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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 26 - The Secret Wish
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 26 - The Secret Wish by Linda Farrelly

"Elliot!" Basil shouted, "Please open up my drawer,
Something strange has happened that has not happened before,
I've just tried my headlights out and they're flashing blue.
Go and fetch Grandad he might know what to do."
"Grandad's in the garden doing some weeding." Elliot said,
"Well go and tell him" Basil groaned, "my head lights should be red!"
Grandad came running up the stairs saying, "This is something new!
I'll just take out your handbook, and have a look for you.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 26 - The Secret Wish by Linda Farrelly
Here we are," said Grandad "yellow dipped, red, full headlights on.
It doesn't mention blue at all and the next page has gone!
There's a page here" said Grandad, "but it's smudged and unclear."
"Well UNSMUDGE IT!" shouted Basil, and Grandad said, "Oh Dear!
Blue is special" Grandad said, "It's the Wizards special task."
Basil gasped; "I don't remember doing one of THOSE in the past!"
"Oh how exciting" Elliot said, "I wonder what it will be?"
"I don't like the sound of it" Basil groaned "and I don't want to see!"
Basil's bell began to ring and he was getting in a state,
"You'd better hurry up" said Grandad "you don't want to be late."
Grandad gave Elliot the powder, and said "Prepare to shrink,
I can't wait to hear about it." said Grandad with a wink.
As Basil sailed into the sky he was feeling very grim,
He wasn't sure about the task that lay ahead of him.
"I'm not in control" said Basil, "I'm being pulled to the ground."
Elliot could see that he was worried so he didn't make a sound.
"I've been here before!" beamed Basil, "many years ago,
I don't feel so bad" he smiled "this is somewhere that I know.
I helped Princess Graceful, she was BEAUTIFUL." Basil said,
"BEAUTIFUL!" Elliot grinned, and Basil went bright red.
"BASIL!" came a loud voice, "my friend, why are you here?
It is you Basil isn't it? My eye sight's not too clear,
Do you remember me? You helped me long ago."
"Who is it" whispered Elliot. Basil said he didn't know.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 26 - The Secret Wish by Linda Farrelly
Before them stood an old lady, walking with a stick.
"Many years have passed" the lady said, "but you haven't changed a bit.
I was Princess Graceful then, but now I am the Queen.
It must be fifty years" she said, "wherever have you been?"
Basil blinked his big blue eyes, and couldn't help but stare.
"I know I'm old" the Princess said, "and my bones beyond repair."
"Where are we?" whispered Elliot, Basil frowned, "In Fairy Story land,
The people here never grow OLD, I'm not sure I understand!"
"I had a curse put upon me after you'd gone." the Princess said,
"A booming voice filled the air, and the sky glowed red,
YOU WILL LIVE LIKE A MORTAL." the booming voice cried out,
"It must have been a monster; you should have heard it shout.
Many have to tried to find it, I'd give my kingdom for a cure,
So many years have passed, now I'm doomed for sure,
I didn't send for you though, I never thought you could help me."
It was then that Elliot noticed a small boy sitting by a tree.
The boy waved to Elliot "Can I speak to you?" he said,
"I think that this is all my fault." and his face went bright red,
"Last night I looked up to the sky, I wanted things to change,
I wished the Queen was young again, and then felt very strange.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 26 - The Secret Wish by Linda Farrelly
I was sure I heard a voice" he said, "it called I WILL HELP YOU!
I'm afraid I ran away from it, and didn't know what to do."
"That was the Wizard," Elliot beamed, "that's why we're here today,
We will help you find the monster, and take the curse away."
"He's enormous" said the boy, "you should hear him roar."
"Oh we're good at that" Elliot said; "we've met monsters before."
Basil gave Elliot a glare, "Good with MONSTERS!" Basil groaned,
"If you're so good with monsters you can do this on your own!"
"You're the magic one" said Elliot, "and we must help the Queen."
"Has this monster," Basil asked, "ever actually been seen?"
"No one has seen him," said the boy "but we've all heard him roar."
