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The Three Magicians
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The is a fictional story about three magicians: a girl, a boy and a magician.
The magician is the Iraqi father of the girl, while the boy is a next-door neighbour.

Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
The story begins in Baghdad, Iraq, when a girl named Lilith asked her magician father, Shadrack, to teach her the art of magic.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
The boy, Baltazar, is a friend of Lilith, so he decided to pay her a visit.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
When he got there, Lilith was being instructed by her father one of his magic tricks, "The floating match on a card."
Baltazar immediately took an interest in magic and spoke to Shadrack about it.
Shadrack's father and grandfather were locksmiths and he had learned the technique from his father before he became a magician.
He taught Baltazar the locksmith profession as he knew this would help him later as a magician.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
Shadrack performed another sleight-of-hand trick called, "The French drop" for them.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
He then performed the illusion, "The floating light bulb." The kids were fascinated by this one.
The children began to practice these three tricks until they became adept at doing them.
Shadrack also had a library full of magic books, so they buried themselves in these books and made the props required to perform the magic tricks.
Then they joined the local junior magicians club where they learned new tricks.
They performed a magic show at school for their classmates; the class and their teacher were impressed with this performance.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
One evening Shadrack was to perform his version of the Indian rope trick on stage at the local theatre.
He invited Lilith and Baltazar to assist him by dressing up in Indian costumes.
The great magician, Thurston, had performed this trick outside of India for the first time.
Shadrack threw the knotted end of a thick coiled rope up in the air, and it uncoiled and rose up to the ceiling.
Next he had Baltazar, dressed in white tunic and turban, climb up the rope until he completely disappeared from the sight of the onlookers.
Shadrack then grasped the rope and it tumbled limply down on the floor without any sign of Baltazar.
The audience all gasped in disbelief.
Then he had Lilith open a large trunk that was placed on stage near the action.
As she opened it, out jumped a smiling Baltazar, uninjured.
The spectators were thrilled with this performance.
After the show Lilith and Baltazar continued their magic studies and practiced many new tricks.
Their goal was to become professional magicians, tour the world, and become famous and rich.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
Baltazar began to practice predicament escapes in which he would be trapped in a dangerous situation that he had to find a way to escape from.
He soon became an expert in the field of escapology.
His locksmith skills, as well as his daily physical exercises, were really helpful in this art.
He practiced holding his breath underwater until he was able to stay underwater in his bathtub for about four minutes.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
Lilith had a preference for the levitation illusion and practiced making objects float in the air.
Several years passed and Lilith and Baltazar had successfully completed their school education and began to work as magicians.
Shadrack, contentedly semi-retired in the city of Sulaymaniyah, in northern Iraq near Dukan Lake, and became a locksmith.
Lilith and Baltazar went on a visit to New Delhi, India, where they saw a number of magic shows.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
They were cautioned against using their left hands, but Lilith was a southpaw or left-handed.
The left hand is considered unclean in India, as it's often used to perform matters associated with going to the bathroom.
Therefore, you are to avoid your left hand coming into contact with food or objects that you pass to people in India.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
After the New Delhi visit, they planned a trip to Hungary, where Harry Houdini, the great magician, was born.
He was an illusionist and stunt performer, well-known for his sensational escape acts.
Baltazar admired Houdini and decided to follow in his footsteps and duplicate his escape acts.
Lilith and Baltazar moved to Hollywood, California, and eventually became American citizens.
They visited the Magicians Hall of Fame in Hollywood, California, and started performing magic shows there in the nightspots where a number of Hollywood celebrities frequented.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
Lilith performed illusion acts of elevating pets, especially dogs or cats, from the floor and magically raise them up in front of her to a height of over a meter.
She would then take a large metal hoop and pass it over their body, from head to toe, to show that there were no wires attached to suspend them up in the air.
Then she would grasp the pet and hug it to show it was a real-life animal; it would make sounds (bark or meow) to the audience.
Her audiences were always thrilled to see this act performed by such a skilled magician.
She repeated this performance at several big-time nightclubs in Las Vegas, Nevada.
She went on to become a very popular female magician and was requested to perform in major cities within America.
Children's Story: The Three Magicians by Dennyk
Baltazar had his plan to become famous. He requested that Lilith pay a visit to the prison in Dodge City, Kansas.
