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Matilda The Wonder Dog
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Matilda The Wonder Dog by Paul Ray
Children's Story: Matilda The Wonder Dog by Paul Ray
Dreary day spent under covers
With a fever in my bed;
Glancing out my bedroom window,
Pain from laughter hurt my head.
There I saw my neighbor's hound dog
Rolling down the street on skates;
Being pushed and pulled by children,
Which of course a canine hates.
But Matilda was quite gracious
Letting kiddies roll her 'round;
Even with a red cape fastened,
She just rolled without a sound.
Up and down the street she glided
As her cape flapped in the breeze;
I was rolling now from laughter,
Falling down upon my knees.
Then Matilda started howling,
Which came not as a surprise;
She was trying to say, "I've had it."
You could see it in her eyes.
All at once she lost her balance,
Stumbling quick into a ditch;
Skates flew off with cape entangled,
As a boy went to unhitch.
Soon Matilda ran from torment
And the wheels tied to her feet;
She dove quickly in her dog house,
Which to her was a retreat.
After that I felt much better
From the laughter and the ache;
For the Wonder Dog Matilda
Caused my temperature to break.
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About Paul
Paul has been writing poetry since childhood and has published several books of poetry, surprisingly he works in real estate.
He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.
He has been married to the same "lovely angel" for over thirty-two years with whom he has two terrific young adult kids.
Many of his poems were inspired by his immediate family.
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