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Robert Parfett's Children's Stories
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Children's Story: Follygoon by Robert James Parfett

High up above, to the right of the moon,
tucked behind a bright young star, lies the planet of Follygoon.
"Why" you ask, "have I never heard of this curious little place?"
Well you'd be surprised what you can find in the special spots of space!
Follygoon however is like nothing else you'll see.
It isn't round or planet-like. It doesn't know quite what to be!
One day it may be boot-shaped and another like a cloud
and once it even changed into a bell that clanged so loud
the vibrations could be felt all across the universe,
although nothing really happened. It could have been much worse.
But wait! There is more you should know about this land.
There are no enormous oceans or beaches made of sand.
On Follygoon there are lavish lakes of fizzing lemonade
and sugar coated mountains where lurking in the shade.
You'll find bushes made of candy-floss and exploding chocolate toadstools.
Swirling, whizzing lollipops and marching custard noodles.
Children's Story: Follygoon by Robert James Parfett
I hear you ask impatiently, "But what lives on Follygoon?
Are there marshmallow monsters or a troop of baked baboons?
We want to know! We have to know! Oh go on, please just tell us!"
The creatures you so keenly seek are known as Follymuddlers!
At first glance they are like nothing the world has ever seen.
They appear to be neither here nor there, but somewhere in between.
For each Follymuddler has the head of one beast and the body of another
And each and every one is a kaleidoscope of colours.
But look very closely and you will find creatures all quite familiar.
Although it really must be said the mix is quite peculiar.
You will, nonetheless, never find a better bunch of chums
Who spend their happy fun-filled lives chewing rainbow flavour gums
and generally trying very hard to never have a worry
Or, to avoid at any cost, the need to have to hurry.
So what could possibly go wrong in such a perfect place?
This candy scented heaven with its slow unhurried pace.
Well, even in this luscious land unexpected things may happen
That will leave their mark forever on this pint-sized secret haven.
One particularly sweet smelling morning,
something happened that was utterly appalling.
The beautiful Golden Toffee Apple Tree
had one less apple there for all to see.
Children's Story: Follygoon by Robert James Parfett
Who could have done such a dreadful thing
to this most sacred of trees, the king of kings?
Kepor, who was still in shock from finding the apple gone
decided he must act at once and pass the sad news on.
"I must tell the others!" and he scurried away
to find his friend Lemla. Whatever would she say?
As Kepor neared his friend's house his heart began to race
and he couldn't hide the look of pain and horror on his face.
"The Hyjag has stolen a golden toffee apple!
If we don't get it back then the mighty tree will topple!"
"Wait!" said Lemla. Not sure of what to say.
"There is something I must tell you. It happened just today!"
But before she could tell him what was bugging her inside
He had disappeared right out of view. "Wait for me!" She sighed.
Erka woke up from his sleep and stood up like a flash
as Kepor shouted desperately "Come on we have to dash!
The Hyjag has stolen a golden toffee apple!
If we don't get it back then the mighty tree will topple!"
Out of breath and panting Lemla bundled into view and
tried at last to tell his friends what neither of them knew.
Wait!" said Lemla. "Don't go! Before you run away there is something I have to tell you.
There's something I must say!"
"Come on Lemla." his two friends urged. "We will need you by and by.
The Hyjag is cruel and wicked and will surely try to lie.
We need to be much smarter, as he is really quite astute.
Maybe then he'll tell us where to find the missing fruit."
The Hyjag was more terrifying than anything else alive
with a taunting, ghostly laugh which would make you freeze inside.
No-one had ever seen him, but stories had been told,
if they were to leave his lair they would all need to be bold.
Children's Story: Follygoon by Robert James Parfett
Suddenly they saw the entrance to a likely looking spot
to find a fearsome monster and whispered "Coming ready or not!"
Creeping through the darkness they could hear their own hearts thumping
and wished they could just turn around, but then all three were jumping.
The sound of horrid laughter bounced around the pitch black cave,
But what they saw soon after made them feel extremely brave.
Huddled in a corner staring anxiously at the strangers
was a sorry looking creature that was of no apparent danger.
"Who goes there? What do you want?" Wailed the beast now quite alarmed.
"Whatever it was, I didn't do it! Please don't do me harm!"
"You're the wicked Hyjag? No, it can't possibly be true!
We expected fierce and frightening not a whimpering coward like you!"
"Never mind!" cried Kepor." At least it's safe for us.
We can take the apple back without the slightest bit of fuss."
"Give us the golden apple!" Erka demanded rather bravely.
"I really don't know what you mean. Help! Somebody please save me!!"
"There is something I have to tell you!" Lemla suddenly exclaimed.
"I tried to tell you both before, I feel terribly ashamed.
It was me that took the apple. I meant to put it back,
but it shone so very brightly that I hid it in my sack."
It slowly dawned upon them and at last they realised.
What they should have known before. It had been right before their eyes.
"So it was you!" they both exclaimed. "Not the horrid Hyjag?"
Lemla nodded sadly and pointed to his bag.
But the frown didn't last that long and soon became a smile.
"Friends are meant to be there no matter what the trials.
We are sorry we didn't listen, but you will always be our friend.
It doesn't matter what you did. The truth won in the end."
"Let's all go together to the Golden Apple Tree.
Hyjag can come with us, would you like to come and see?"
Hyjag's mouth slowly formed into a crooked smile
then he stood motionless, and thought on it a while.
"I have always wanted to gaze upon the sacred golden branches,
but was afraid of what they'd say and of the suspicious glances.
As the four companions reached the foot of the majestic apple tree
its branches began to creak and twist ever so slowly bending and opening like a giant outstretched hand down towards the apprehensive, odd little band.
"I think Hyjag should give the golden apple back"
Said Lemla as he searched inside and fetched it from his sack.
"Go on Hyjag. There's no need to be afraid.
It's time to prove to everyone just how well you do behave."
Hyjag held the apple in his unsteady, shaking paw.
The branch grasped the apple and they all stood back in awe
as the Golden Toffee Apple Tree seemed to tower above the ground
and Follymuddlers started to appear from all around.
When they heard the dreadful story they were of course upset
That they had been so quick to lay the blame on Hyjag, yet
Good things had come from this unfortunate event and the
Follymuddlers were sorry and ready to repent.
"We got you all wrong Hyjag. We admit it to you now.
I suppose we got a little muddled. We don't really know how.
You are not at all as frightening or as horrid as we thought.
It turns out after all you're an incredibly good sort."
You will no longer be known as a nasty, scary monster.
From now on you are one of us. You're another Follymuddler.
All will want to hear your story and everyone will know
who gave the Golden Apple Tree back its golden glow.
Children's Story: Follygoon by Robert James Parfett
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About Robert
Robert is an English language teacher and father of two boys, his stories are aimed at 4 to 7 year olds, the education age group he knows best.
Robert writes with rhyme which stimulates children's sense of humour and fun, making learning more enjoyable.
Robert's two boys are his strongest supporters and critics!
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