical and unforgettable evening.'
Upon hearing the news Annabelle's parents were overjoyed and encouraged her to catch the first available train and arrive earlier, to give her aunt a big surprise.
Annabelle wasted no time and got dressed, then hugged her parents and left home excitedly.
Children's Story: A Celestial Reunion by Rajeev Bhargava
The train journey to her aunt's cottage was very pleasant, as it was a very bright and beautiful afternoon, especially when it reached the countryside.
As Annabelle gazed out of the window she spotted some sheep and horses, grazing in the fields.
Once the train arrived it was a fifteen minute's walk leading to Aunty Esmeralda's cottage.
Annabelle said to herself softly "The last time I visited Aunty Esmeralda I was only five. I remember how she used to comb my hair and how I would gaze at the mirror and fumble."
She giggled. "I wonder how she'll react when she sees me now."
Before she knew it Annabelle found herself making her way along the lane leading to her aunt's cottage.
Everything was just as it was when she last visited, all those years ago.
There was a long trail of daffodils on either side of the pathway.
Once she reached the door she realised that the bell was still pretty high up, so she stood on her toes and rang it.
Upon doing so she was astonished to see golden glitter raining down on her, accompanied by soft music, then it vanished into thin air!
The door opened and a kind faced young lady opened the door.
"Err, excuse me; I've come to visit my Aunty Esmeralda, is she at home?"
The lady giggled in a fit of laughter and gazed at her. "Look again, dear child!"
Annabelle's eyes lit up with joy and she hugged her tightly.
"Oh! Aunty Esmeralda it's so lovely to see you again, and you still recognised me as well."
Then Annabelle let go, and softly retreated backwards.
"Wait a minute, but that can't be possible, surely, I've grown up so much and you're still the same!"
"Rest assured my child, it is definitely me. How are my dear sister and brother-in law?"
"Mummy and Daddy are just fine, they send their love. But Aunty Esmeralda, surely you didn't invite me all the way here just to ask me that?"
"No, you're quite right my child."
Annabelle said "Something very strange and unusual happened when I rang the doorbell; glitter appeared out of nowhere then vanished. There was also music playing."
Her aunt softly placed her right index finger across Annabelle's lips.
"That is why I have called you here, alone. You've come of age now and it's time to tell you everything, follow me."
"I...don't understand."
"This way." her aunt instructed, with a smile on her face.
She led Annabelle to a door which had always remained closed when she was a child.
"Annabelle, you may recall that you were never allowed to come in here during your childhood."
Annabelle nodded.
"Now watch, very carefully."
To Annabelle's surprise, her aunt raised both her arms, chanted a few words and the door opened.
"Wow, Aunt Esmeralda, you...you can do magic spells!" she said in awe.
"Come in, there's something I want to show you."
Children's Story: A Celestial Reunion by Rajeev Bhargava
The room was glowing, and a unicorn stood behind the most beautiful rainbow she had ever seen.
"Wow, Aunty Esmeralda, is that what I think it is?"
"Yes, my child, it's a unicorn; my very own, from the celestial world of angels and fairies."
"You mean to say....you're a fairy?"
In response a pink glow appeared around Aunt Esmeralda and in a second, she faded away and re-appeared in her true form, namely, a beautiful fairy.
She spoke in a soft melodious voice.
"I am a good fairy, and I have called you here today, young Annabelle, to give you this."
A magic wand appeared in her right hand and she placed it in Annabelle's hands.
"As of now, you too are a fairy."
"Wow! Am I dreaming!?"
Slowly a mist formed around Annabelle, and within seconds she found herself transformed into a fairy.
Children's Story: A Celestial Reunion by Rajeev Bhargava
"Annabelle, this is one secret we can never reveal to mortals, because we fairies are sent down to Earth to serve humanity and do good deeds.
When we see a good human being, we award them and they too become fairies and help everyone around them, especially the needy and less fortunate.
You are one of the loveliest souls we have come across so you have actually become one yourself."
With those words the fairy vanished and changed back into Aunt Esmeralda.
Likewise, Annabelle changed back too.
"Now you see why I especially called you here."
Annabelle nodded but had to ask. "When did you become a fairy?"
"Like you child; after my sixteenth birthday." her aunt replied.
"Each fairy passes the gift on to a pure hearted person after they become of age.
You too will pass on the gift when you are older.
"Rest assured Aunty Esmeralda, I shall keep everything a secret and use my magical powers only to do good unto others."
"I know you will make all of us fairies and angels proud; and I'm so happy that this has turned out to be a truly celestial reunion."
She smiled and gave Annabelle a tight hug, then bid her farewell.
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