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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 43 - The Tree Cruncher
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 43 - The Tree Cruncher by Linda Farrelly

"I'm really excited," Elliot said, "Grandad's coming to stay,
It's only for one night because mum has to go away.
I love him to sleep over because we always have some fun,
He lets me stay up really late, and never tells my mum."
Basil flew out of his drawer and glided over to the bed,
"Will he'll take us somewhere new? An adventure." Basil said,
"Will he tell us ghostly stories at night time when it's late?
I'm excited too" said Basil' "I can hardly wait."
A knock came on the bedroom door and Grandad came into view,
"Mum's ready" Grandad said, "and wants to say goodbye to you."
"The car's here" mum shouted, "Elliot help me with my case,
Do I get a kiss before I go?" Elliot frowned and pulled a face.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 43 - The Tree Cruncher by Linda Farrelly
"Behave yourself" his mum smiled, "make sure Grandad does too,
Don't get up to any mischief, just remember I trust you."
As the car sailed away Basil's bell began to ting,
"NOT NOW!" gasped Elliot as Basil gave another ring.
"Don't worry" Grandad smiled "you'll be back very soon.
I'll get the shrinking powder, and wait for you in your room."
As they sailed into the bright blue sky Basil's battery looked low,
"I think I need a service" Basil groaned, "I hope it's not too far to go."
Elliot wasn't really listening; he just looked miles away,
He was thinking about Grandad, and what they'd do later that day.
Elliot grinned; "Grandad told me one day that you were once HIS toy,
Basil, tell me about Grandad when he was a little boy.
Did he go on adventures? Did he shrink like me?"
"So many questions" Basil smiled, "we'll talk later, wait and see.
We're being pulled down to land, there's a forest over there,
I don't want to crash AGAIN! I must glide down with care.
There's a clearing just below, although there's lots of wood around,
A lumberjack must have felled the trees and left them on the ground,
What a mess everywhere, that's dangerous can't he see,
Wood splinters are quite nasty for a little bus like me.
They could burst my tyres, and I haven't got a spare.
People are so thoughtless, and just don't seem to care."
Basil landed safely on the ground, and gave a great big sigh.
As Elliot stepped out from the bus he thought he heard a cry.
"TURN YOUR ENGINE OFF!" a voice called, "you mustn't make a din,
Just try to be very quiet, you mustn't startle him.
There are only a few of us left; most of our friends have gone,
He mustn't hear you," the voice said, "don't leave your engine on."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 43 - The Tree Cruncher by Linda Farrelly
The ground beneath began to shake, and then there came a roar.
"He's heard you!" the voice cried, "Stand still and close your door."
"It's a talking tree!" gasped Elliot "trees can't talk, are you real?"
"Of course we talk," the tree said, "how else would you know how we feel?
I'd better introduce myself, although we haven't got much time,
I'm Nutty, I'm a beech tree, and my friend Prickle is a pine,
There used to be a lot of us, life here was really good,
We would chat and laugh together, we were happy in our wood.
Now take a look around you, it is just awful." Nutty said,
"Those tree stumps used to be my friends, now they are all dead!"
A roaring sound filled the air, and the poor trees shook with fear,
Nutty cried, "Quick hide, I'll guard you, the TREE CRUNCHER IS HERE!"
"The Tree Cruncher!" exclaimed Elliot, "Is it a monster?" Basil said,
Then through a distant clearing they saw a monster just ahead,
Sets of gnashing white teeth, and two piercing black eyes,
Then an evil looking tail did a sweep across the skies.
His tail swung from side to side, and crashed against each tree,
He gobbled up the woodland, first one tree, then two, then three.
"He's heading this way!" Prickle screamed "he's looking right at me!"
"I don't think he is," said Basil, "I don't think that he can SEE!
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 43 - The Tree Cruncher by Linda Farrelly
Look at the way he's walking, can you see him sway,
It's his evil looking tail that is showing him the way."
The monster stopped and gave a sniff, and stared straight at the bus,
"He's knows were here" said Basil "because he can smell both of us."
"SHINE YOUR HEADLIGHTS!" Elliot called, "cast a magic spell."
Basil hovered in the air and began to ring his bell,
"One more step and he will catch us, DO SOMETHING!" Elliot cried,
The tail was watching Basil, as Elliot tried to hide.
"HEADLIGHTS" Elliot called again; "we have to make him go."
"THEY'RE NOT WORKING" Basil cried, "my battery is too low."
"GET BEHIND ME," Pickle yelled, "HE CAN GET ME FIRST!"
"He's getting bigger!" Basil said, "he looks like he's going to burst."
The Tree Crunchers evil tail, swerved around and glared at him,
"He doesn't like you!" Elliot said.... "Perhaps he won't eat tin!"
The monsters mouth opened wide, Basil was out of control,
"THIS IS THE END OF ME!" cried Basil "he's going to eat me whole!"
The evil eye then noticed Elliot, and the monster turned around,
He was looking quite annoyed, and began to stamp the ground,
"OH DEAR, OH DEAR!" sobbed Pickle, "you came to save the day,
Now you're both the monsters dinner, please make him go away."
Basil flew down to the monsters mouth as he chomped upon a tree,
"Please be careful," Elliot called, Basil smiled "He can't see me!"
Then the evil tail spotted him, and began to wave around,
The tail lashed with such a force, knocking Basil to the ground.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 43 - The Tree Cruncher by Linda Farrelly
"You have to call the wizard, we are DOOMED." poor Elliot said,
"He has to get here quickly or we will soon be dead,
He's supposed to keep an eye on me," said Basil with a cry,
"He's never let me down before, he must be watching from the sky."
"Well if he is," said Elliot, "he's leaving it TOO LATE!
You have to get a message to him, come on Basil concentrate."
The monsters tail took a swipe, and knocked Elliot to the ground.
Poor Pickle and Nutty shook with fear, they couldn't make a sound.
Then from out of nowhere a bright light fell from the sky,
It swerved around the monsters tail, and poked its evil eye,
"SOCK HIM," shouted Nutty, the monster gave a groan,
The monster let out such a roar that the ground began to moan.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 43 - The Tree Cruncher by Linda Farrelly
The bright light darted left to right; the monster began to spin,
His tail was twisting round and round, and suffocating him,
The monster gave a chilling shrill and collapsed upon the ground,
"IT'S KILLED HIM!" shouted Elliot, but no one made a sound.
The trees were in a state of shock, mesmerized by what they'd seen,
All that was left was a big hole where the huge monster had been,
"THANK YOU MR WIZARD," Elliot shouted, "you were really great!
But next time, if we're in trouble, try not to be so late!"
The bright light hovered near to him and looked him in the eye,
Elliot suddenly felt very strange, but he wasn't quite sure why.
The bright light seemed familiar, but too bright to see a face,
The bright light shot into the sky and was gone without a trace.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 43 - The Tree Cruncher by Linda Farrelly
Still feeling quite dazed and confused Elliot and Basil headed home.
Elliot didn't speak at all; he sat there thinking on his own.
When they flew in through the window Grandad was by the bed.
Grandad smiled, "Basil charge your battery, your gauge is showing red."
"Grandad, have you been here all the time just waiting?" Elliot said,
"You know I have." said Grandad and he sat down on the bed.
"When Basil has finished charging shall we get something to eat?
You look like you're ready for it, and it will be my treat."
Elliot looked at Grandad, and he couldn't help but stare,
As a bright green leaf tumbled from Grandad's hair.
Grandad saw him looking as the leaf fell onto the bed,
Neither of them said a word, "I'M READY!" Basil said.

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
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