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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 07 - The Bullying Pirate
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 07 - The Bullying Pirate by Linda Farrelly
Elliot was in his bedroom when he heard a noise outside.
"Are you coming out" a voice said, "I'm going for a ride."
Elliot looked through the window; Sally was at the gate,
Elliot didn't like girls much, Sally though was great.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 07 - The Bullying Pirate by Linda Farrelly
"Look Basil," said Elliot, "I'm going to put you in your drawer,
I won't be very long, I will be back to play by four."
Basil huffed, and then he puffed, and created quite a fuss.
"A drawer is no place," Basil said, "for a big red magic bus."
"Sally's here" mum shouted, "I'll send her up to you."
Basil was still complaining when Sally came into view.
"Is that Basil, your favourite toy?" Sally said, "He looks fun, let me see,
Oh" said Sally with a jump, "I'm sure that he just smiled at me.
He really is quite cute, whatever makes him work?
He must needs lots of batteries." and Basil gave a smirk.
Outside there came a crashing noise, Sally's bike lay on the ground
A group of children ran away, Sally didn't make a sound.
"Oh, how mean," said Elliot "they must have seen it fall!"
"Oh I'm used to it," sighed Sally "those girls don't like me at all."
Grandad appeared from nowhere, with a spanner in his hand.
And holding up the spanner said, "I heard your bike crash land."
'He always appears' thought Elliot, 'he always knows just what to do.'
And for a moment Elliot thought, 'He must be magic too.'
Just as Sally went outside, Basil's bell began to ring,
"A new adventures on the way." said Basil with a ting.
Elliot took the powder, just enough to make him shrink.
He looked out through the window, and Grandad gave a wink.
"You carry on, I'll get this fixed," said Grandad with a sigh,
He asked Sally to pick her bike up, so she couldn't watch them fly.
They sailed out through the window and high into the sky,
They hadn't travelled too far, when a giant bird flew by.
"What's that?" gasped Elliot, his mouth was open wide.
"That's my friend Roco," Basil said, "he's offering us a ride."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 07 - The Bullying Pirate by Linda Farrelly
As Basil landed on the bird, Elliot's knees began to shake,
"He's flying far too fast," said Elliot, "does he have a brake?"
As they swooped nearer the ground, Elliot could plainly see,
The land was disappearing; they were heading for the sea.
"Make him slow down" Elliot cried, "I can see a pirate ship."
Roco hovered in the sky, then made a sudden dip,
With a thud they hit the deck and Roco flew off home.
"I don't think I'm going to like it here." said Elliot with a groan
"Who are you?" a voice boomed out, Elliot's face went blank,
"If you two are stowaways, you'll have to walk the plank."
Elliot turned around to see three bearded pirate men,
One took out a sword and said, "Tell us, who are you then?"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 07 - The Bullying Pirate by Linda Farrelly
"We're not stowaways" gasped Elliot, "Roco dropped us here!"
"You're friends of Roco?" one man said, the others shook with fear.
"Our captain's tried to catch him, but he hasn't got a clue,
He tries to catch him with a rope, then ties up all the crew.
Our captain is a cruel man; all he cares about is gold,
The only thing that frightens him is Roco; he makes his blood run cold,
Over the years he tried to shoot him down, but he can never win,
Roco is a smart bird; Goldtooth just can't beat him."
"GOLDTOOTH!" gasped Elliot, "Why do you call your captain that?"
The pirate frowned, "It happened one day when Roco took the captains hat,
The captain raced across the poop deck, he took off at such a pace,
He caught his foot in the rigging and fell flat on his face.
The impact took his front teeth out." and then the pirates face went blank.
"When he heard two men laughing he made them walk the plank.
He made us row him into shore, and for hours wasn't seen.
When he returned he had gold teeth where his front teeth had been.
Captain Goldtooth is a bully; most of his ships have sunk,
Anyone who disagrees with him is made to walk the plank."
"WHERE ARE MY MEN?" a voice boomed out, "I know you're trying to hide."
A little tiny man appeared, he was short, and very wide.
"Who are they?" he shouted, "Where have they come from?"
When he opened up his mouth to speak, his gold teeth really shone,
"Where are my men," he shouted, "where are my loyal staff?"
As the men came out of hiding, Elliot began to laugh.
"Get some rope," he shouted, "and tie that boy up tight,
Leave him roasting in the sun; I'll sort him out tonight.
And that red thing with wheels on, lock it down below."
"You're a bully" shouted Elliot, "don't touch him, let him go.
You're a nasty little man, and if I was in your crew,
I would chuck you in the water, and let you soak a day or two."
The captains face grew crimson red as he jumped up and down
"Oh dear, you're in trouble now." said the Pirate with a frown.
"YOU! Go to my cabin, fetch my sword." the captain said,
Goldtooth hadn't seen him, but Roco circled overhead.
"What do I do?" the captain said, "with a boy who dares cheek me?"
Roco dived, picked Goldtooth up, and dropped him in the sea.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 07 - The Bullying Pirate by Linda Farrelly
He bobbed up and down in the water, flapped his arms, and made a din.
"Get me out" he shouted, "can't you see that I CAN'T SWIM?
When I get back on deck you'll all be punished." Goldtooth said,
One pirate threw a rubber ring; it hit Goldtooth on the head.
The second pirate threw a rope shouting "I'll give you a tow."
As Roco hovered round him, he let the towrope go,
"I'M GOING TO DROWN!" yelled Goldtooth, he began to flap about.
Roco grabbed his collar, and lifted him up high,
"I'LL CHANGE!" shouted Goldtooth, "PLEASE DON'T LET ME DIE!
I'LL GIVE YOU ANYTHING" he shouted; the captain was a wreck.
Roco flew above the ship, and dropped him on the deck.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 07 - The Bullying Pirate by Linda Farrelly
Goldtooth stood there dripping, and said, "Please understand,
When you're as small as I am it is hard to keep command.
Yes I was a bully, and Roco knew that all along,
He just wanted me to change; he knew that I was wrong.
I know I'm a good captain, look at all the gold we've got,
But when no one likes you then it's not worth a lot."
"I think he's got it" Basil said, Roco seemed to agree,
"I think friendships," said the captain "will mean much more to me."
"No more bullying." said Elliot, Roco let them climb aboard,
The pirates lined upon the deck, and each one waved a sword,
They flew across the water, and sailed high into the sky,
And when home came into view Roco said goodbye.
Grandad was still with Sally, she was sitting on the wall
"The bikes repaired" said Grandad "that did not take long at all."
"Where's your bus?" said Sally, "Let's take him for a ride."
"He's very tired," smiled Elliot "I think I'll leave him inside."
Sally gave a puzzled look as two girls walked down the lane,
"Oh no!" said Sally in dismay, "those girls are back again."
"Take no notice" Grandad said, "they'll pass by this time I think,
All bullies are cowards really" said Grandad with a wink.

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