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Pooky Boy
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Children's Story: Pooky Boy by Sheila Helliwell
Unfortunately in this world there are bullies, there always have and always will be.
Even in the animal world, the biggest and strongest steal meat away from the weakest.
Bullies are usually cowards who travel in small packs.
One place where bullies seemed to thrive was a town named Little Dunkin.
Children had their school bags snatched, bicycles stolen, and gangs of bullies would hit and push the younger children around.
More and more children stayed away from school afraid that this could be the day that they would be picked on.
There were small groups of bullies in the school but the worst ones waited outside the gates and roamed the streets.
Parents tried to drop their children off and collect them whenever they could but somehow the bullies always knew when they were on their own.
One day a young boy named Toby was caught by the bullies on his way home.
They emptied out his school bag and helped themselves to his things.
He lay on the ground, curled into a ball trying to protect himself from their punches and kicks.
His crying only seemed to amuse them more and he cried out in fear.
"HELP, HELP, please someone help me."
Just as the biggest boy was about to kick Toby again there was a loud whooshing noise and the sound DUN-DER-LA-DUN made the bullies stop in their tracks.
Suddenly, standing before them, was a boy around their own age declaring,
"Never fear, Pooky's here."
He wore a white baseball cap turned sideways with the letter 'P' on the front in blue. Draped around his shoulders like a cape was what can only be described as an old green curtain with tassels.
His tee-shirt, which clung tightly to his chubby frame, was covered in food stains and his bright red tights were full of holes.
He stood there defiantly with his hands on his hips and a fierce scowl on his face.
Toby lay on the ground staring opened mouthed, as amazed as the bullies at this strangely dressed boy.
The biggest bully was the first to recover and burst out laughing.
"What do you want fatty?" he rudely taunted.
He aimed a fist at Pooky Boy but ended up punching the air.
In an action was that too fast to see, Pooky had side-stepped the bully and was helping Toby up, advising him to go straight home
The four bullies slowly circled Pooky who started to grin.
From the inside of his cape he suddenly whipped out not a wand, but a wooden spoon which was engraved with a lightning bolt.
He waved it in a circular motion and the boys flew backwards at high speed.
One boy landed in someone's front garden, one on the roof of a car, another in a big muddy puddle, and the biggest bully slammed straight into a policeman.
Toby hadn't gone home as Pooky Boy had told him to but had hidden behind a low wall and watched the whole incident.
He was the only one to see Pooky disappear as quickly as he had appeared.
Faintly he heard the words, "DUN-DA-LA-DUN and a cheeky chuckle.
The policeman was amazed and confused by what he had just witnessed but he marched the boy that had crashed into him off to the police station.
The boy's parents were called and he was grounded for a month.
The first rumour started that maybe Little Dunkin had spirits that roamed the streets.
Word started to spread about the incident, but no one really believed it.
The next day, instead of being scared to go to school, Toby was actually excited; he couldn't wait to tell his friends about the weirdly dressed boy named Pooky.
Toby wasn't surprised that the other children didn't believe him, but he didn't care because he knew it was true.
The lunch bell rang and everyone made their way to the dining hall.
They were all seated, tucking in to their lunches, when the two teachers who were on duty were called away.
Within minutes a gang of school bullies rampaged through the hall, taking whatever they wanted from the youngest children, who didn't dare complain.
What they didn't want they threw on the floor.
Seeing the look of fear on the younger children's faces Toby felt anger coursing through him. This was what he had experienced the day before.
He didn't know if it would work again but he jumped up and shouted loudly,
"Pooky Boy, help us, please help us."
Everyone stared at Toby as if he were mad.
As before there was a whooshing sound and DUN-DER-LA-DUN was heard just as Pooky Boy appeared in the middle of the dining hall, his left hand on his hip and the wooden spoon held tightly in his right hand.
Everyone including the bullies stopped dead in their tracks.
Toby felt a sense of excitement as he knew Pooky Boy would deal swiftly with these bullies just as he had the others on the previous day.
Once the shock had worn off, the bullies made the same mistake as the others had and surged forward shouting; "Get Him"
Children's Story: Pooky Boy by Sheila Helliwell
Pooky swished his spoon and one bully landed face down in a plate of chilli; another had three burgers fly at high speed into his mouth, almost choking him.
Another looked up just in time to see a carton of chocolate milk hovering above his head, which then exploded all over him.
Another was being pelted with bread rolls.
Pooky left the best to last, as it was aimed at the ring leader of the bullies.
The boy found himself standing in a pool of slippery green goo.
Every time he tried to move he slipped over, much to the amusement of the other children.
The more they laughed the angrier he became, and the more he fell.
He finally managed to escape from the goo and ran out shouting that he would get even.
Everyone was given detention that night because of the mess they had made in the dining hall.
No matter how much they tried to explain that it was a gang of bullies, it fell on deaf ears.
The head teacher reviewed the footage from the security camera intending to contact all the parents about the disgusting behaviour from the pupils but what he saw made no sense at all.
Yes, there had been a gang of older boys bullying the younger ones and he fully intended cancelling the detention and punishing the older boys.
He watched the footage over and over again and saw what happened to the bullies.
From one boy landing face down into a plate of chilli; flying burgers and bread rolls; exploding chocolate drinks and green goo.
But the thing that didn't make any sense was that NO ONE had done it.
None of the younger children had lifted a hand against the older boy's!
In the days that followed there were many rumours circulating.
Parents were sure the school was haunted, but as far as they were concerned it had to be a friendly ghost because it protected the young children.
The children huddled in groups discussing what had happened and why the grownups couldn't see Pooky Boy.
"Does it really matter?" Toby asked. "In case you haven't noticed, there are hardly any bullies around anymore."
As soon as a child was picked on he or she only had to say they were calling for Pooky Boy and the bullies ran away.
Slowly Little Dunkin returned to being a safe and happy town and Pooky knew he was no longer needed.
Unfortunately there are many places that did need him, so if you ever hear the sound; DUN-DER-LA-DUN, you know there are bullies afoot.


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