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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 37 - Mr Sandman
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 37 - Mr Sandman by Linda Farrelly

"Wake up Basil" Elliot said, "We're going to have some fun.
We're going to the seaside, and mum said that YOU can come.
You can watch me build sand castles that tower into the air."
"I don't like SAND!" moaned Basil "it just goes everywhere.
It will clog all my engine up and I'll be in a state."
"You have to come!" said Elliot, "we won't be home till late.
Mum's coming with Aunty Joyce, and Cousin Jake is coming too."
Basil gasped, "JAKE! No fear leave me here, I have a lot to do!"
"DO!" said Elliot, "When I've gone you'll fly into your draw."
"My batteries need charging," Basil glared "that's what I'm sleeping for.
It's tiring being a magic bus; I don't think you understand,
My magic headlights won't work at all, if they get full of sand."
Elliot frowned, "Grandad is going out, you'll be on your own all day."
"PEACE AT LAST!" grinned Basil "Sometimes it's nice that way.
OH NO!" shouted Basil, "My bells about to ting,
I'll pretend that I can't hear it" then it gave another ring.
"The shrinking powder," Elliot gasped, "we're needed somewhere new.
You'll have to come" said Elliot "I can't get there without you!
You can re-charge your batteries later; I'll leave you in bed,
I promise you can have your peace, but now we're needed." Elliot said.
Basil puffed and then he huffed, and then he gave a groan,
"Oh I suppose I'd better come" he said, "until you FLY on your own."
Elliot gasped, "COULD I REALLY DO THAT?" and that made him think,
"If I could do that without you I wouldn't need to SHRINK!"
Basil started grinning as they flew into the sky.
Elliot sat there quietly as they passed the roof tops by,
Adventures wouldn't be much fun he thought, not all on my own!
There would be no one for me to talk to if I flew off alone.
As Elliot looked through the window he could see the sea.
"Oh the sea looks lovely" Elliot said, "I can hardly wait to land."
Basil groaned "It's not the sea that bothers me, look at all that SAND!"
As Basil landed on the shore his engine began to cough,
"I'm clogging up already; I will never get this off."
As Elliot climbed onto the shore he gave Basil a grin,
"Mums cleaners got a special nozzle; when we're home I'll plug it in."
Basil glared, and gave a frown as Elliot looked around.
"There's no one here." said Elliot as Basil sank into the ground.
"I wonder who has sent for us; I'll build a castle while we wait."
"If they don't come quickly" Basil said "it will all be too late."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 37 - Mr Sandman by Linda Farrelly
"Sorry I missed you" a grand voice said "I didn't hear you land.
You must be Basil and his friend, welcome to CASTLE SAND.
My name is Mr Sandman; children call me the KING,
I can mould sand into any shape, go on..... Name anything!"
"You said CHILDREN!" Elliot frowned "where has everybody gone?
Apart from you and Basil I can't see anyone."
"That's the mystery" Mr Sandman said, "I was hoping you might look.
The Wizard said that you would find them, because I'm really stuck."
"YOU'RE STUCK!" said Basil, and the ground began to shake.
Sand was flying everywhere as the shore seemed to vibrate.
"IT'S COMING BACK!" Mr Sandman yelled; "give it room to land."
The most enormous castle ever appeared from nowhere on the sand.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 37 - Mr Sandman by Linda Farrelly
As the sand began to settle Basil's front tyres became free,
"That sand castle," said Elliot "is staring right at me.
Can you see its two eyes Basil? Can you see them roam?
It's a mystery what's going on? I'm frightened, take me home."
"It first appeared four days ago," Mr Sandman started to explain,
"After the first day it disappeared, and then came back again.
The children thought it was fun, and when its big door opened wide,
They laughingly all formed a queue and began to crawl inside.
One child, and then another crawled inside, it was insane,
I just couldn't stop them, and I've not seen them again.
It was as if a magic spell had been cast to lure them in,
Without the children's laughter our sand land is so GRIM."