"Does he leave prints?" Basil quizzed, "like a foot or a claw?"
"We've seen strange foot prints, but they're small." the boy said,
"I've seen them too!" the Queen remarked, "all over my flower bed.
Joseph, take Elliot and Basil so that they can take a look.
It's not an animal" the Queen said, "I've looked in every book!"
"HERE'S ONE!" shouted Joseph, Basil went over to see.
"GRUDGE!" Basil shouted, "It's Grudge, now where can he be."
Joseph looked at Elliot, and both gave Basil a stare,
Basil groaned "We have to find him, he could be anywhere."
"Who is Grudge?" said Elliot "Come on Basil tell us all."
"Grudge is a troll," said Basil, "Sneaky, and very small."
"That's not the monster!" Joseph said, "I've heard him once before,
Nothing small could shout like that, this has the loudest roar.
I think he lives in that small cave, but he never comes out!"
Basil flew towards the cave, and gave the loudest shout,
"GRUDGE, I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE! Come out and show yourself,
I think you need to talk to me you nasty little elf."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 26 - The Secret Wish by Linda Farrelly
"CLEAR OFF!" came a booming voice, "CLEAR OFF, leave me alone!"
"He's deafening" said Elliot, Basil groaned, "It's his Megaphone!"
"What's a megaphone?" said Joseph, "A loud hailer" Basil said,
"Well, who gave him that?" asked Elliot and Basil went bright red.
"Fifty years ago" said Basil "when I visited before,
He was a very timid Troll, who didn't have a roar.
I gave it to him," Basil groaned "because he was so sad,
I didn't think at that time he would turn out to be so bad!"
"Is he magic?" said Elliot "could HE have made the Princess old?"
"Yes he's magic" Basil frowned, "the thought makes my engine cold.
It's all my fault" Basil sighed, "whatever have I done?
I only gave it to him so that he could have some fun."
Basil revved his engine; and then he gave a shout.
"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!" a voice boomed "I AM COMING OUT!"
The smallest ugliest little troll stood by the cave door.
"It took you long enough" the troll said, "I expected you before."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 26 - The Secret Wish by Linda Farrelly
"How could you?" shouted Basil, "why did you cast an Evil spell?"
"Because I can!" the troll said "and I do it very well!
She was far too pretty, her kindness made my old skin crawl,
She deserved it" Grudge shouted, "and I watched it all.
"Each year she grew older, she didn't know I was to blame,
I thought people would hate her, but they loved her just the same."
"TAKE AWAY THE SPELL!" yelled Basil, and his headlights glowed red,
"I will melt your megaphone, DO IT NOW!" he said.
"Not my megaphone!" Grudge groaned, "it's my only friend."
As Basil shone his headlights the Megaphone began to bend.
"STOP IT, STOP IT!" shouted Grudge, "I will do as you say.
Turn your headlights off, and I will take the spell away."
The ground around began to shake, and then the bright sun shone.
"BASIL, BASIL!" the Queen screamed "look at me, the spell has gone."
As the Queen came running in the sun shone through her hair.
"She's BEAUTIFUL!" gasped Elliot, and he couldn't help but stare.
"How did you do it?" the Queen said "how did you set me free?"
"It wasn't me" said Basil. "No" Grudge said, "It was ME!"
"How can I thank you," the queen smiled "you shouldn't hide away.
Come into the village; please say that you will stay."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 26 - The Secret Wish by Linda Farrelly
"I DON'T BELIEVE IT!" Elliot groaned, and the Grudge gave a grin.
"Tell her Basil!" Elliot said "Tell her how the spell was thanks to him."
"He's learned his lesson," Basil smiled, "jump in and close the door,
We're leaving Fairy Story land happier than it was before."
They said goodbye to everyone, and soon were heading home.
"I can't believe I caused all that." said Basil with a groan
When they told the tale to Grandad, he smiled and said "I see,
The Wizard wanted you to put things back to how they used to be.
I just hope he behaves himself, and doesn't cause a fuss,"
"Oh he will" said Basil; "but he is no match for THIS BUS!"

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
Story Collection Book

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