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Robert Parfett's Children's Stories
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Colin And The Carrot
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.


Children's Story: Colin And The Carrot by Robert James Parfett
Colin was a charming child.....No, I tell a lie.
He was a bad and beastly child and now I'll tell you why.
The things he did are shocking so I warn you from the start
Do not continue reading if you have a dicky heart!
Colin I.S. Cary liked to eat and eat and eat
From tins of cream of mushroom soup to boiled chicken's feet
In fact there wasn't anything that Colin wouldn't munch
The rumour is he even ate his neighbours dog for lunch
His owner disappeared as well. He's not been seen of late
Many people think he met the same appalling fate
His family were tolerant, but lived in constant fear
Never knowing what to do and if their end was near
Except for Colin's granny, Wilhelmina was her name
She couldn't bear her grandson's ways and hung her head in shame
The whispers and the muttering whenever she walked by
"There goes scary Colin's gran. What a creepy guy!"
Then one day she decided that the time had come at last
"I've waited all his life for this. I'm gonna have a blast!"
She rubbed her hands together as she hatched her cunning plan
Then went into the kitchen, getting out her special pan
Her potion making skills had never been put to the test
"I hope this works, the little squirt. The horrid little pest!"
The mixture quickly came along and soon it was complete
But looked extremely volatile and smelt of rotten feet!
Looking through the fridge she found a mouldy spud or two
Then she found a carrot and she knew just what to do
It plopped into the mixture and sank slowly out of sight
Suddenly the carrot grew and grew to such a height
Wilhelmina stood and stared amazed at what she saw
"I just hope this giant carrot fits through my front door!"
Once safely out she had no doubt that Colin must be found
So carefully she popped next door and tried to make no sound
As she entered Colin's house she heard the deafening snores
And clutching the colossal carrot got down on all fours
Wading through the bones and rubbish strewn about the place
She saw her grandson on the floor and looked into his face
Carrots, Wilhelmina knew, were Colin's favourite thing
And so she left it next to him and went back home to ring
The phone woke Colin from his sleep, he sat up with a start
Then noticed the unusual gift. "This carrot's off the chart!"
He then began to crunch, enjoying every single bite
Wilhelmina whispered low, "Tonight will be the night!"
Colin was too busy, he didn't see the change
His skin had turned bright orange, then he noticed something strange
How his feet began to swell and every part in turn
Became a fruit or vegetable. "Oh NOW this boy will learn!"
Colin I.S. Cary even to the present day
Can be seen around the town, but now he is the prey
He runs forever through the streets, housewives at his back
Picking off free fruit and veg, he's quite a tasty snack.
But one thing is quite plain to see where Colin is concerned
No matter how he suffers it is well and truly earned.
The Not So Wise Owl Children's Book      The Not So Wise Owl
Children's Book

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Robert's Latest Book
About Robert
Robert is an English language teacher and father of two boys, his stories are aimed at 4 to 7 year olds, the education age group he knows best.
Robert writes with rhyme which stimulates children's sense of humour and fun, making learning more enjoyable.
Robert's two boys are his strongest supporters and critics!
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