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Robert Parfett's Children's Stories
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The Clockwork Chameleon
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Children's Story: The Clockwork Chameleon by Robert James Parfett
Little Tolly Tiger had just one thing on his mind
"It will be my birthday soon so Mummy please be kind!
I don't want a party with a cake and lots of noise
I don't need computer games, a new bike or more toys
I want a cute chameleon with great big, bulgy eyes,
Skin that changes colour and a tongue for catching flies!"
Tolly's dad began to frown and then he shook his head
"You can't have a chameleon; remember what I said!
If you want a pet then you can have a dog or cat,
I won't hear any more about it, that's the end of that!"
As Tolly tried to speak he made a squeaking noise instead
"I want my own chameleon!" and stomped upstairs to bed.
He slammed the door behind him and he muttered to himself
Then reached out for his box of bits and took it from the shelf
Cogs and wheels, nuts and bolts, rubber bands and springs
Went tumbling onto the floor with all the other things
He got down on his hands and knees, looking rather thrilled
"I think I've got all that I need, so now it's time to build!"
Tolly's little fingers worked at quite a nifty pace
A look of concentration fixed upon his tired face
Bang, bash, clang, clank, thump, thud, thwack!
"Soon it will be finished, let's just give it one more whack!"
He turned the last remaining screws and wound up all the cogs
"This is what I wanted, you can keep your cats and dogs!"
Children's Story: The Clockwork Chameleon by Robert James Parfett
He stood back to admire his work and stared at his creation
Then his body tingled with a feeling of elation
"I have my own chameleon with bulgy marble eyes!
And a tongue that's very long for catching all the flies!
The Velcro really works a treat, they'll never get away!
I'll try it out tomorrow; I've had quite enough today."
Tolly yawned and slowly made his way towards the bed
Plumping up the pillow as he laid his sleepy head
"Nighty night, sleep tight my tiny clockwork toy!
What wonderful adventures we are going to enjoy!"
As Tolly's eyes began to close and snoring could be heard
The chameleon's eyes opened wide and gradually it stirred.
At first it moved quite clumsily, and didn't make much noise
Then started climbing upwards, heading straight for Tolly's toys
Its extra long, sticky tongue, began to do its work
Suddenly it shook its tail and things went quite berserk
It sucked up everything in sight, the room was almost bare
And looking rather bloated, it moved slowly to the stair.
The fat Clockwork Chameleon just couldn't get a grip
And soon the little toes let go and it began to slip
Heading for the front door, which had been left open wide
It rolled and bounced on every step then ended up outside
The poor confused chameleon stood up with mouth ajar
A Velcro tongue came shooting out and stuck to mummy's car.
Tolly sat up straight as the alarm began to sound
Then mum and dad came rushing out, amazed at what they found
The hub caps of the car passed by them, stuck to something long
Looking from the window Tolly saw something was wrong
He quickly put his slippers on and ran out of his room
His daddy turned and shook his head and mum began to fume.
"What on earth is that thing? It is ruining my car!
Is that your chameleon? I think you've gone too far!
Did you make that horrid creature, can you make it stop?
It's scratching all the paintwork; how about we do a swap?
You get rid of your creation and we'll go and buy
Your very own chameleon, I may know just the guy.
Tolly beamed and hugged his parents; then he looked quite sad
"I don't want to destroy it, but it has been very bad!"
He looked down at the clockwork critter, busy munching screws
"It's such a hard decision, but I really need to choose
The naughty reptile nibbled Tolly's leg, eager to play
"If I can improve his manners will you let it stay?"
Mum and dad looked slightly shocked, but then they stopped and smiled
"You never give up do you? You are such a stubborn child!"
Tolly took his tools and started tweaking here and there
His naughty reptile lost his tongue, but now he didn't care
The cute clockwork chameleon became the perfect pet
"My birthday present this year is the bestest present yet!"
Children's Story: The Clockwork Chameleon by Robert James Parfett
The Not So Wise Owl Children's Book      The Not So Wise Owl
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About Robert
Robert is an English language teacher and father of two boys, his stories are aimed at 4 to 7 year olds, the education age group he knows best.
Robert writes with rhyme which stimulates children's sense of humour and fun, making learning more enjoyable.
Robert's two boys are his strongest supporters and critics!
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