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Norton The Alien Part 2
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Continuing the story from Part 1.
When we left Norton and Jerkie they were separated by the Red River.
Norton drank vanilla milk shake and was in a public park when he found out about Jerkie
Children's Story: Norton The Alien Part 2 by Dennyk
Chapter 1
Someone had left part of the Forum newspaper on the park bench.
Norton picked it up and there was a story of a goat like animal on top of the Fargodome.
He was very excited and thought to himself, 'I must find Jerkie'.
He walked to the Red River bank and Jerkie picked up Norton's scent.
Jerkie spotted him across the river and rang his bell loudly.
Norton recognized his pet and called out "Stay where you are and I'll swim over".
He took off his shoes, laced them together and threw them over his shoulder.
North Dakota has strong winds and one came up suddenly from the South.
Norton dove into the river, the strong current pushed him north and he was unable to swim across to Jerkie.
Jerkie saw his master in trouble and ran along the bank, he soon got tired and stopped to rest.
The current became stronger and Norton was being carried up North.
When current slowed, he was able to swim across to the East side where he had last seen Jerkie, and then he collapsed.
When he awoke he was disoriented, his ears were water logged and his speech was slurred.
He started walking along the river in the wrong direction away from Jerkie; he came to a fork in the road and he took it.
He took out his magic blue bottle, pointed it North instead of South and said, "Find Jerkie" as he pulled out the stopper.
Children's Story: Norton The Alien Part 2 by Dennyk
He landed in Canada near a parked truck hauling Big Chief Beef Jerky.
Children's Story: Norton The Alien Part 2 by Dennyk
A Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman stopped him and asked him for his ID (Identification Card).
Norton replied "I have no documents." and with that response he was escorted to the border patrol office for questioning.
This time Norton was very worried and scared; he told them he had not intended to cross the border into Canada.
He said he had seen his pet across the Red River and he tried to swim across to her, but with the high winds the current was too strong.
They did not believe his story; he told them about the news in the Fargo Forum; they browsed their computer and read the newspaper article.
In the year 2020, illegal border crossings were a very serious matter.
Norton was charged for that offense and placed behind bars until they could confirm his story.
They did not know he was an Alien from another planet.
While he was in jail he thought about his pet, Jerkie.

Children's Story: Norton The Alien Part 2 by Dennyk
Little did Norton know, but Jerkie was fine after resting; she knew how to fish and caught a catfish with a throw line and hook from the river bank.
She then travelled north, along the river, in hopes of finding Norton.
Children's Story: Norton The Alien Part 2 by Dennyk
Suddenly it began to rain heavily and she found herself in danger.
The river overflowed its banks and the powerful flood waters came towards her.
She grabbed at a tree branch to hold onto, but it broke off in her hand.
She thought to leave an object for Norton to help find her; she tied her bell to the branch and stuck it into the wet ground.
The rising river then forced Jerkie to run away, running east for a long while; she came upon a large Minnesota lake and rested on the shore.
In her dreams, she thought 'Oh my gosh, what will I do now?'
What happens to Jerkie? Does Norton get out of jail? Does Norton find Jerkie? Where do they travel to next? Will they ever get back home to their mother?
Chapter 2
Children's Story: Norton The Alien Part 2 by Dennyk
A Danish American couple greeted Jerkie with kindness and offered her some of their fine pastry; she told them, "No thanks, I only eat seafood."
They took her to their home and then went out on the lake to catch some fresh fish.
They rowed out to their favourite spot and dropped the anchor; after an hour of fishing and six perch, they decided to move.
They pulled on the rope to lift the anchor up, but it was stuck in the rocks.
Jerkie grabbed the rope in her mouth and jerked up with all of her goat strength, but it did not move.
A storm warning had been forecast for this area and it came while they were stuck on the lake.
Mr Hansen, a smoker, took a short breath and dove into the lake; he used the rope as a guide and reached the rocks and the anchor.
He tugged on the anchor, but was quickly out of breath and returned to the surface.
Mrs Hansen, a non smoker, then dove in after taking a deep breath and removed the anchor from the rocks.
They rowed to shore, made it back home and cooked their fish.
The storm continued throughout the night with heavy rain and wind.
Meanwhile, in Canada, the Mounties released Norton from jail and brought him back to the Minnesota border.
They advised him not to return to Canada ever again without identification papers.
He purchased a boat and travelled South on the river until he saw Grand Forks, North Dakota, the city was in a mess because of the flood.
Norton heard the sound of a bell blowing in the wind and then saw the stick that Jerkie had tied it to; he landed the boat and picked up the bell.
He guessed that Jerkie had run away from the flood water at that point.
He walked in an easterly direction until he could go no further without sleep.
The next morning, when he continued on his journey to find Jerkie; he was soon rewarded.
Children's Story: Norton The Alien Part 2 by Dennyk
Jerkie heard Norton coming from way off in the distance.
They were happy to see each other again, they were jumping for joy.
Norton climbed on Jerkie's back and the cap came off the blue bottle in his pocket.
Norton reached down and put it back on; it was too late and they both disappeared from Minnesota.
The End
To be continued in Part 3.
Where do Norton and Jerkie travel to? What dangers do they encounter?

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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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