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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 14 - The Iceman
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 14 - The Iceman by Linda Farrelly

Elliot opened Basil's drawer, "I'm fed up" Elliot said,
"Just look at what Mums bought me," and he pointed to his bed,
"That's my new coat; Mums bought it me for school,
I'm not wearing THAT!" he said, "I'm going to look a fool."
I know its winter" Elliot moaned, "but surely she can see,
The colour doesn't look right, and it's far too big for me.
I know!" said Elliot smiling "I'll hide it underneath my bed,
If I say that I have lost it, I'll get another one instead."
Grandad poked his head around the door, "A new coat! Put it on."
Elliot groaned, "My friends all have cool coats, nothing like this one!"
Elliot put the coat on, and moaned, the arms were long as well.
It was then that Basil gave a jump, and began to ring his bell.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 14 - The Iceman by Linda Farrelly
A new adventures was coming through, there was no time to think.
Grandad quickly fetched the powder, and Elliot began to shrink.
"WAIT A MINUTE!" shouted Elliot, "I can't go with this coat on!"
"Too late." shouted Basil, and in a blink they'd gone.
Out of the bedroom window, and into the clear blue sky.
Elliot sat there looking grumpy, and Basil asked him why.
"I'm not getting out," said Elliot "you can do this on your own.
No one must see me in this coat." and Basil gave a groan.
The air around grew very cold, the heat from the sun had gone.
"Press your button," Basil said, "put the heater on."
Elliot looked out of the window, the ground beneath was white.
Elliot stared, "Everywhere is frozen, you can't have got this right."
"We're coming in to land" said Basil, "prepare for a slide."
You could hear the screech of Basil's brakes as he began to glide.
"Oh you're here" a voice said, "the Wizard said you'd come tonight,
I'd better introduce myself, my name is Fairy Light.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 14 - The Iceman by Linda Farrelly
These are my friends Huff and Puff, welcome to winter wonderland,
Though I must confess that nowadays it isn't very grand."
"We're Huff, and Puff," the candles said, "we guide the way at night."
"It's been so cold" the fairy said "I can't get their wicks to light.
We make the Christmas decorations that you humans like to buy,
Now our lands completely frozen." said the fairy with a sigh,
"All the lights keep going out, and all the bells have stopped.
Oh dear" said the fairy, "another lights just popped."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 14 - The Iceman by Linda Farrelly
"Why is it so cold?" asked Basil, "why do you need us here?"
"To melt the Iceman" said the fairy "wasn't that made clear?
Didn't anybody tell you? I hope you've come prepared."
Basil shook his head, the fairy groaned, "I thought the Wizard cared!
We thought you'd have a spell," she said, "what ever will we do?
The Wizard said you'd help us, so we've all relied on you."
A freezing chill filled the air; the fairies face looked pale with fear,
"Do something quick!" she shouted "I think the Iceman's here."
The ground began to shudder, Basils face was turning blue.
"Get inside my coat" said Elliot, "there's room in here for two."
Huff, Puff, and the fairy hid behind a frozen tree.
"Quickly," said the fairy, "hide with us then he won't see.
If the Iceman see's you before you cast your spell,
He'll point his frosty fingers and you'll be ice as well."
"He's getting nearer!" Huff called out "I think I'm feeling sick."
"Oh hurry up Basil" Elliot said, "please do something, and be quick!"
"My headlights are frozen" Basil cried, "I don't know what to do!"
And while Basil was still trying the Iceman came into view,
He was large, blue and shiny, with a long and pointed nose,
And when he began to speak the earth around him froze.
"Who's there?" he shouted, "I can tell it's someone new,
Come out while I think about what I'm going to do with you."
"It's only me" the fairy said, as she flew from behind the trees.
It was at that very moment Elliot began to sneeze.
"A fairy with a cold! I don't think so," the Iceman said,
"Come out from behind the tree, or I'll fetch you instead."
His long and frozen fingers reached behind the frozen tree,
He grabbed onto Basil's bumper, and raised him high so he could see.
"What have we here?" the Iceman said, "This is something new."
"Put me down!" yelled Basil, "I am not afraid of you."
"NOT AFRAID!" the Iceman shouted "brave words for you to say,
You'll soon be frozen to the spot, your flying ends today!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 14 - The Iceman by Linda Farrelly
Basil could feel his engine freezing up, his blue eyes opened wide.
"He's frosting up, do something! He's dying." Elliot cried
The iceman spotted Elliot and gave him an icy stare.
"It's you next." the Iceman said, but Elliot didn't care.
He rushed toward the Iceman; who gave him an icy thump,
Elliot went sailing through the air, and landed with a bump,
"Basil's dying, what I can I do!" said Elliot with a groan,
"How am I going to save him... and how will I get home?"
Suddenly there came a whirring sound, and bright lights filled the sky.
"It can't be!" the fairy shouted, and a tear came to her eye,
"It's Silvo" said Fairy Lights, "where did he come from?"
Then just as fast as he'd appeared the silver bus had gone.
"He's over there!" Elliot called, completely mesmerised,
As another bus like Basil was circling the skies,
"Many years ago," Fairy Lights explained "The Wizard had a plan,
He created Basil and his brother, that's how it all began.
Firstly Silvo was created; he was selfish, and never satisfied,
He would not obey the wizard; he would just run off and hide.
When the time came to be painted he just kept running away,
The wizard couldn't catch him, that's why he looks that way today."
"I know this story" Elliot grinned, "Silvo's saved us before,
Basil won't believe it when he knows he's here once more.
He saved us from the dream catcher, but then just disappeared.
Basil never talks about him, he'll be so happy he is here."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 14 - The Iceman by Linda Farrelly
Basil lay frozen in the grass; his eyes looked grey and dim.
"Am I dying?" Basil whispered, Elliot couldn't answer him.
"Silvo is circling" Elliot gasped, "He's spinning round and round."
Silvo circled the Ice man and pinned him to the ground.
Silvo's headlights began to glow; they shone the deepest red,
The Iceman began to scream, and shake "He's got him." Elliot said,
Silvo's lights beamed down on Basil from his roof down to his door,
The ground began to warm up, and Basil began to thaw.
Silvo sailed down to greet Elliot, and gave him a smile.
"Hello my friend" he said "I've not seen you for quite a while."
"Silvo," Elliot grinned "You've saved the land, and Basil's free."
"Please Elliot," said Silvo "don't tell him it was me."
As Silvo sailed toward the sun, the fairy shook her head.
"Silvo isn't ready yet, he needs more time." she said
"Where am I, what's happened?" said Basil with a yawn,
"My back bumpers flaking off and my windscreen wipers torn.
I hope my bells still working." and he gave his bell a ring,
"It's so strange" said Basil, "I don't remember anything,
Did I beat the Iceman; did I win all on my own?"
"Yes you did" smiled Elliot, "now can we please go home."
They sailed across the morning sky, the snow began to fall.
As they landed in the bedroom Elliot heard his mother call,
"Put your new warm coat on, it's cold outside today."
"I love it!" Elliot grinned, "I would have worn it anyway."

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