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Dennyk's Children's Stories
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Dooley The Flying Lizard
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.


Dooley is a Draco Dragon who lives in a jungle in Malaysia.
He can soar from tree to tree to avoid danger, without using vines, like Tarzan.
He also does not make the ululating yell "ooo-wa-ooo-aaooaa-ooaa-ooo" that Tarzan makes.

Children's Story: Dooley The Flying Lizard by Dennyk
This small reptile glides from tree to tree, by expanding his ribs with folded skin called 'patagia' to form wings.
He has a flap of skin below his neck, called a dewlap, that he uses as a stabilizer while his tail is used for steering.
Dooley lives high up in the tall trees and only comes down to feed on ants and termites.
Children's Story: Dooley The Flying Lizard by Dennyk
Dooley was hatched from one of the 5 eggs his mother laid in the nest she dug in the rainforest ground.
Children's Story: Dooley The Flying Lizard by Dennyk
One day, on the rainforest floor, as Dooley was eating from an anthill, a tiger saw him and started to give chase. Dooley quickly climbed the trunk of the nearest tree and guided himself to the top.
Children's Story: Dooley The Flying Lizard by Dennyk
He then flew 30 feet to another tree and kept gliding between trees until he felt safe enough at the top of a tree.
Children's Story: Dooley The Flying Lizard by Dennyk
He looked below to see where he was and he spotted a family of elephants walking in the jungle.
There was a bull, a calf and a cow elephant in the herd.
Children's Story: Dooley The Flying Lizard by Dennyk
As the elephants rumbled by, Dooley saw a brown monkey swinging in the trees below him.
Children's Story: Dooley The Flying Lizard by Dennyk
A male hornbill that was flying by also saw the monkey and they recognized each other as friends.
Hornbills eat the insects that pester monkeys and are able to recognize the warning calls monkeys give out.
Facts about Hornbills:
They are the National Bird of Malaysia with a long, curved bill and a bright, upturned casque on their heads.
They have strong neck muscles and fused upper vertebrae to support their heavy bills.
They are the only birds with eyelashes for protecting their eyes and to act as sunshades.
Their bills double as climbing aids to ascend on trees.
The female hornbill makes their nest in the holes of hollow trees and seals them up with clay.
She leaves only a small hole in the wall through which she can receive food from her mate.
The wall protects her and her chicks from predators.
Dooley signalled to the hornbill to follow him to his proclaimed territory of trees in his jungle home.
Dooley was aware that if a hornbill was to fly over his dwelling, it would be a sign of good fortune to come.
The hornbill landed on a tree branch and beckoned Dooley to take a ride with him.
Dooley understood. He glided down from his treetop perch and landed softly on the hornbill's back.
Children's Story: Dooley The Flying Lizard by Dennyk
The hornbill flew to a place on the jungle floor where a rafflesia was in full bloom to show its beauty to Dooley.
This lovely red and red-orange flower that grows in East Malaysia is the world's largest flower.
He landed on a tree trunk and Dooley got off his back and looked at him with a broad smile, thanking him for the sight.
Dooley proceeded to point in the direction of his territory and motioned to the hornbill that they should race there.
The hornbill acknowledged his challenger and the race began.
Dooley glided from tree to tree in a swift manner, sometimes at a distance of over 100 feet.
The hornbill took to the air and flew in the direction Dooley pointed to. He arrived ahead of Dooley.
After waiting for a while, he searched and found a hollowed-out tree nearby for his mate to make a nest.
He found one and staked his claim by pinning one of his feathers on it.
Dooley arrived home really tired from the race. However, he was elated to find that the hornbill had selected a nearby tree for his future home.
The hornbill flew away and returned with his mate, who went on to make a nest in the hollowed-out tree hole.
A few days later, they sealed up the hole, leaving a small, narrow hole for the hornbill to bring them food, and she laid her eggs inside.
Dooley was extremely happy with his new neighbours. When the eggs hatched, Dooley became Godfather to the chicks.

The End

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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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