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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 31 - The Present
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 31 - The Present by Linda Farrelly

Basil was awoken by a clinking clanking sound,
He opened up his tired eyes and began to look around,
He looked around the bedroom; Elliot was on the floor,
"What are you doing?" Basil said "I've not heard that sound before."
"I'm opening my money box," said Elliot looking glum,
"I have to buy a birthday present tomorrow for my mum,
I forgot all about it, and Grandad forgot to say.
I need lots more money and I've only got today."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 31 - The Present by Linda Farrelly
Elliot lifted up the pennies and dropped them on his bed,
"I've counted 56p and a button, that's not enough" he said,
"I have to get a card as well, Basil help! What will I do?"
"Make a card" said Basil, "get some crayons and I'll help you."
"How can you draw?" said Elliot, Basil grinned, and blinked his eyes,
"I know I can't hold a pencil, but I can supervise!"
Elliot groaned, "You mean you can be bossy, and tell me what to do!
It's alright" said Elliot, "I can do it without you."
Basil's bell began to ring; a new adventure was on the way.
Elliot frowned, "You will have to go alone I'm too busy today!"
"WHAT!" said Basil, "I don't do adventures on my own,
I'll sort the present out with Grandad as soon as we get home."
"What present?" Grandad said as he came through the door,
"It's mum's birthday" Elliot said "you've not forgotten before!"
Grandad smiled, "Prepare to shrink, I have it all in hand,
I'll tell you when you get back; by then you'll understand."
They flew out through the window into the bright blue sky,
As Elliot looked through the window something strange flew by.
"I'm sure that was a white dove," he said, "and a rabbit in a hat,
Now I can see playing cards, and look, there's a black cat.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 31 - The Present by Linda Farrelly
WHAT'S GOING ON?" he shouted "I'm sure this can't be right."
"We're going to land" said Basil, "it might be bumpy so hold tight.
There's a big building over there, I'll land just by the door."
"It's a shop" said Elliot, "we've not seen that shop before!"
"Thank goodness!" a voice said, "The Wizard said he'd send for you,
He said your magic was powerful and you'd know what to do.
The worry of it all has made me feel quite sick,
I'd better introduce myself, my name is Mr Trick."
A strange little man in a long dark coat came into view,
Out of his pocket tumbled handkerchiefs, yellow red and blue,
Elliot's eyes moved to his other pocket that seemed to move about,
Elliot's eyes began to stare as a white rabbit popped out.
The little man began to laugh, and his coat sleeve began to flap,
He took out a magic wand, and gave his sleeve a tap,
Feathers flew out everywhere, Elliot could only stare,
First one dove then another flew out into the air.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 31 - The Present by Linda Farrelly
"Welcome to my shop" he said "children loved to visit me,
They enjoyed my magic tricks, and I gave my shows for free,
Children don't come anymore because there's nothing to see,
My new tricks don't work" he said, "please say you can help me.
I sold them the tricks from my shop, just 1 penny each,
I taught them how to get them right because I loved to teach,
Their parents loved to watch them and would play along,
No one comes now though, not since all my tricks went wrong.
None of my new tricks seem to work and I don't know what to do,
I shall have to close my shop down, my only visitors are you.
I loved to see the children laugh it made my job worthwhile,
Now my days are long and lonely, and I never see a smile."
"Very strange," said Basil "can we have a look around?"
"Those boxes are unopened," Elliot frowned, "they're making a strange sound."
"Yes," said Mr Trick, "I think I can hear ringing, open it and see,
I didn't order ringing tricks, whatever could they be?"
"They're little boxes with a button on; Look!" Elliot cried,
Basil frowned, "Take one out and press it, let's see what's inside."
"It's a jack in the box," said Mr Trick, "I didn't order those,
They must have been sent by mistake, just an error I suppose.
That label's strange as well" he said "I've not seen that name before,
I'll have to send them back" he said, "just put them by the door."
"WAIT A MINUTE!" Basil screeched and he began to ring his bell.
"Look at its face Elliot!" It looks like someone we know well."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 31 - The Present by Linda Farrelly
"It looks like Grimly" Elliot gasped, "however can that be?"
Mr Trick smiled, "Well he must be generous, he's sent them all for free."
"GENEROUS!" Basil shouted, "Grimly's nasty and he's bad,
He hates to see children laugh, when they cry he's always glad.
The sound of children's laughter sends him in a spin."
"Hum!" said Mr Trick "I don't like the sound of him."
"Where is he?" Basil groaned, "he must have an evil plan,
We have to try to find him and as fast as we can."
Elliot opened all the other boxes, and each face was the same.
"He's playing with us" Basil said "to him this is a game,
He must be around somewhere, we have to lure him out,
Whatever is he up too, and what is this all about?"
There was a screech, then a laugh, and Grimly came into view,
"Wherever I go," he snarled, "I end up meeting you!
You won't stop me this time, this time I'LL WIN instead,
I plan to frighten all the children to stop them sleeping" Grimly said.
"I've made sure none of your tricks work so they will come to me,
They'll be hundreds of them" Grimly said "because my tricks are free,
AND YOU!" he yelled at Basil, and then gave an evil smirk,
"I have a special spell for you to make sure that you won't work."
There came a flash, and then a bang, Basil called "I'M GETTING HOT,
I CAN'T MOVE!" he shouted "I am rooted to the spot,
My headlights won't work." and Basils voice grew faint with fear,
"Where's Grimly gone?" said Elliot "he just seemed to disappear!"
"Get my golden rings" said Mr Tricks "they can undo any spell,
The wizard sent me this trick, but I'll need your help as well,
Hold onto the rope while I thread the gold rings on,
We'll swing the rope together, and shout out SPELL BE GONE."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 31 - The Present by Linda Farrelly
As the rings were spinning round, a bright light filled the room.
"Just one more spin" said Mr Trick "your wheels will be free soon."
"My head lights are working" Basil cried, "how can I thank you?"
"GET RID OF GRIMLY!" shouted Mr Trick "That's something I can't do."
"HE'S COMING BACK!" yelled Elliot and Basil stood beside the wall,
"Put my boxes in the window" Grimly snarled "be sure you get them all,
The children will just love them, and want them." Grimly said,
And while Grimly's back was turned Basils lights glowed red.
Grimly let out a shriek of horror as Basil's lights struck him,
His body began to shrivel, and his eyes grew very dim,
"NOT AGAIN!" he shouted, and no one made a sound,
As Grimly's melting body disappeared into the ground.
All of the boxes disappeared as quickly as they came,
And all of Mr Trick's magic tricks began to work again.
Elliot looked out of the window to see children running near,
"WE WANT MR TRICK!" they shouted, Elliot smiled, "Mr Trick is here."
Mr Trick beamed, "How can I repay you for what you've done for me?
Take anything from my shop, take anything it's free."
"Are those flowers magic flowers?" said Elliot with a grin,
"Oh yes" said Mr Tricks, and gave the biggest ones to him.
"These flowers will never die!" Elliot gave Basil a wink,
"Can I take them home?" he said, "could you make them shrink?
Mum could put them in the window, and all year watch them grow,
They'd make the perfect birthday present, and nobody would know."
Elliot climbed on board Basil, with the flowers in his hand,
He held them very tightly until they came into land,
Grandad was waiting for them; he was sat on Elliot's bed,
"You've found a present for your mum, very nice." he said.
"You'll never need to buy another present," and Basil gave a grin,
"Won't she wonder why they never die?" Grandad asked and winked at him,
"Will they just keep growing?" said Elliot with a groan,
"Oh I never thought of that.........we'll need a bigger home!!!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 31 - The Present by Linda Farrelly

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
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