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Awesome Dawson In Border Service
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This is the newest story in the career of Dawson Miller of the Yukon, who is popularly known as Awesome Dawson.
Although this story about awesome Dawson is meant to be humourless, there are a lot of characters with funny names.
Awesome Dawson is currently in charge of security at Vancouver Airport.
He was the first agent to use sniffer detection dogs at an airport.
He is listed as 'Secret Agent 008' by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and has apprehended several criminals over the years.
He has also been called upon several times by the Prime Minister to help solve major crimes.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
A deputy branch head at the Canadian Border Service Agency got himself involved in a controversy with the CBSA president and the Prime Minister, who demanded his resignation.
The Prime Minister spoke with the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and he also consulted Queen Elizabeth II, and they all agreed to appoint Dawson Miller as the new deputy head of the Southern Ontario Region of CBSA.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
Dawson accepted the new job.
He moved to Toronto after a big farewell party was staged by his airport employees and the famous sniffer dogs.
He was loved as a leader by many for his fairness when managing.
He also made sure to always keep close contact with those he left behind.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
Awesome Dawson was just settling into his new position when he was notified of an expected incident at the border cities of Niagara Falls, New York, and Niagara Falls, Ontario.
A 'Tout de suite' decision would have to be made to save a man's life.
An unidentified Canadian male was attempting to swim across the Niagara River before the Horseshoe Falls to the USA.
He was about one-third of the way into his mission when he was swept up by a strong current against a large protruding rock.
He was able to climb onto the wet rock and lay down, holding on dearly with both hands.
Dawson requested that his secretary, Alison Wonderland, immediately charter a rescue helicopter flight from his office in Toronto to Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
The man was exhausted after about an hour holding on to the wet rock; he was getting ready to let go.
He was aware of the situation he was in; letting go would most certainly lead to a fall he wasn't likely to survive.
Just as he was about to give up, Dawson arrived at the scene above the falls in the helicopter and they could see the man from above.
Dawson ordered the pilot to hover just above the man and lower the rescue rope with a harness so he could climb down and attach it to him.
The pilot lowered the rope and Dawson climbed down to the man and fastened him in the harness before climbing back up to the helicopter.
This action could only be accomplished by a man of great strength, such as Awesome Dawson.
They lifted him up and flew him to safety.
Dawson called ahead to the police to have a van waiting when they landed.
Later they identified the jailed man as Arty Choake, a French chef in a restaurant across the river.
He was a good cook but not an excellent swimmer.
He did not have a passport but he had planned a meeting with Biff Wellington, who was a chef at a high-end restaurant downtown in Niagara Falls, New York.
The third man involved in their planned meeting was Biff Stronganoff, author of a Russian cookbook, now living in Buffalo, New York.
The subject of their meeting was to develop dishes that combined French, Russian and Canadian cuisines, and eventually open a restaurant in New York City.
Dawson, fatigued by his action, returned to the office and called it a day.
He also let his secretary Alison, happily go home early and miss the traffic rush.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
The following day was a Tuesday and Dawson spent the day composing a questionnaire for his numerous southern Ontario border agents.
As you may recall from many of his past cases, Dawson often uses this approach.
This time he was doing it to expose weaknesses in the agency. He also planned to reinforce his region by transferring personnel and adding female trainees.
The agents were told of the private nature of the questionnaire, so they were not allowed to share the answers among other agents as Dawson could find out from just reading the answers.
From what they had heard of Dawson's mental capabilities, that wasn't hard to believe.
He requested each agent to answer the questions and return the answers as quickly as possible.
They were also instructed to enclose a current selfie picture of themselves along with their answers.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
On Wednesday he received a text message from the Prime Minister informing him of an escape from the New York jail complex at Riker Island.
The prisoner's name was Fairleigh Lowe and he was believed to be heading to one of the Peace Bridge's, the Rainbow Bridge, or the Queenston Bridge as a route to enter Canada.
He had help from another felon, Fowler Fairweather, who was captured after a 4-hour hunt.
Dawson alerted the CBSA officers at the 3 bridges to be on the lookout for Mr. Lowe.
He sent them the fugitive's mug shot but advised them of the possibility of him having a forged passport or being disguised as a woman.
Dawson had carefully studied his profile, accurately predetermined his disguise and how he would respond to the agents' questions.
Dawson told the officers that Mr. Lowe would possibly attempt to cross on a weekend during the peak traffic hours of 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
At this period the road would be busy with long car lines that would take over 30 minutes to cross the border. Dawson transferred several female CBSA agents temporarily from other Canadian ports of entry to the 3 bridges to see to the capture of Fairleigh Lowe.
Responses to Dawson's questionnaire started to come in and he studied and carefully analysed each one.
This took weeks to accomplish, but he was quite satisfied with his findings.
He made several transfers of personnel and added new rules for the agents to enforce.
Over quite some time, he was able to make improvements to their living and working conditions.
He was also able to get approval to give them raises to their salaries, and this made them extremely happy.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
Prior to the questionnaire responses coming in, Fairleigh Lowe somehow managed to pass through American security undetected, but he was arrested in his vehicle by CBSA agents after he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
He was dressed casually as a woman tourist going to Mississauga, Ontario. He wore a black pants suit, high heels, a blond wig, sunglasses, and had a fake tan facial and neck complexion.