When she got there, she posed as a reporter for "The Hollywood Reporter" and asked for a tour of the prison.
She was able to obtain the model of handcuffs used by the officers.
She also filmed the lock on the jail cell doors and the position of the security cameras before returning to Hollywood.
With this information, Baltazar was able to send a challenge to the police chief in Dodge City:
"I, the great escape artist Baltazar, will escape from your jail after 12 hours of being handcuffed and locked in a cell."
Dodge City was selected by Baltazar as it once was a famous western city when "Wild Bill Hickok" was the sheriff.
Many well-known desperadoes were captured by Hickok and spent time in his jail.
The police chief in Dodge was amused by the challenge and delightfully accepted it.
Baltazar prepared for the challenge by making a small master key that he would hide inside his mouth to pass the security check when entering the prison.
If the police checked his mouth, he would swallow it and then regurgitate it back up from his throat to his mouth.
Baltazar and Lilith travelled to the Dodge City prison, this time with a real reporter from "The Hollywood Reporter" newspaper.
The police bound Baltazar with handcuffs and searched him methodically from head to toe.
He swallowed the small key he had hidden in his mouth and they put him in the cell and locked him in.
He did get a chance to see the key they used to lock the cell door.
The police chief gave him a surprise by adding a heavy chain around the cell doors and padlocking it.
They left him alone. He got to work immediately by regurgitating his master key back into his mouth to try to free himself from the handcuffs.
He positioned himself to the rear of the cell where the security cameras could not focus on him.
Baltazar easily had the handcuffs removed by expertly using his small key to unlock them.
He then took the bed sheet, spread it out in front of him, and tied it to the jail bars, essentially hiding from the security cameras.
The police chief had been looking closely at the camera monitors, so when he saw this, he ordered one of his men back to the cell.
Baltazar predicted that this would happen, so he quickly put back on his handcuffs and waited.
The policeman arrived and unlocked the padlock on the chain, unlocked the cell, and inspected the locked handcuffs on Baltazar's wrists.
He then signalled to the police chief, via the camera, that everything was okay after he locked the cell doors and padlocked the chain around the doors.
However, he made a mistake of not untying and removing the sheet from the jail bars before leaving.
Baltazar quickly removed his handcuffs again and began to unlock the padlock using his small key.
He was able to open the padlock but he left it in position so it could hold the chain intact.
He then moved the bed within the camera range and laid down on it to rest until nightfall.
The police chief watched from his camera monitor as Baltazar laid in bed, but after a couple of hours, he got bored and left the prison.
He planned to return at midnight when Baltazar predicted he would escape.
Baltazar awoke at eleven that evening and by staying behind the sheet and reaching to the cell door lock, he was able to bend his wrist and fingers to reach around the outside of the bars to cleverly insert his small key in the lock.
He manoeuvred patiently with the lock, as he had been taught by Shadrack, and was finally able to unlock the cell door.
He then rolled up the sheet and the pillows and put them on the bed with the blanket over them.
This would trick the police chief into thinking he was asleep in bed with a blanket over him.
He quietly crawled out of the cell with the handcuffs in hand and closed the cell door.
He replaced the chain and locked it around the jail bars with the padlock and slithered down the corridor.
He got to the end of the aisle to a small window.
He climbed up to the window and opened it to escape.
The night policeman could see the locked cell and the bed that looked like it had a person asleep in it.
Then at midnight, the police chief arrived at his office and was laughing when he saw the bed with what he thought was Baltazar in the cell from his monitor screen.
Meanwhile, Baltazar was hiding outside in the bushes and waiting for midnight, that's when Lilith and the Hollywood reporter were to return.
When they arrived through the prison gate, Baltazar signalled to Lilith with his familiar whistle and she knew he had escaped, but she did not let that be known.
The police were expecting them, so they were led into the satisfied police chief's office where one of the camera monitors was on.
Lilith then suggested that they all visit the cell and unlock it. They agreed and did just that.
When they all made that move to the cell, Baltazar opened the front door and stealthily crept into the police chief's office and sat down in his chair.
They opened the cell and pulled off the blanket, only to find that no one was in the cell.
The police chief became enraged as he had made a large side bet with Baltazar that he would not escape by midnight.
He went sadly back towards his office knowing well that he had been outplayed.
Then he saw the handcuffs on top of his desk and Baltazar sitting boldly in his chair.
He cried out as he had lost not just a lot of money but his pride.
The Hollywood reporter's story with pictures to the newspaper was spread all over the country with the headline: "The Great Baltazar has magically escaped from the Dodge City Prison."
Baltazar became a legend for this performance.

The End

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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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