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Dennyk's Children's Stories
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Donna The Dromedary Camel
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.


This is a travel story of a female dromedary camel who lived in Somalia, East Africa, as a pack animal.
She is very brave and disliked her harsh owner. She decided to abandon him and travel west to find a kind owner.
Facts on camels:
1. Camel's humps are not used to store water. Their humps store fat and also helps to keep their bodies cooler. When needed, it is converted to food and water.
2. Camels can drink up to 40 gallons of water at once.
3. Camel's mouths have a thick leathery lining, allowing them to chew thorny desert plants.
4. Camels have long eyelashes and ear hairs and together with nostrils that can close, they form a barrier against the sand.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
Donna is an even-toed ungulate or a hoofed animal that worked around the Horn of Africa for 3 years as a pack animal. She had a strict and mean owner despite her brave and gentle soul. Her diet often consisted of foliage, dry grasses and desert vegetation.
She was able to eat thorny plants too because of a special lining in her throat.
She lived in Somalia, which has the largest population of camels, and could see how the amicable owners take care of their work animals.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
She planned to leave her miserly owner and escape to Ethiopia.
One night, there was a violent storm and she was able to escape her rope bond in the Somalia camp.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
She successfully crossed the border into Ethiopia where she found food, water and friendly nomads.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
Her grand plan was to eventually cross the Sahara Desert to Mauritania in search of a kind patron or to just be free.
She was aware of how huge and far away the Sahara Desert was. It would take her months to reach Mauritania even while walking at a pace of 30 miles per day.
Mauritania has a camel population of 3 million.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
Donna next traveled over 1000 miles to Sudan; this journey took her over a month.
She watered every six days along the Atbara River to Sudan and took a stop at the pyramids in Sudan.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
Donna traveled west to Chad during the Gerewol Festival, where young men dressed in elaborate ornamentation.
They are made up in traditional face paintings and gather in lines to dance and sing, vying for the attention of marriageable young women.
Once the contest starts, selected women will stand in front of a row of dancers in order to choose the most beautiful.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
Her next stop was Niger. It was the end of the rainy season and the "La Cure Salee" festival was going on for 3 days.
Donna enjoyed watching the parade of camel riders followed by camel and horse races, songs, dances and storytelling.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
Donna then visited the mysterious city, Timbuktu, in Mali.
The origin of this mystification lies in the excitement brought to Europe by the legendary tales.
Children's Story: Donna The Dromedary Camel by Dennyk
She finally reached her destination of Mauritania where she could walk freely without being a pack animal.
Donna joined a group of 80 friendly, wild camels and enjoyed her freedom for 5 years.
Then one day, she found a kind owner and decided to go back to being a pack animal for him.
The European Union gave Mauritania 250 camels as part of its effort to boost border security.
The arrival of the animals was met with amusement by the local people, who felt the gift was surprising considering that their country is known for having a population of 3 million camels.
They would have preferred trucks.
The End
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About Dennyk
Retiring in 2000, Dennyk rekindled his childhood interest in children's stories first triggered by his father's funny stories, by completing a children's writing course.
Dennyk is married with two children and four grandchildren who live in Europe. His wife runs an animal rescue centre called 'Lillies of the Field', some of the animals feature in his stories.
Dennyk grew up in North Dakota, gaining a BSME from the State University, moving to Ohio in 1955, France in 1964, England in 1978, Canada in 1984 and returning to Ohio in 1990.
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