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Tux The Penguin From The Falklands
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This is an adventurous story about an aquatic flightless Gentoo Penguin who wanted to fly.
He could swim very fast and also leap to a high enough distance, but he wanted to fly as well.

Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
On a cold day in the Falkland Islands, Mrs. Penguin, a Gentoo Penguin, was standing on the beach on a pile of stones when she laid an unusually large white egg.
A few weeks after he hatched, his mother named him Tux, which was short for tuxedo, because the black and white patterns on his body feathers resemble that of a tuxedo.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
He was born with extra-large flippers that made swimming like a porpoise come more naturally to him than for other penguins.
Tux would leap in and out of the water in rapid succession for the pure joy of it.
His powerful legs and webbed feet helped propel him out of the water.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
Tux would often stand on the bank and watch the wing actions of the birds, especially the large ones, as they flew overhead.
He desperately wanted to fly, but it always seemed like a long shot; until one day, when he was much older.
He strongly flapped his flippers as he had seen the birds do and he was lifted off the ground for just a few inches.
He thought, 'Well, that's a start.'
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
Tux practised his high-speed swimming until he was able to swim up to 40 miles per hour underwater.
He practised his swimming until he surpassed his record-holding father, who could leap out of the water for two meters and then back in and out rapidly and repeatedly.
Tux continued to practice by weightlifting rocks with his flippers. Finally, after a year of exercises, he was able to leap out of the water and flap his now strong flippers over the surface of the water for a long distance without tiring.
It was a low-level flying feat that had never been achieved by a penguin till then.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
His mom wrote to 'The Guinness Book of Records' and Tux, the penguin of the Falklands, became a celebrity of sorts.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
On a fateful day, the British Governor of the Falklands went fishing from Stanley and cruised into the region where Tux was performing his aerial act for his animal and bird friends.
He was being a 'show off' with his swimming and flying skills.
The Governor watched in awe and applauded from his boat, which was flying the Falklands flag.
Tux finished his act and swam alongside the Governor, with the knowledge that he was an official who presented no harm to him.
The Governor motioned for him to come aboard, which he did happily.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
Tux than waved goodbye to his parents, who were standing on the rocky beach, as he embarked with the Governor to Stanley, the capital city of the Falklands.
He landed the boat at a colony of penguins, very close to Stanley, and signalled for Tux to disembark.
Tux had the opportunity of making and entertaining new friends, and the fishing was great for penguins.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
One day, Tux went swimming alone from the colony to practice his low-level flying skill.
He was out a long way and near the rocky beach of another Falkland island when he heard the beeping sound of a chick penguin in trouble on shore.
The chick was trapped among the rocks, like in a cave, and was unable to free himself.
His mother had gone in search of help after she tried moving the rock herself with no success.
Tux was quick to respond to the cry for help as he skimmed above the water surface by flapping his flippers.
He moved towards the source of the sound and found the helpless chick penguin. He easily moved the rock that was blocking the chick with his strong flippers.
The chick's parents appeared and thanked Tux by waving their flippers.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
After a few days, Tux was already getting used to his new surroundings when the Governor came down to the beach with a fish in hand, looking for him.
The Governor had written to Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, about this amazing penguin named Tux.
He described the skills that he had seen first-hand, such as the 40mph underwater speed swimming, jumping with
2-meter leaps out of the water, and flying over the surface of the water by flapping his strong flippers.
Chester Zoo, which had 1.4 million visitors annually, offered to build a large pool for Tux and a few of his friends.
Spectators would be able to watch him perform from an underwater viewing window.
The Governor assigned a penguin trainer to Tux to be his agent and he signed a 3-year contract with the Chester Zoo.
Once construction was finished on the new pool, Tux and his agent flew to Chester Zoo to perform there daily.
The Royal Family heard about Tux's incredible feats and went to watch him perform. They were all delighted with what they saw.
After that visit, Tux received two new offers, one from Canada and the other from the USA.
The one from Canada was an illegal offer from an unknown group in Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls has a 165-foot vertical drop that has killed many who attempted a stunt from the top.
This was a feat no one had ever accomplished.
They wanted him to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel, not once, but twice on consecutive days.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
Dave Mundy had done it twice successfully, once in 1985 and the most recent was in 1993 in a padded aluminium barrel, but not on consecutive days (or even years).
Tux's agent accepted the challenge and designed and built 2 aluminium padded barrels, with oxygen, chairs and a seatbelt and helmet to accomplish the feat.
Tux successfully went over Niagara Falls 2 days in a row and became world famous for this stunt.
The aluminium barrels were badly dented from hitting the rocks.
These barrels were saved and became part of the Museum in downtown Niagara Falls, Canada.
His trainer was fined $5000; however the secret group that proposed the illegal stunt paid the fine and also an additional $5000 to the agent.
Tux was rewarded as well and given a DVD copy of the stunt.
Children's Story: Tux The Penguin From The Falklands by Dennyk
The second offer was from Hollywood, to star in a western movie sequel titled, "Oklahoma Raiders" that originally starred Tex Ritter.
He was obligated to have a surname for the movies, so he became known as Tux Ridder.
After a successful acting career, he returned to the Chester Zoo and performed for 3 more years till he was 10 and decided to go back home to the Falklands.
Tux arrived home with his agent and they were welcomed by the five members of the Legislative Assembly, the Governor, and a huge crowd of 3000 people at the Stanley Airport.
They sang "The Song of the Falkland" to celebrate Tux's arrival and honour his illustrious career.
The lyrics to this Falkland Islands song are shown below:
Later, in the Falklands, he met a female Gentoo penguin who he married, and they lived happily paired together for 20 years.

The End

Note: The lyrics to the "The Song Of The Falklands" by Christopher Lanham, a Hampshire schoolteacher, while he was working in West Falklands in 1930.

First Verse
In my heart there's a call for the isles far away,
Where the wind from the horn often wanders at play
Where the kelp moves and swells to the wind and the tide
And penguins troop down from the lonely hillside.
Those isles of the sea are calling to me
The smell of the camp fire, a dear memory.
Though far I may roam, someday I'll come home
To the islands, the Falklands, the isles of the sea.
Second Verse
There's a camp house down yonder I'm longing to see,
Though it's no gilded palace it's there I would be.
Just to be there again I would race o'er the foam,
For that lone house so far is my own home sweet home.
Third Verse
Now we're off to the Falklands, so wild and so free,
Where there's tussock and kelp and the red diddle-dee,
And the wild rugged beauty that thrills more than me
Is bred in the bones on the isles of the sea.
The End
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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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