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Awesome Dawson Agent
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Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Agent by Dennyk
Synopsis- Awesome Dawson, from the Yukon, becomes an intelligence agent and exposes the Mole.
The Mole is copying secret government documents and selling them.
Chapter 1 Nickname, Awesome.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Agent by Dennyk
Dawson Miller was born in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada, during the second Millennium or the year 2000.
He was a considered a child prodigy at 8 years old and became a genius with an IQ of 145 at 16.
He received a scholarship and completed his Master's degree at a prodigious University in Toronto.
Later he obtained a job as a Technician with a large manufacturing company in Ontario, with his skill and talent he was nicknamed 'Awesome Dawson from the Yukon' by his co-workers after a short time on the job.
He had a photographic memory, and speed reads mystery books in his spare time.
His parents still to live in Dawson, his Dad is employed with the Department of Education and his Mom is a housewife.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Agent by Dennyk
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service heard about this young man and his many attributes and contacted him.
'Would he train and become an Intelligence Officer with them?'
He was very interested; and resigned from his job and accepted their contract.
He completed the Intelligence Officers Training Course easily and was ready for his first assignment, assisting a senior agent, George Hall, from Ottawa.
Stories of a possible Mole among the current 30 Cabinet members led the Prime Minister to contact the CSIS to investigate.
Dawson and George were selected to investigate the rumour.
They were quietly hired by the Department of the Minister of Foreign Affairs as consultants, because consultants were allowed certain privileges that would aid them in their mission to find the Mole, if there was one.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Agent by Dennyk
It was not an easy task, not only because of the restricting red tape, but also the huge number of people involved and the very complex organisation.
They decided to take a 'Head-On' approach by meeting each of the 330 Parliament Members in the House of Commons.
This is the centre of political power in Canada and it took them 3 months to complete the interviews.
When they were completed they knew a lot more about the Government operations, and were also closer finding the Mole.
Chapter 2 Dawson's questionnaire
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Agent by Dennyk
They next decided to interview the 30 Ministers, two on one, and the talks would not be recorded.
The big question was, will the Prime Minister permit them to talk with his ministers without him being present or having any recordings.
The Director of CSIS spoke to the PM; he agreed after hearing there definitely was a Mole; George and Dawson now had clues to identify him.
Dawson next designed a brilliant questionnaire for each Minister, peppered with some tricky, some dumb and some important questions, that hopefully would shed more light on the Mole.
They would speak every day to one Minister, starting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and then on and on until they had spoken to all of them.
One Minister stumbled on two questions;
How well do you know your employees and have you made the required security background checks for their employment?
He 'he-hawed' and kept saying 'eh! eh!'
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Agent by Dennyk
This Minister was from Vancouver, British Columbia.
Dawson then took the initiative to fly there and speak with each of the five elected Senators from British Columbia.
That took several days as one Senator lived in Thompson, Okanagan Region, and she was difficult to locate.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Agent by Dennyk
Dawson returned to Ottawa and discussed his findings with his partner.
They were in agreement that the culprit worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; exactly who this person was, required further investigation.
They advised the CSIS Director with their latest results and he told the Prime Minister.
Chapter 3 The Mole uncovered
After the Minister finished his interview, he started a background search on all of his employees.
He confirmed they had been thoroughly checked when they were hired.
He informed Dawson, who he told him politely, "We already know that, have them do it again, and include your home staff, please."
Another month passed before the background recheck was completed.
Some of them had moved, some of them had changes in their relationship status, so this update was needed.
Dawson asked him about his home staff; "What about your cook, butler, maid and driver, did you have them checked?"
He was embarrassed and replied, "No, not yet." and he left to do it.
Dawson now was certain that the Mole was one of the 4 persons employed in the Minister's home.
The butler is often the villain in too many fiction stories, so he ruled him out.
The maid and cook were Chinese, spoke very little English and were 'live in' employees, he dismissed them as suspects.
That left only the driver, Mitch, to be suspicious of; he thought, 'I will wait a few days for the Minister's findings on his staff.'
George and Dawson decided their next step was to keep a close eye on Mitch.
They followed him every evening after he drove the Minister home.
On Saturday evening an unmarked black van pulled into Mitch's driveway, which seemed odd.
Mitch came out and passed a brown folder to the driver and he gave him an envelope.
The Minister was ready to meet with Dawson and present a report on his personal staff.
He had his four staff checked and they all cleared the background check.
This left Dawson puzzled as he thought they would find out more about Mitch's activities.
The only new fact the Minister found was that Mitch had married a foreign woman, Marie, 6 months ago.
Dawson decided to interview Mitch and try to break him down until he would admit being the Mole.
He began by asking questions about Marie;
'What country was she from?'
'Where did he meet her?'
'Was he in love with her?'
When he answered the last question, he was in tears.
Then Dawson asked him directly; "Enough of that now Mitch, are you the Mole?"
Mitch told him he was forced to spy, they threatened to advise authorities that Marie was an illegal immigrant and she would be deported.
He said that every Friday morning, when he drove the Minister to work, he would park at Tim Horton's Cafe and Bake Shop and the Minister would go inside for a coffee and doughnut.
During that short time Mitch would open the Ministers briefcase and photograph the business papers inside with his smart phone camera and you know the rest.
"Saturday evenings" he said, "I would pass them the Minister's papers and they would pay me for the documents."
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson Agent by Dennyk
Dawson and George advised the Minister of Public Safety and he called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to take him into custody
When the complete story was known by the Prime Minister, that Mitch was forced into espionage and as he had voluntarily confessed to being the Mole and cooperated with the CSIS, he was eventually exonerated.
The RCMP placed Mitch and Marie into their Witness Protection Program and they were never were in trouble again.
Awesome Dawson was promoted to manager of the district office in the Vancouver International Airport, for his excellent work in finding the Mole in Ottawa.
The End
This is the first episode in the adventures of Awesome Dawson, Agent.
In the next story his Intelligence Agency, CSIS, links up with the United States Central Intelligence Agency 'CIA' and United Kingdom Security Service 'MI5' agencies to solve an International mystery.
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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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