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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 24 - The Mad Scientist
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 24 - The Mad Scientist by Linda Farrelly

"Basil! I can't play today," said Elliot "I have too much to do,
I'm doing an experiment, and I don't think I will need you!"
"UMPH!" said Basil, "Not needed!" he grinned and said "we'll see,
An experiment" he muttered, "I think he might need ME!"
"I need a bowl" Elliot said, "I'm sure mum must have one."
Before Basil could ask what for, Elliot had gone,
He came back with a bucket saying "I need to put some water in."
"You can give my bell a clean as well." said Basil with a grin.
Elliot frowned "It's for an experiment; I've a list of things to try.
I have to see if they will sink or float." and Basil asked him "Why."
"It's HOME WORK!" shouted Elliot; he was making quite a fuss.
"You don't have to do homework because you're just a bus!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 24 - The Mad Scientist by Linda Farrelly
"JUST A BUS!" exclaimed Basil, "You know I'm so much more,
How can you say I'm just a bus! I'm going to my drawer."
"Oh, I'm sorry Basil," Elliot said, "but I have to get this right,
I've got a list of questions and I only have tonight.
I need a sponge, an apple, a raw egg, a plastic bottle and some tin,
What are you made of?" asked Elliot, Basil just glared at him.
"I need a pencil, an orange, a rock, and I need to find a stone."
"This is getting very boring." said Basil with a groan.
"You look very busy," Grandad said, as he came through the door.
"You both look very serious, Basil what's the long face for?"
"It's going to be a long night." groaned Basil and then he gave a ting,
"A new adventures on the way!" he smiled, and gave another ring.
"Take all those objects with you, I'll find a bag to put them in,
You never know you might need them." said Grandad with a grin,
"Don't worry they'll shrink with you." and he took the powder out,
As Elliot dragged the bag inside Basil gave a shout.
"Hey mind my paintwork, those things take longer to shrink."
"I was in a rush" said Elliot; "I didn't stop to think."
Grandad sprinkled the powder, and covered the bag as well.
As Basil flew out of the window he gave a groan, and rang his bell.
They sailed into the blackest clouds Elliot had ever seen,
The thunder roared, the lightening flashed, and the rain began to teem.
"OH NO!" shouted Basil, "my batteries flashing, whatever's going on?
We'll have to land" said Basil, "my powers almost gone."
The rain fell in buckets full and then the snow began to fall.
"I'm losing height" said Basil, "Did you hear my engine stall?
We'll have to land somewhere, Elliot fetch my power pack,
I must recharge my battery, and put the power back.
I'm aiming for that old tree; hold on there'll be a bump,
I can't fly for a little while because my power needs to pump."
"HELLO THERE!" a loud voice called "Are you Basil? Just a guess,
I think the Wizards sent you; we are really in a mess.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 24 - The Mad Scientist by Linda Farrelly
Welcome to Sunshine Land, is that you in the tree?
The fog is coming down and it's hard for me to see."
"Sunshine Land!" gasped Basil "whoever called you that are mad!
That was one of the worse journeys that I have ever had!"
"It used to sunshine all the time," said the voice with a groan,
"Everyone was happy here, now all they do is moan,
Sometimes it snows, or even hails, but mostly we have rain,
Since the mad scientist arrived no two days have been the same!"
As the fog began to clear Elliot could plainly see,
Below them was a river where the ground used to be,
Elliot gasped "How do we get to land? Basil you can't fly!"
"You must get here" the voice said, "just think of a way and try."
Elliot looked inside his bag "We need something that will float,
What about that big rock, we could use it as a boat."
As he opened up the bag the things inside began to grow,
"How big will these all get?" asked Elliot, Basil said he didn't know.
"The shrinking powder is for people, it's not for things." he said,
As Elliot tried to lift the bag, his face went very red.
Elliot rolled the rock into the water and it sank down where it fell.
He rolled the stone, and then the eggs but they both sank as well.
"OH good grief, try the plastic bottle!" said Basil with a groan,
When Elliot rolled the bottle in it floated on its own.
"I think I can reach it!" Elliot called, "I can hold on to its rim,"
"Well if you miss" grinned Basil, "I hope that you can SWIM!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 24 - The Mad Scientist by Linda Farrelly
Elliot grabbed on to the bottles rim, and they headed for the land,
"Throw the pencil out!" said Basil "someone will pull us on the sand."
The pencil floated on the water, "I have got it!" a voice said,
The man who helped them off the bottle was round, and very red.
"I'm Freddie" puffed the man, "Whatever's in your sack?
I should leave that here, it's heavy; it will be there when we get back."
"What's happened to your weather? It's awful." Basil said,
"That's why you're here," the man frowned "our land is almost dead.
The Mad Scientist has caused all this; he just arrived one day,
He made a lot of noise and then the sun shine went away,
We don't know where he came from, or what he has done,
All we know" said Freddy "is that he took away our sun."
There was a clap of thunder, lightning struck, and Basil gave a roar.
"That lightning hit me!" Basil said "it crashed on my side door.
THAT'S IT!" shouted Basil "where is he? Let me see,
I'll soon put a stop to his games, he is no match for me!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 24 - The Mad Scientist by Linda Farrelly
A shrilling voice filled the air, and snow began to fall,
"One day I'll rule the World," it screeched, "I'll be master of it all."
"Not if I can help it." Basil grinned, his head lights flashed bright red,
He hovered just above the ground and aimed them at his head.
The scientist began to scream as his long grey hair glowed red,
"I know you!" the scientist screamed, his voice was full of dread,
"INTERFERING BASIL! The wizard's creation and his friend!
Grimly knows about you, and we'll get you in the end!
YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE WILL RUIN YOU!" and in a blink he'd gone.
The dark clouds all disappeared and the bright sun shone.
"I don't like the sound of that!" said Elliot, "can we please go home?"
"A friend of Grimly's was he" Basil grinned, and Elliot gave a groan.
"Look at my bag" said Elliot, when the rain had cleared,
"It must have fallen open some of my things have disappeared!
The apple and the orange are here, the sponge is here as well,
The tin has just disappeared, I wonder where it fell!
"The tin didn't fall anywhere" said Basil with a grin,
"It just sank into the water, now come on get in!"
They sailed across the sunny sky and their home came into view,
"I'm glad we're home" said Elliot, "I've still got a lot to do."
They told Grandad the story, and what it was all about.
"I must do my homework." Elliot groaned and he took his pencil out.
"You know all the answers, think about it." Grandad said,
"On your adventure some things floated, and some sank instead."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 24 - The Mad Scientist by Linda Farrelly
"Yes, that's right!" said Elliot, "the bottle and the pencil saved the day,
They floated on the water and helped us get away,
I threw the rock, the stone and eggs in first they sank out of sight,
The orange was there, but the tin sank, have I got that right?
The sponge and apple were still there, and so they floated too.
I've done it Basil!" Elliot shouted, "and it's all down to you."
Basil grinned, "I thought you didn't need me! And you made such a fuss,
I think that children everywhere should have a magic bus!"

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
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