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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 56 - The First Easter Egg
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 56 - The First Easter Egg by Linda Farrelly

It was Easter Sunday, Elliot's favourite day of all,
To Elliot it meant Chocolate, and his family would call.
Elliot was making an Easter card and his paints were on the floor,
"What's going on?" asked Basil, and he flew out of his draw.
"I'm making a card for my mum." said Elliot with a grin.
"Well that looks a mess" glared Basil, "the paint is far too thin.
I've seen lots of cards" he grinned, "some round, some square and flat,
but in all my many years" he smirked, "I've not seen one like THAT!"
Elliot ripped the card in two and threw it on the bed,
"Sometimes you don't think, and you're horrible! I hate you." Elliot said,
Basil's blue eyes opened wide as he stared down at the card,
Elliot was so upset, how could Basil have been so hard.
Basil knew that he had gone too far, how could he make amends?
He hated seeing Elliot sad and wanted to be friends.
'How can I help him' Basil thought, 'whatever can I do.'
He hovered over Elliot's bed trying to think it through.
'I KNOW!' thought Basil 'I can cast a magic spell,
I need a way to help him make his card, and to make it well.'
Basil flashed his head lights, "I can help you!" Basil said,
Then a packet of magic coloured pens fell on Elliot's bed.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 56 - The First Easter Egg by Linda Farrelly
Elliot lifted up his head, and could only stare,
as the pack of multi coloured pens danced on to his chair.
Elliot gasped in disbelief, "Are they MAGIC?" Elliot said,
"Grandad's coming, he'll be furious, put them underneath the bed!"
"What's going on?" said Grandad as he walked in through the door,
"I thought I saw your headlights flash, you've not done that before."
Basil's bell began to ring; a new adventure was coming through.
Elliot quickly grabbed the pens not knowing what to do.
Grandad looked quite suspicious as Elliot began to shrink,
"Take those new pens" Grandad said, "and watch they don't leak ink."
Basil flew out of the window into a swirling sky,
Elliot had the strangest feeling as the passing clouds flew by.
When they both landed it was like a fairy dream,
Basil gave a little chug, and then let off some steam.
There were flowers all around, birds whistled in the air.
"Look Basil," Elliot said, "rabbits are playing over there."
"Excuse me!" said a funny voice, "but exactly who are you?
I saw a puff of smoke arrive, and then out popped you two.
You're not magicians are you? How did you both appear?
State the reasons why you've come, we don't like strangers here."
Elliot looked in amazement, and stared at the surprise,
"You're a rabbit, and you're talking." he could not believe his eyes.
"I'm not a rabbit" said the funny voice, "can't you see that I'm a HARE,
Don't you know that there's a difference, there's a rabbit over there."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 56 - The First Easter Egg by Linda Farrelly
"My legs and ears are longer, and I like to be alone."
"You're also very bossy," said Basil with a groan.
"You're a funny looking talking thing" said the hare with a grin,
"You're red with a funny face, are you made of TIN?"
"Now look here," began Basil, "Oh don't argue" Elliot said,
"He's right! Mr Hare is always grumpy, talk to me instead!
I'm Batty," came a booming voice "how can I help you?"
Elliot stood there open mouthed as a rabbit hopped into view.
"You're in EOSTRE's glade, she's our goddess, and she's good.
She takes care of all the animals that live in the wood.
Now apologise Mr Hare! Visitors are very few."
"I'm sorry" Mr Hare said, "you must come and meet the crew."
Mr Hare introduced them to his friends, the rabbits, birds, and more.
Soon they were all chatting, like they had all met before.
Suddenly there was a loud cluck, and an egg rolled into view.
"At last" Mr Hare called out, "her eggs are overdue."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 56 - The First Easter Egg by Linda Farrelly
"Eggs are my favourite food; I like to be well fed,
I will enjoy this later, before I go to bed.
Has the wizard sent you?" said the hare, "can you do a task for me?"