He had a bogus passport, which was another tip Dawson told the CBSA female agents to look out for. The passport was new and unused with no prior ink or sticker stamps in it.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
Another important case Dawson had during his first year was to recapture the elusive Doctor Nez, a jewel thief, who had escaped the Quebec prison.
Dr. Nez was a nemesis to Dawson as he once captured him and sent him to prison with his testimony at the trial.
This prior case was told in the story, "Awesome Dawson Meets Dr. Nez."
Dawson was aware of Dr. Nez's escape from jail and developed a plan to recapture him following his next robbery.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
Awesome was quite certain that Dr. Nez's next robbery will be at a hotel in Toronto, Ontario, just as he had done in Montreal.
As expected, Dawson predicted correctly.
Dr. Nez robbed a well-known Alaskan celebrity, Lucinda Head, of her jewellery worth over 100,000 Canadian dollars.
She was staying in the Four Seasons Hotel and had carelessly left her jewellery in her room unguarded.
She was performing at the Four Seasons Centre theatre when the robbery happened.
Dr. Nez made away with all her jewellery and could not be located by the Toronto police service.
The Prime Minister called Dawson when he heard of the Toronto jewellery robbery and asked that he recover the jewels.
Dawson told him that the thief was Dr. Nez and he already had plans to recapture him.
The Prime Minister was surprised to hear of Dawson's certainty that the thief was Dr. Nez.
He had called Dawson a few years ago asking him to recover the stolen jewels in the Montreal robbery and the thief was none other than Dr. Nez.
The Sûreté du Québec police had already promised to recapture Dr. Nez in an earlier case when he found a missing girl, but they failed. Dr. Nez continued to rob the rich but did not give to the poor; he was no Robin Hood.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
Dawson's plan was to find a way to trap Dr. Nez at the Canadian border so his agents could arrest him with the jewels.
He wrote an article in The Toronto Star, stating that Bertha D. Blues would be singing in Niagara Falls, Ontario, at the Seneca Queen Theatre the following weekend.
To attract Dr. Nez to Niagara Falls, he had his secretary, Alison Wonderland, dress up and pose as a jazz singer.
She was photographed with the article and her picture was printed in the fashion section of the Toronto Star, which Dawson was certain Dr. Nez would read.
He then borrowed jewels from the 'Made You Look' jewellery store to take to Niagara Falls.
Dr. Nez did in fact fall for the trap when he read the article and saw the picture.
He planned to rob her hotel room in Niagara Falls while she was onstage performing.
Friday morning Dawson booked a room for Bertha D. Blues, placed the jewels in the hotel room's safe, and left the safe's door open for Dr. Nez to find and easily steal them.
He informed the hotel staff of his plan, so if anyone asked for Bertha's room number, they were to give it to them.
That afternoon Dr. Nez checked into the same hotel and inquired if Bertha D. Blues was staying at the hotel.
The hotel clerk, Anne Chovee, replied that she was and even gave him her room number.
Later that evening, when Bertha was scheduled to perform at the Seneca Queen Theatre, Dr. Nez easily picked the door lock of her hotel room to gain access.
He found the unlocked safe in the closet, took the jewels and went back to his room.
Later that night, he drove to the Canadian border with the jewels stored in the lining of his top hat.
Children's Story: Awesome Dawson In Border Service by Dennyk
Dawson had earlier set up a camera in the room closet, so he captured a video of Dr. Nez stealing the jewels.
Dawson sat in his car at a safe distance away from Dr. Nez's yellow convertible Porsche, waiting for him to exit the hotel.
Dr. Nez had purchased the Porsche by trading the hot jewels from the Montreal robbery for the car from a dubious car dealership owned by Benny Fischel.
At 8 p.m. Dr. Nez left the hotel, entered his car and drove towards the Canadian border.
Dawson followed Dr. Nez from a safe distance so he won't be detected.
Dr. Nez reached the border and was in a long line of cars waiting to cross into the United States.
Thirty minutes later, he was at the front of the queue.
The border agent, Hetty Moff, began questioning by asking, "Why are you going into the USA?"
He replied, "I am a doctor. I am going to visit my sick 107-year-old grandmother, Dee Kaye, in Buffalo, New York."
The female agent next to him snickered at his remark and said, "Sir, please step out of your car." and he complied.
He was searched thoroughly. They found the jewels in his hat and arrested him.
Dawson was close behind, so he recovered the jewels from his agent.
He returned them back the next day to the jewellery store in Toronto.
The Porsche was offered to Lucinda Head, who was robbed earlier in Montreal. She decided against selling the car and chose to keep it instead.
Benny Fischel, who traded the car with Dr. Nez for the jewels, was put out of business and imprisoned.
Well, that's the end of this story. Dr. Nez is again out of circulation and behind bars.
Dawson is back in his office and doing his job of keeping Canada safe with the help of his CBSA agents.
The End
P.S. Dawson's next contention is with Ben de Hallenbaque, a man who has had a difficult life.
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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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