Basil blue eyes opened wide, "IT CAN'T BE!" Basil said,
Elliot looked at Basil, his brown eyes glared full of dread,
"Who would want to end children's laughter, and hate them to play?"
"GRIMLY!" they both shouted, the Sandman stared, "What did you say?
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 37 - Mr Sandman by Linda Farrelly
I'm sure I've heard that name before; it's in a song the children sing,
Now let me think he muttered, it ends, "SOON GRIMLY WILL BE KING!"
"Um" said Basil thoughtfully, "you say the children have all gone?"
"They just vanished," said Mr Sandman, "now I'm the only one."
"It keeps coming back though." Basil frowned; "I think that it wants YOU!"
"OH NO!" Mr Sandman said "whatever shall I do?"
"With you gone" said Basil, "Grimly can rule your land,
He will try to rule the world from his castle in the sand.
Grimly's not bothered us for ages," said Basil with a frown,
"He's my evil rival; I just have to track him down.
He hates the children having fun; he loves to see them sad.
He's nasty and he's evil, every part of him is bad!
Well let's give him what he wants, let's see what's deep inside."
"I'm far too big" Mr Sandman said, Basil smiled; "I'll take you for a ride.
Elliot fetch the shrinking powder; we'll shrink the Sandman down a bit."
"It will take a lot!" Mr Sandman frowned "I'm never going to fit."
Elliot sprinkled on the powder, and Mr Sandman began to shrink,
Mr Sandman climbed on board and they were gone within a blink.
Deep inside the Sand castle was a tunnel dark and bleak,
It seemed to go for miles and no one dared to speak.
They heard the sound of children crying as the tunnel widened out,
"NOW WHERE IS HE?" Basil screeched, "He must be somewhere about."
Deeper and deeper Basil flew until he spied a sandy throne,
"He thinks he's King already." said Basil with a groan.
Behind the throne were rows of cages; with children locked inside.
"How cruel, how could he do that!" Mr Sandman cried,
"Unlock all of the children, we need their help" Basil said.
"NOT YOU AGAIN!" a voice cried out "WHY CAN'T YOU BE DEAD!"
Before them Grimly stood, a crown perched upon his head,
"UNLOCK THE CHILDREN!" Basil yelled, he turned his lights to red.
Grimly started running; the children began to dash around.
"GET HIM!" Mr Sandman shouted "and pin him to the ground."
Basil's headlights started to flicker "They're clogged up." Basil said.
Then the light began to fade, and Basil's lights were dead.
"I can help" Mr Sandman called; "my hands are built to dig,
I can get the sand out just lift up your lid."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 37 - Mr Sandman by Linda Farrelly
"BONNET!" Basil shouted, "it's called a BONNET, I'M NOT A CAN!"
"JUST OPEN IT, I CAN CLEAR IT OUT!" shouted Mr Sandman.
Basil's headlights began to flicker, and then shone bright red.
Basil pointed them at Grimly, "You've got him." Elliot said.
"Hurry, let's get the children out before this all caves in."
"I wish I could say" said Basil, "that we've seen the last of him."
With the children safely gathered together on the shore,
The castle began to cave in, leaving the sand just as before.
"You're a marvel" said Mr Sandman, and the children gave a cheer.
"I'm so glad" Mr Sandman said "that the Wizard sent you here."
Basil revved his engine and sailed into the sky,
"Just let's get home I've had enough," said Basil with a sigh.
When they landed in the bedroom Basil flew over to the bed,
"I'm going for a long sleep now, don't wake me" Basil said.
"ELLIOT!" his mum called, "Have you got everything you need?
The car is packed, were heading off, you can take something to read.
You can have Basil on the back seat; he can sit on your knee."
"He's feeling tired" said Elliot "so there will just be me."
"You make me laugh" his mum called out "how can a toy bus FEEL?
You talk about that toy red bus as if he was really REAL!"

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
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