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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 52 - Jacko And The Witch
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 52 - Jacko And The Witch by Linda Farrelly

"Come down Elliot!" Grandad shouted, "I need you to help me out,
We are making a surprise for mum while she's not about."
Basil was quite inquisitive, and wanted to go down too,
"It's exciting Basil," Elliot said, "I wonder what we'll have to do?"
Grandad was in the kitchen with a big knife in his hand,
On the table was a pumpkin looking very large and grand,
"It's Halloween soon" Grandad smiled, "and this pumpkin is just right,
We are going to hollow out a face, and then put in a light.
It's a tradition" Grandad said "that goes back to long ago."
Basil was already bored, and didn't want to know,
"It sounds like a big mess to me," said Basil with a groan,
"I think that I'll fly back upstairs, and leave you two alone."
"NO!" said Elliot with a frown "you can stay here and join in."
"Basil, you can choose the face." said Grandad with a grin,
"OH ALRIGHT" said Basil "tell me what I have to do."
"You can choose ANYTHING" Grandad smiled "I'll leave it up to you."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 52 - Jacko And The Witch by Linda Farrelly
"Can I choose a tiger," Basil said, "or a gruesome dinosaur?"
Basil smiled, "If you could make a lion, a spell could make it roar!"
Grandad started laughing "I wouldn't make that if I could,
It has to be a ghostly scary face, and I'm afraid I'm not that good!"
Basil's bell began to ring as Grandad gave a wink.
Elliot sprinkled on the shrinking powder and he began to shrink.
They sailed into the sky above, their home soon out of view,
Basil flew off still wondering about which face to do.
They hadn't travelled very far when the ground below turned blue,
The sky above was purple, and the tree's were purple too.
"This place looks strange" said Elliot, "there isn't anyone about."
As Elliot climbed down from the bus he began to shout.
"HELLO, HELLO," he called out "is there anybody there?"
The clouds above began to swirl but there was no one anywhere,
Then way up high a finger pointed and there came a cackling sound,
A spark flew from behind the clouds, and cascaded to the ground.
"You've done it now" a timid voice said, "she knows that you are here."
Then, one by one, strange little men started to appear.
"We hoped that you could help us in secret." one man said.
It was then that Elliot noticed he had a pumpkin for a head.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 52 - Jacko And The Witch by Linda Farrelly
"I'm Pith." the little man said, "I'm the prince of Pumpkin land,
I need to explain our problem so that you can understand.
Gramelda is a wicked witch, but she's always kept out of our way,
We Pumpkins are quite magical.... at least until yesterday.
Pumpkins have a mesmerising stare that protects us from her power,
For years she's tried to capture us and lock us in her tower.
She's knows we have a weakness and uses the clouds to hide,
Our stare will not protect us if our heads have lights inside.
Our friend Jacko Lantern was far too friendly, and too kind,
Jacko would help anyone, he never seemed to mind,
Yesterday a small bird just tumbled from it's nest,
Jacko bent down to pick it up, we didn't stop him I confess.
Jacko's back was turned as Gramelda's hand reached from the sky,
When she grabbed hold of him you should have heard him cry.
He disappeared for ages and we thought that he had gone,
This morning when he reappeared his whole head just shone.
He looked evil, and nasty, she had him in her spell,
He wasn't our kind and caring friend that we all knew well,
Jacko is now her slave and in his head there is a light,
We asked for the wizard's help to put it out before tonight.
Tonight is Halloween and at midnight Gramelda has more power,
Together they will catch us all when it strikes the witching hour,
In the past we've always beaten her, but now we don't stand a chance,
Jacko will obey her every wish, she has him in a trance."
An evil laugh shook the ground, the air felt cold and grim,
"LOOK LOOK BASIL!" shouted Pith "he's hovering...that's HIM!"
An evil looking pumpkin man came floating through the air,
"He looks horrible!" Elliot exclaimed, Basil could only stare.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 52 - Jacko And The Witch by Linda Farrelly
His eyes were red and piercing, and then in a blink he'd gone,
He jumped out from behind a tree, then reappeared in the sky,
Pith sighed, "We just can't catch him and now you can see why."
"Think of something Basil!" Elliot said, "whatever can we do?
He moves around so quickly and he's much faster than you."
"There must be a way," said Basil, "to put out the light inside his head."
"Gramelda won't allow that, she's an evil witch." Pith said.
"JACKO!" a cackling voice screamed out "Come here my pumpkin slave."
Jacko hovered in mid air, and his eyes began to glaze,
An evil green hand appeared from behind a passing cloud,
Her pointed nails grabbed Jacko, and he screamed out loud.
"I NEED MORE SLAVES!" Gramelda yelled, "Bring more slaves to me,
By the witching hour I want them all and I will never set them free.
You're too slow, there's not much time, you're useless" the witch said,
"Do as you're told or else my nails will pierce your pumpkin head."
Pith began to shed a tear, and all the pumpkins looks so sad.
"Please help him Basil" Pith said, "he can't help being bad."
"Can't you cast a spell?" said Elliot, "before the witching hour tonight,
You have to find away to put out poor Jacko's light."
Gramelda disappeared behind a cloud, unaware Basil was there.
Jacko's red eyes turned to Basil and gave an evil stare,
"YOU WON'T CATCH ME!" he shouted, "There is nothing you can do!
Come on, try to chase me, I can run faster than YOU!"
Now Basil didn't like a challenge and he turned his engine on,
He flew high into the clouds, and in a blink was gone.
"COWARD!" shouted Jacko "you are no match for me"
"I'M NOT A COWARD!" shouted Basil "I'm behind you, can't you see?"
Basil flew down to Elliot and said, "Get the shrinking powder out,
When Jacko flies in near to you just sprinkle some about."
Jacko rotated in the air, and began to fly around,
"Why are you up there?" Basil smirked, "I'm down here on the ground."
Jacko swooped down to the ground, and Basil flew out of sight,
Elliot sprinkled Jacko with the powder and then Jacko took flight.
"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" yelled Jacko, "you should be chasing ME!"
"Well alright then" smiled Basil, and settled on a purple tree.
Jacko was getting angry and he didn't stop to think,
He didn't even notice as he began to shrink,
Gramelda's evil hand appeared, she yelled "WHAT'S GOING ON?"
Before her eyes she watched Jacko shrink until he'd almost gone.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 52 - Jacko And The Witch by Linda Farrelly
"WHAT EVIL SPELL IS THIS?" she yelled, "who dares to challenge me?
There must be another witch about, come out so I can see!
IN THIS LAND," she bellowed, "Gramelda is the only QUEEN,
How dare a new witch trespass, just because it's Halloween!"
Basil smiled, and shone his lights towards the witches head,
The witch let out a chilling scream, moved her hand and fled.
"What about me?" a small voice groaned, Jacko was too small to shout,
"I'm getting smaller all the time..... and my lights gone out!"
"Just be patient" Elliot said, "the powder won't last long,
In a second you will grow again... unless something's gone wrong!"
Pith's mouth fell open in amazement as Jacko began to grow,
Just to make sure the light was out Pith gave another blow.
Jacko gave a sigh and said, "It's so good to be me,
I hated being evil." and Basil flew down from the tree.
"I know it's Halloween" Basil said, "but keep out of Gramelda's way,
Never turn your back again, like you did yesterday!"
Basil flew into the evening sky and soon home came into view.
"When we get home" said Basil "I know just what to do,
My pumpkin will look like Jacko with a big smile" Basil sighed,
"And I'm going to tell Grandad not to put a light inside!"

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
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