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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 36 - The Disappearing Trousers
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 36 - The Disappearing Trousers by Linda Farrelly

"I can't understand it" Elliot said, "I've looked everywhere,
Last night I folded my jeans up and put them on my chair,
I can't find them anywhere I just don't know where they are,"
"That's ridicules," said Basil "they can't have gone that far."
"They were special ones" said Elliot, "where ever have they gone?
I'm really cross" he grumbled, "I was going to put them on,
Grandad got them for me they match you, because they're red,"
Basil started laughing, "Are they MAGIC?" Basil said.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 36 - The Disappearing Trousers by Linda Farrelly
Elliot glared; "Oh I never thought of that" Basil gave a groan,
"If they are magic Elliot said, "Maybe they've gone off on their own,
They could be on a great adventure," Grandad stood by the door,
Elliot looked at Basil and they both began to roar.
"Well something's made you laugh, it must be funny" Grandad said,
I've come to see you in your new jeans," and he sat on Elliot's bed,
"I've lost them" Elliot confessed, "I've looked everywhere,
I'm sure that when I went to bed they were sitting on my chair."
"OH DEAR!" Grandad exclaimed "have they vanished on their own?
I expect the Wizard wanted them he only gave them me on loan,
He must have a job for them," and Grandad got up from the bed,
"Basil! Did you hear that? THEY ARE MAGIC!" Elliot said.
Grandad stood up smiling; "I'll leave this problem up to you,
Shout me when you've found them, I have a lot to do,"
As Grandad left the bedroom Elliot stood up and scratched head,
"Fetch the shrinking powder we've got to find them" Elliot said.
"We can't go on our own," said Basil, "Grandad needs to know,
He'll be cross if we don't tell him, what if he sees us go!"
Elliot groaned, "My trousers could be anywhere I have to go and see,
They could have landed miles away, and they're just waiting for ME!"
Elliot fetched the shrinking powder, and he began to shrink,
He climbed on board Basil, and they sailed off in a blink,
Out of the bedroom window and high into the sky,
"Where exactly are we going?" asked Basil with a sigh.
"Can you see my trousers?" Elliot asked, his eyes began to stare,
"I can see a flash of red look Basil over there,"
A grand Majestic Castle soon came into view,
"Shall I land" said Basil, "what do you want me to do?"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 36 - The Disappearing Trousers by Linda Farrelly
"There's a little shop look can you see?" Said Elliot with a grin,
"Land just there by the doorway we'll see if anyone is in.
I can ask about my trousers someone is sure to know,"
Basil was getting fed up, and his exhaust began to blow.
"Look Basil it's a TAILORS. Can you see it on the sign?
There are trousers in the window I'm sure they must have mine!"
"Come in, Come in" a voice called out "no job is too small,
Come and meet Mr Needles, master tailor to you all."
Elliot and Basil entered there were trousers everywhere,
All were gold and flowing Elliot couldn't help but stare,
Mr Needles smiled, "how can I help?" Then took his needles out,
"DON'T LET HIM NEAR MY TYRES!" Said Basil with a shout.
Mr Needles didn't bother about a talking bus,
He didn't seem to hear him so he didn't make a fuss,
He just carried on sewing he looked kind though very old,
"WHY," Elliot said politely, "are all your trousers GOLD?"
Mr Needles peered over his glasses and gave Elliot a stare,
"I'm the trouser maker to the King, and Gold is all he'll wear,"
"HOW BORING!" Said Elliot "he should try something else instead,
I'm here to find MY trousers have you seen them? They are RED!"
"WHAT!" Shouted Mr Needles, and he began to dance about,
"HOW DARE YOU!" He shouted "leave my shop NOW! Both get out!"
Mr Needles made them both jump, and Basil's bell began to ring,
"What's the matter?" Elliot said, "We didn't do a thing!"
"STITCH has send you" Mr Needles growled, "Were ever he might be,
I'll sack him when I catch him for making fun of me,"
"Who's Stitch?" Elliot said quietly, "what do you want him for?"