Basil frowned, "Don't ask me to kill Giants or set monsters free."
"If you can do that," the hare said, "this task will be easy for you.
We have a guest visiting our forest and we don't know what to do,
Our Goddess EOSTRE is visiting the wood, and where we live,
We'd like to give her a present, but we don't know what to give."
"Give her chocolate," Basil said, "girls like chocolates to eat,
Or Perfume, that's a good one, it's always a special treat."
"I don't know these things!" said the surprised hare, looking glum,
"Something tells me," Elliot smirked "this task won't be much fun!
Make her a pretty little box; my mum always likes those.
You could paint her a picture, of a flower, like a rose."
The hare confused said, "None of these things seem right.
I think I'll go and eat my egg, and think it through tonight."
"Wait a minute," Elliot said, "an idea has just come to me,
Why don't you paint her an egg, they are beautiful to see."
"Paint an egg!" said Mr Hare, "that's a strange thing to do."
"Where we come from" Elliot said "you see quite a few."
"How do we begin this task? Can you show us." the hare said,
"It's easy" replied Elliot "but we will need YOUR EGG!"
Mr Hare gasped, "It's the only one I have, and I need it for my tea."
"You'll have to starve tonight" said Batty, "come on crew, do you agree?"
All the woodland animals liked the idea very much,
And the hare promised them, that the egg, he wouldn't touch.
"Elliot, take out your magic pens." said Basil with a grin,
Elliot took out the pens and showed them all how to begin.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 56 - The First Easter Egg by Linda Farrelly
All the animals had a little go, some just put on a dot,
Some put stars, and some a moon, and some added quite a lot.
Soon the egg was finished it looked beautiful, and bright,
"Now you get some sleep" said Batty, "and I'll guard the egg tonight."
In the night the hare got hungry, "I must eat the egg." he said,
As he crept up Batty shouted "NO!" the hare hurried back to bed.
The morning sun shone brightly, the hare had passed his test,
The animals all gathered round to greet their honoured guest.
They had placed the coloured egg gently on some straw,
When Eostre arrived she was amazed at what she saw.
"I think she likes it" Batty gasped, "I think you both were right."
"Oh how beautiful," said Eostre, "oh how colourful, and bright.
Children everywhere should have one." and with that she cast a spell.
"All the children in the land will have a coloured egg as well."
"I'm glad she's magic" Basil smirked, "I hope she doesn't get it wrong!
If everybody's having one the pens won't last that long!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 56 - The First Easter Egg by Linda Farrelly
"I think our job is over" Basil smiled, "at least for another day."
"Do you think she'd mind," said Elliot "if I took an egg away?"
EOSTRE appeared before them "Take this one." EOSTRE said,
"You've made so many children happy." and she lifted up her head.
She looked towards the heavens and said "For many years to come
Children will receive Eostre's eggs and marvel at their fun.
Each year inspired by their beauty through the year ahead."
Basil grinned, "Until they are made of chocolate and they eat too much!" he said.
Elliot couldn't help but laugh as they waved each one goodbye,
"OH NO! I've left my pens." he gasped as they sailed into the sky,
"Never mind, I don't need a card now anyway I have this lovely egg."
And in no time at all they landed next to Elliot's bed.
"Hurry up," Grandad called "we're late for the fair."
Then, noticing the egg, he said "What have you got there?"
Elliot grinned "EOSTRE gave it to me; it's a present for my mum."
"I'll hear about your adventure later" Grandad smiled, "it sounds like it was fun."
Elliot went into the kitchen, "Happy Easter mum" he said,
"I've made a little gift for you," and then he went bright red.
"Oh Elliot, that's beautiful" mum gasped, and a tear came to her eye,
"What a lovely present, you've nearly made me cry."
"Can I come with you," Basil said, "I've never seen a fair,
I promise to be quiet when we all get there,
It's Easter, and a magic bus should have some fun as well."
"Oh alright" said Elliot, and Basil rang his bell.

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
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