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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 20 - Odd Socks
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 20 - Odd Socks by Linda Farrelly
"I can't understand it" Elliot said, "I've looked in every drawer."
"What exactly" Basil asked "are you looking for?"
"My red spotted sock" said Elliot "I don't know where it's gone,
Mum washed two yesterday, and now there's only one!
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 20 - Odd Socks by Linda Farrelly
"I'll wear the ones with buses on." Basil grinned, and rang his bell.
"I don't believe it!" Elliot said, "There's only one of them as well."
Elliot took his sock drawer out and put it on his bed.
"They're all odd! I don't believe it, that's amazing." Elliot said.
"I'll go down and ask mum, she's sure to know what's going on;
I bet when I get down there she'll have found the other one."
Basil gave a great big groan, "All this trouble for a sock."
"Are you there?" said Grandad, and he gave the door a knock.
"Elliot's downstairs" Basil called, "but he'll soon be back again.
Elliot's got a problem; he can't find two socks the same."
Grandad laughed, "I know how he feels." and he sat on Elliot's bed.
It was then that Basil noticed Grandad's socks, one blue, and one red.
Grandad sighed "Every time I look for a pair I find the others gone."
"That's very strange" said Basil, "what do you think is going on?"
Grandad grinned "It must be the sock fairy who visits in the night."
"And just takes one!" said Basil, "I'm sure that can't be right."
As Elliot came back into the bedroom Basil gave a ting,
"A new adventures coming through" smiled Basil with a ring.
"I haven't got my socks on yet!" exclaimed Elliot with a cry,
"Wear odd ones, no one will notice." said Basil with a sigh.
Elliot took the powder, just enough to make him shrink,
"Solve this problem." Grandad grinned, and gave them both a wink.
They flew out through the window, into the bright blue sky,
They hadn't travelled too far when they heard someone sigh.
"It's coming from down there;" said Basil as he came into land,
"There's someone sitting over there, perched high up on the sand."
"Who are you?" a voice said "I haven't sent for you!"
"The Wizards sent us," Elliot said, "what do you need us to do?"
There, sitting on a pile of wet socks, was a fairy looking sad,
"I'm Fairy Glum," the fairy said, "and things here are really bad,
I used to be Fairy Bright and Cheerful, until HE came along,
He's my new apprentice, and everything he does is wrong."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 20 - Odd Socks by Linda Farrelly
She pointed to a little man sorting wet socks out,
"HE'S ABSOLUTELY USELESS!" said the fairy with a shout,
"He came here to learn magic, and he was very good" she said,
"But now all he cares about is socks, and spends all day in bed!
At night he flies around the world collecting socks in his old sack,
And then I have to follow him, and try to put them back,
It's all wearing me out, because at night I just can't see,
The spotty ones and stripy ones all look the same to me.
Take him on your bus with you before I go insane,
I can't stand another day like this; he'll soon be off AGAIN!"
"What makes him do it?" Elliot asked, the fairy said "Oh I don't know,
I liked him when he first arrived, now I just wish he would go.
His name is Socco, and he's seen you, he's there behind the tree.
I'm not sure why the wizards sent you unless it's to help me!
You had better go and meet him; I'll get some rest before tonight,
"But I'm not sure," the fairy moaned, "that you'll put this one right."
"I have a secret." Socco said, Basil frowned and said "Oh dear."
"You haven't come for Fairy Glum, I'm the reason that you're here.
The wizard said I'm very bright, and he thinks that I'll go far,
He has given me a task to do for my apprentice Grade 2 star!
I've tried my best to do it, and every night I have to fly,
But it's all become impossible no matter how I try,
The wizard said I could have one wish to help me to get through,
I thought about it long and hard, and then I thought of you.
I can't tell Fairy Glum though; she'll interfere and be a pain,
Then I won't get my gold star, and I'll have to start again.
Keeping secrets is all part of it, but the wizard said I could tell you."
"For goodness sake!" said Basil, "Tell us what you have to do?"
"There is one sock," said Socco "made of a pure gold thread,
And when you drop it in the water it becomes pure gold." he said,
"My mission is to find it, but there are a trillion socks out there."
"That's impossible!" said Elliot, and Basil gave a thoughtful stare.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 20 - Odd Socks by Linda Farrelly
"What's going on?" said Fairy Glum, "Socco's never talked so much,
I suppose he's told you that I'm old, and completely out of touch.
He used to be so lovely, like a son to me." she said,
Then, as she got up to move, a wet sock hit her on the head.
"This place is like a nightmare," she gasped "the mess is a disgrace!"
Elliot couldn't help but laugh as the sock slipped down her face,
"GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" she shouted "or I'll do something I regret.
He's quite and he's moody, AND I'M SICK OF BEING WET!"
As Socco tried to dry her down it only made things worse.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" she shouted "I'm going to bed before I burst!"
Socco sighed, "It really isn't worth it," his face looked grey, and grim,
"I've upset her so much just because I want to win."
"Do something Basil," Elliot said; "we have to make this right.
If all three of us are looking we might find the golden sock tonight."
"There's no need for that" said Basil, "I know exactly where it is!"
And when he turned his headlights on his eyes began to fizz.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 20 - Odd Socks by Linda Farrelly
Basil glared, "Look into my eyes Socco, and tell me what you see."
"I can see a house" gasped Socco "behind a tall oak tree."
Basil grinned, "Could you find the house, it has a big green door?"
"Yes I could!" said Socco, "I've passed that house before."
"By the door," explained Basil "is a big rock nestled in the ground.
Pick up the rock" said Basil, "and bring back what you've found."
"I will, I will," shouted Socco, and ran off to find the door.
Elliot stared in amazement and said, "You've not done that before!"
"I can do a lot of things," grinned Basil "when adventures need me to.
On all of our adventures so far, you've only seen a few.
Don't forget I am a magic bus, and a very special one."
"ALRIGHT I'M BACK," said Fairy Glum, "now where's Socco gone?"
"He's gone to find a sock." said Elliot; the fairy rolled her eyes.
"Another sock," the fairy said, "WELL THAT'S A BIG SURPRISE!"
Socco rushed in with the gold sock, "I've got it!" Socco said,
The fairy grabbed the golden sock, and hit him on the head.
When the fairy heard the story she could not believe her ears,
"I could have helped you," she sighed, her eyes filled with tears.
"I couldn't tell you" replied Socco, "with your help I couldn't win,
You would have tried to take control, and created such a din.
I've done it on my own" he said, "and I really tried my best."
As he stood there a huge gold star appeared on his chest.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 20 - Odd Socks by Linda Farrelly
"My Hero" said the fairy, "I think I'm going to cry."
As Basil revved his engine all the socks began to fly.
When Elliot landed in his bedroom, his mum came running in.
"You won't believe it!" she declared, "These were lying by my bin."
She was carrying a pile of socks; she gasped "Whatever's going on,
Elliot here's your spotted sock, but we seem to have an extra one!
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 20 - Odd Socks by Linda Farrelly
It's a real mystery; the sock fairy must have dropped them in,
Although I think she dropped too many!" his mum said with a grin,
"And talking about mysteries, here's another one I've got,
When you tidy Christmas lights away, how do they end up in a knot?"
Elliot's mum went down stairs smiling, and Basil flew over to the bed
"That was a great adventure, I enjoyed that." Basil said,
"Socco has his first gold star, I'm sure he'll get some more.
Now it's passed my bed time."Basil yawned, and he flew into his drawer.

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