Just then a pair of red trousers appeared from behind a door.
"PSSS!" Said a little voice, "come outside and follow me,
I'll meet you in the village beside the old oak tree,"
"GET OUT," Mr Needles shouted, "and when you see your friend,
Tell him there is no escape I'll get him in the end."
Elliot and Basil rushed from the shop and found the old oak tree,
A little boy sat waiting with red trousers on his knee,
"I don't know who you are" he said, "Mr Needles doesn't usual shout,
I thought I'd better tell you what this is all about.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 36 - The Disappearing Trousers by Linda Farrelly
My name is Stitch" the boy said, "Mr Needles taught me how to sew,
He is a master tailor there's not a thing he doesn't know,
One day I asked if I could make some trousers for the King,
The King asked me to the Palace, gave me tea and everything.
The King wanted something different, a change from gold" he said,
"So I asked him quite politely if I could make him some in red,
At first he gave a long frown, and then he gave a grin,
WHY NOT!" The King said, "And so I made these for him.
I carefully stitched them together with the finest thread,
The silk worms had spun it ESPECIALLY FOR ME" Stitch said,
"I stayed up every evening so they would be done on time,"
"Oh" Said Elliot groaning, "so those trousers then aren't mine?"
The boy looked at Elliot, and then continued with his tale,
"They looked so fine" he said "I knew they couldn't fail,
Each night I put them in my draw, and hid the key I used to lock it,
I didn't show them to Mr Needles until I'd finished the last pocket.
When they were completed the King asked for me to call,
He was so delighted he arranged a Palace ball,
He wanted the villagers to see them, and Mr Needles was so proud,
He walked down the Palace stair case, and approached the crowd.
As he descended down the stairs the crowd let out a cheer,
Then their cheering turned to horror as the King got near,
The stitching had all come undone; my hard word had all gone,
The poor king was standing there without his trousers on.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 36 - The Disappearing Trousers by Linda Farrelly
The Queen let out a scream, and all the maids began to swoon,
The poor Kings face got redder, and he ran off into his room,
The silk worms had played a trick on me, and used a magic thread
They knew when the King wore them they'd just fall apart" he said.
"Now Mr Needles want's to sack me, and the King is hopping mad,
He really liked the trousers though which makes me really sad,
I have now used a stronger thread I just wish he'd try them on,"
When Elliot turned to Basil he found that he had gone.
"I will have to leave the village they all hate me" the boy said,
A tear fell from Stitch's eye, and both his cheeks went red,
The villagers began to gather, and the king came into view,
"WHERE'S STITCH?" The King shouted "there's a job I have to do.
My friend Basil has explained to me about the silk worm's nasty trick,
Bring me those red trousers let me see if they still fit,"
The King put the trousers on and the crowd began to cheer,
"Basil, my friend," the King said, "I'm so pleased that you came here.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 36 - The Disappearing Trousers by Linda Farrelly
These are the finest trousers the colour is so bright,
They make me feel so cheerful, and the fit is just right,
Mr Needles must be proud of you Stitch; he mustn't let you go,
Go and bring him to me I have to tell him so."
Basil revved his engine saying "let's be on our way,"
Elliot beamed, "Basil you were brilliant, and again you saved the day,
There is just one problem WHERE ARE MY TROUSERS!" Elliot said,
Basil flew through the window and landed on the bed.
"ELLIOT!" His mum called out, "why aren't you answering me?
I've been shouting you for ages are you watching the TV?"
Elliot's mum walked into the bedroom Elliot's trousers in her hand,
"Why you children never answer I will never understand.
I thought you wanted to wear these!" She put his trousers on the bed,
You left them all in a heap I've had to iron them" his mum said,
"Next time fold your clothes up, you know I have a lot to do,"
"You're brilliant mum" said Elliot, "what would I do without you?"











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