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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 50 - Elliots Medicine
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 50 - Elliots Medicine by Linda Farrelly

"I've got a rotten cold," said Elliot, "and I don't know what to do,
My nose is feeling all stuffed up, and my throat is hurting too,
I can't go to school today; I must have caught a bug."
"You need a day in bed," grinned Basil, "a day in bed sounds good."
"I need my handkerchief" groaned Elliot, "Basil beam it over here,
Can you beam me a drink as well, and put my throat sweets near,
I think I'll sit by the window, I don't want to lie in bed,
Can you beam my pillow over its more comfy." Elliot said.
"JUST A MINUTE" Basil moaned, "I'm a bus I'm not a nurse."
"I won't bother you again" croaked Elliot, "just pass my notepad first,
I think I'll draw a picture; it will be something to do,
Can you beam me a pencil, and I'll need a sharpener too."
Basil was getting quite annoyed with flying around the room,
"Don't worry Basil" Elliot moaned "I'll be finished soon,
I just need a blanket, can you beam one over?" Elliot said,
The blanket began to hover, and then fell on Elliot's' head.
Elliot was getting flustered as Basil's bell began to ring,
"A new adventure," Basil grinned, and gave another ping,
"You don't have to move" smiled Basil "I'll get the powder, you sit still."
"I can't shrink today!" gasped Elliot, "I am feeling far too ill."
"Where's the patient?" Grandad asked, as he walked into the room,
"I've brought you this special medicine; you'll be better soon,
Just take one small spoonful it works miracles" he said,
"It works just like magic, and will help to clear your head."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 50 - Elliots Medicine by Linda Farrelly
As Elliot took the spoonful his head began to spin,
"Whilst it's working" Basil said "you can shrink and then climb in."
"Take the medicine," Grandad grinned, "keep it safe while you fly."
Basil had flown out through the window before Elliot could ask "WHY?"
They sailed into the bright blue sky, above the houses and the trees,
"I'm feeling a little better" Elliot said, and then began to sneeze,
"My nose is not as bunged up," and then he began to blow,
"My hankies gone all soggy".....Basil didn't want to know!
As Basil came into land he noticed something on the ground,
"I'll land," he said, "by that big tin can and we'll take a look around."
As Elliot stepped out from the bus he couldn't help but stare,
He wondered who would leave a can alone, just sitting there.
"I wonder what's inside" he said, "shall I take a look?"
A voice yelled out with such a force that Basil's engine shook,
"STOP! STOP! Don't touch the lid," they heard voices shout,
"We've just locked it up again, please don't let it out!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 50 - Elliots Medicine by Linda Farrelly
Two round little men came bounding into view,
"KEEP AWAY!" they yelled, "DON'T TOUCH IT! Whatever you do,
We're Flip and Flick." the small men said, "We need your help today,
You have to help us kill the genie, and send the germs away.
It was Flips fault that they all got out, he meddles so" said Flick,
"I didn't mean to lift it up" frowned Flip "I just eased it off a bit,
When the label said 'OPEN ME', I just had to see,
Whenever anything goes wrong you always pick on ME!"
"The lids lifting up again" said Flick, "EVERYBODY HIDE!"
"I can't resist" said Elliot "I have to stay and look inside."
As the lid began to lift loud laughter filled the air,
An enormous genie raised its head, Elliot could only stare.
"You're here at last" the genie laughed "it didn't take you long."
Swarms of awful germs flew out, and there was a dreadful pong,
Elliot started coughing, and then he began to wheeze,
Then Flick, Flip, and Elliot all began to sneeze.
"I WANT BASIL!" the evil genie yelled, "He will help me with my plan,
I can shrink and he can fly me in his little red tin can,
One day I will infect the world, and bring it to its knees,
I will rule the planet and my little germs will breed.
