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Robert Parfett's Children's Stories
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Not Now Nessie
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.


Children's Story: Not Now Nessie by Robert James Parfett
For all those people who believe that Nessie isn't real
Perhaps you need to think again, she is the real deal.
Though far from being scary she is shy and rather small
So if you want to catch a peek you must be on the ball.
Nessie only pops her head up every now and then
And dives down to the darkest depths and huddles in her den.
Waiting, ever hopeful that one day she'll find a mate.
Another prehistoric pal to be her dashing date.
But on this frosty winter morning, hiding out of sight
Is a monster trophy hunter, ready for a fight.
A man with quite a reputation known as "Crazy Bran"
Has just arrived in Scotland with a pretty nasty plan.
"Crazy" Brandon Snatcher wants to transport Nessie back
To add to his collection, "Catching monsters is a crack!
The Loch Ness monster really is the icing on the cake!
The pinnacle of my career is right here in this lake!"
Children's Story: Not Now Nessie by Robert James Parfett
Nessie's tummy rumbles as she slowly makes her way
Towards the surface of the loch to contemplate the day.
Crazy Brandon claps his hands as Nessie's head appears.
Followed by her great long neck and Brandon's crazy cheers.
"There it is! I've found it! I just can't believe my luck!
This is really far too easy, it's a sitting duck!"
Heading quickly to the boat he turns on the ignition.
Then gathers all his monster kit and sets about his mission.
As Crazy Bran is closing in, his heart begins to race.
"This is where it gets exciting, let's begin the chase!
Who knows what the thing will do or which way it will go.
I must catch it by surprise, let's do this nice and slow."
Creeping up on Nessie Brandon sighs "It's all too easy.
Apart from all these blasted waves, they're making me feel queasy."
He readies his enormous net and gets prepared to throw it.
Then Nessie disappears from sight, "Ha ha, now that's the spirit!"
Nessie doesn't realise just who is on her back
She's only one thing on her mind, to find a tasty snack.
Darting through the murky water finally she sees
A fish that's worthy of the chase then swallows it with ease.
Her head pops up out of the water still quite unaware
Of Brandon sitting in his boat. "Just come here if you dare!
Now I've got you!" Brandon cries and aims his monster gun
You'll look good in my collection, time to have some fun!"
Children's Story: Not Now Nessie by Robert James Parfett
Nessie who is still quite hungry notices a shape
And heads down fast to follow it before it can escape.
"So, you have some life in you, that's quite alright with me!
I prefer a challenge, but I'll still be home by tea!"
Nessie plunges down and down unable to keep pace
There's something quite familiar... and then she see its face.
A mirror image of herself stares back in disbelief
Then hides behind the nearest rock, now shaking like a leaf.
Nessie cannot see what's coming till it is too late.
A giant net begins to drag her up towards her fate.
"Here it comes! It weighs a tone, I'm glad this boat is big.
Ha!" he snarls triumphantly, and does a little jig.
A giant boat and fearsome face coming looming into view
Nessie puts up quite a struggle then begins to chew.
But it's too late as Brandon Snatcher hauls her from the lake.
"Stop your wriggling, just behave, be still for goodness sake!"
"Crazy Bran" with his cruel plan to kidnap our poor Nessie
Has a rather nasty shock and things get very messy.
As Brandon starts to take his aim, with Nessie in his sight
The Loch Ness monster lookalike comes up and takes a bite.
But Brandon Snatcher obviously doesn't taste that good.
He's catapulted through the air and ends up in the wood.
Nessie gleams with admiration, it was worth the wait.
She doesn't have to be alone for now she has a mate.
The Not So Wise Owl Children's Book      The Not So Wise Owl
Children's Book

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About Robert
Robert is an English language teacher and father of two boys, his stories are aimed at 4 to 7 year olds, the education age group he knows best.
Robert writes with rhyme which stimulates children's sense of humour and fun, making learning more enjoyable.
Robert's two boys are his strongest supporters and critics!
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