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The Boy Who Ate The Watermelon Seeds
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This is a story of a young Mexican boy, Pedro, who ate a watermelon from his father's forbidden special watermelon patch and swallowed the seeds.
Something remarkable happened after that!
Jose was a Mexican farmer who grew varieties of fruit and vegetables for many years on his large fertile land in Mexico.
He made his living from selling the fruit and vegetables at the nearby village market.
Jose was married to Sena, and they had a tall ten-year-old son named Pedro.
Pedro had grown old enough to help his father hand-pick the fruit and vegetables from the farm as each of the products became ripe enough to sell.
They would load the produce on their donkey, Poncho, in large baskets tied to each side.
They would walk with Poncho and lead him to the market, which was three miles away from their farm.
Children's Story: The Boy Who Ate The Watermelon Seeds by Dennyk
Over the years of growing watermelons, which were his favourite crop, Jose had experimented with watermelon seeds.
Every season he harvested watermelons that were bigger, sweeter and juicier than the previous year and this made him very happy.
On each trip, they would bring a dozen watermelons to the market along with ripe vegetables.
His watermelons were so popular that they often sold out in a few hours. Sometimes, they were even able to return home and make another trip back to the market on the same day.
Children's Story: The Boy Who Ate The Watermelon Seeds by Dennyk
On one of the market days, the watermelon sold out very quickly and Jose was busy negotiating the prices for his corn. He asked Pedro to return to the farm with Poncho and bring back another dozen watermelons from the garden.
He also warned him: "Don't take any watermelons from my special garden."
Children's Story: The Boy Who Ate The Watermelon Seeds by Dennyk
Pedro rode home on Poncho and they got back to the farm quite quickly.
He picked a dozen watermelons and lifted them into the baskets; six on each side of Poncho to balance the load.
Suddenly, he started to feel tired and hungry from all the work.
He saw a small ripe watermelon in his dad's special garden and he was tempted to pick it up, slice it open, and eat it.
The temptation was so great that he just went ahead and ate it, in spite of his dad's warning.
It was very delicious.
He ate the small watermelon, seeds and all, in the hot sun.
Then he lay down, covered his face with his sombrero, and slept for an hour.
Poncho, knowing it was wrong to eat the special watermelon, sounded off with "eeyore's" the whole time that Pedro was eating it.
Children's Story: The Boy Who Ate The Watermelon Seeds by Dennyk
Pedro and Poncho returned to the market and delivered the dozen watermelons to Jose.
They were sold out once again, in no time, with the customers even asking for more.
Jose assured them that he would return to the market with watermelons the next morning.
The sun was setting and it was time to return to the farm.
Jose and Pedro both rode on Poncho's back on the way home.
He didn't mind at all; in fact, he was so pleased that he gave out a loud donkey "Hee-Haw" sound.
Sena prepared beans and corn tortillas for dinner and sopaipillas with honey for dessert.
Pedro led Poncho to the shed and fed him straw before going back into the house to sleep.
He had a comfortable straw mattress that eased him into a sound sleep.
It rained that evening, and in the morning, when Pedro woke, he felt moisture on his blanket.
The roof had a small hole above his bed that had allowed rainwater to drip onto his cover.
He thought nothing about it until he removed his nightshirt and looked down at his belly button.
He saw that it had turned green and there was a little plant sticking out of it.
He was afraid to tell his parents, so he acted quite normal; he put on his clothes and went to the kitchen for breakfast.
Jose was at the table with a watermelon.
He was telling Sena about the special watermelon he was planning to market next season.
He told her that it was a smaller variety, but he intended to increase his price per watermelon.
He cut one open and asked her to have a bite; he made sure to tell her not to eat any of its seeds.
Jose then cut pieces of the bright red fruit for himself and Pedro, telling him as well to be careful not to eat any of its seeds.
Pedro wondered about this, so he asked his father, "Why can't I eat the seeds?"
Jose paused for a long time before telling his son that they were special sacred seeds that he had purchased from an old Indian witch doctor.
Children's Story: The Boy Who Ate The Watermelon Seeds by Dennyk
He explained that the seeds were from a sacred plant and he didn't know what the consequences of eating the seeds would be. "Witch doctors use sacred plants to perform their rituals. They claim that there is a different world which we can only access through plants."
Pedro thought about what his father had said, but he still did not tell him about the green growth he had on his belly button.
They worked hard that day to harvest the fruit and vegetables and take them to the market.
Pedro got home feeling very tired, so he ate dinner, said his prayers, and went to bed immediately after.
It rained again that night with wind, thunder and lightning flashing.
Once again, the small opening on the roof leaked rainwater onto his bed.
Pedro was so tired that he slept through the storm, but when he woke his bed cover was damp once again. He jumped out of bed and looked at his belly button.
The green growth he saw this time was a watermelon plant seedling.
Pedro was again afraid to tell his father that not only had he eaten a small watermelon from his special sacred patch, he ate the seeds as well.
He went to his mother Sena, lifted his shirt up and showed her the seedling that was growing out of his belly button.
She gasped and told Pedro, "Don't touch it. I will take you to Doctor Descuento tomorrow.
We will tell your dad that we are going to town to buy you a new pair of sandals."
The next morning, Sena and Pedro went to the doctor and he examined Pedro's belly button.
He said, "I have never seen such a growth on a human, but I will give you a prescription to get rid of it."
He turned to Sena and told her, "Senora, that will be 300 pesos."
Children's Story: The Boy Who Ate The Watermelon Seeds by Dennyk
Sena next stopped at the Pharmacia and purchased the medicine for Pedro.
They returned home and Pedro took the medicine with a glass of water.
Despite Pedro sticking to the prescription label and taking the pills for a week now, the plant did not stop growing. Pedro's hair even began to fall out.
Jose had noticed last week that his son was going bald, but he thought nothing of it as his father was also bald from an early age. He just thought Pedro was unlucky to inherit this trait from his grandfather.
At the end of the week, Sena took her son back to the doctor with the medicine he had prescribed.
He re-examined Pedro and gave her another prescription. He told her, "Senora, that will be 600 pesos."
Pedro took the new medication and he was fully bald by the end of the week.
One night, Sena casually asked her husband about the witch doctor.
She was able to get a location out of him.
She decided to take Pedro to see the witch doctor who had given the sacred watermelon seeds to her husband.
Perhaps he could examine and heal Pedro, she surmised.
She was 100 percent correct. The witch doctor performed an unusual ritual.
He started a bonfire and heated a large covered pot of water until it was boiling.
Then he added four wooden spoonfuls of a potion that created a green steam with a stinky smell of skunk.
He took Pedro over to the pot and had him take off his shirt and expose his belly button to the steam.
The watermelon plant dropped away from Pedro's belly button in a few minutes.
Sena thanked him and he replied, "Muchas gracias" (meaning it's nothing).
He did not charge her for his services.
They returned home and Pedro took an aromatic bath with perfume and herbs.
The next week, Pedro's hair started to grow back.
He did not eat a single watermelon again for the rest of his life.

The End
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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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