The green germs bring coughs and colds, the red ones make you itch,
The blue germs make your body ache, and the yellow make you sick,
The purple germs bring out spots, and give you quite a chill,
It's a recipe," the genie laughed, "to make the whole world ill."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 50 - Elliots Medicine by Linda Farrelly
"GET YOUR HANKIES OUT!" yelled Basil, "put them over your nose."
"That won't help" laughed the genie, "they can nibble at your toes.
No one can beat my powerful germs; they are strong and tough,
I need Basil to work for me, tell me when you've had enough."
"Put your headlights on" called Elliot, "shine them to and fro."
"That won't work," the genie snarled, "the heat makes my germs grow.
You are powerless," the genie grinned, "and you must admit defeat."
But as Basil flashed his lights the genie cowered from the heat.
The germs all gathered together, and the tin lid shut tight,
"He'll be back soon," said Flick, "before daylight turns to night."
"My eyes are full of cold" said Flip, "and I can hardly see,
I wish I didn't feel so awful, I wish something could cure me."
"Have another hanky" Elliot said and he reached into his pocket.
"Oh, I've just found Grandads medicine" he grinned, "I simply forgot it.
It helped me an awful lot, Grandad said it's marvellous stuff,
I've got a little spoon as well I'm sure they'll be enough.
Grandad said that it kills all the germs, it won't do you any harm."
Basil stood there smiling and suddenly looked very calm,
"Hm.....does it" Basil grinned "I think I have a plan,
I wonder what would happen if we poured it in the can.
Shrink again Elliot," said Basil, "and we'll fly into the air,
When the genie re-appears he'll see that we're not there,
Flick and Flip must make a din; try banging on the tin,
The genie will pop right out to see what's bothering him.
When his ugly head's in view you unscrew the bottle top,
Pour some of the medicine out, start with just a drop,
We don't know yet just how powerful the medicine will be,
Will it kill him and all his germs? We'll have to wait and see!"
"It sounds a good plan" Flip said, "tell us when to start."
"Should I fetch an axe" said Flick, "and smash the thing apart?"
"Just a gentle tap" gasped Basil, "I'm sure that that will do,
My engines revving" Basil said "the rest is up to you."
Flick was feeling very brave and began to kick the tin,
"COME ON OUT," he yelled, "is there anybody in?"
The tin can lid jumped off at speed, and the genie gave a shout,
"WHO'S DOING THAT?" he yelled, "My germs will sort you out."
"That was too quick!" Basil cried, "Elliot open the bottle top,
This should have been done slowly so be careful with each drop,
Aim it towards the genies mouth, and shake the bottle well,
I need to keep the liquid flowing; I will have to cast a spell."
Elliot did as he was told, and Basil quickly cast a spell,
The medicine began to pour, and the genie began to yell,
It's burning my insides, and my germs are dying too!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 50 - Elliots Medicine by Linda Farrelly
The genie started squirming, and collapsed into the tin,
Flick and Flip were dancing and creating quite a din,
"YOU'VE GOT HIM!" shouted Flip, "HE'S FIZZING!" shouted Flick,
The medicine was still pouring and each drop made a hit.
The tin can began to fade away, and soon was gone without a trace.
"Put the medicine top back on" said Basil, "it's all over the place."
The goo was running everywhere and covering the ground,
"It's amazing" Flip remarked "I can't hear a sound.
I can't hear any sneezing, or coughing." Basil smiled and rang his bell,
"My cold seems to have disappeared, in fact I feel quite well,
The wizard said you were amazing, and he was really right."
"Our job is done" said Basil, "Elliot, sit down and hold tight."
Basil flew into the bright blue sky; home was soon in view.
"How would we cope?" said Elliot "if we didn't have you!"
As they sailed into the window Grandad was by the bed,
"Good Adventure? How's your cold? Is it better?" Grandad said.
"I'll take care of the medicine, and keep it in my draw."
Grandad stood there amazed and said, "There's more in here than before!
I don't understand it, how can that be true?
BASIL".......Grandad glared, "I THINK I NEED A WORD WITH YOU!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 50 - Elliots Medicine by Linda Farrelly

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