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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 29 - What A Pantomime
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 29 - What A Pantomime by Linda Farrelly
"You'll never guess what's happened! It's brilliant." Elliot said,
Grandad was sitting with Basil, who was perched on Elliot's bed,
"Well tell us" grinned Grandad, "it sounds like schools been good today."
Elliot beamed; "I've been given a leading part in the Christmas play.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 29 - What A Pantomime by Linda Farrelly
They call it a Panto, and all my class have got a part.
My parts quite important though, and I'm in it from the start,
I don't have any lines to learn, but there's a lot I have to do."
"An important part" smiled Basil, "then why did they choose you!
What is a PANTO?" Basil asked, "I don't think I understand."
"It's short for Pantomime" said Grandad, "with music and a band,
It's a Christmas fairy story; children love them and join in,
They're usually very funny too." said Grandad with a grin.
"What part are you?" said Basil "you can practice it on me."
"I'm not telling you" said Elliot "you will have to wait and see.
We start rehearsing next week; I can't wait for that to come,
I will be late home from school, I must go and tell mum."
"Who do you think he is?" said Basil, "What's an important part?
It must be very special if he's in it from the start."
Grandad smiled, "There are lots of parts, he could be anything,
If he doesn't have a speaking part perhaps he has to sing."
"SING!" exclaimed Basil, "I'm sure that can't be right,
When he was practicing a song for school my bumpers hurt all night."
Grandad smiled, "Perhaps he's dancing, we'll have to wait and see."
"This isn't sounding good" said Basil "I hope the tickets are all free!"
"Mums really pleased" said Elliot "she said she can't wait to come,
She says she will help, and that she's proud to be my mum.
I must do some practicing because I have to get this right."
"We'll watch." grinned Basil, and Elliot disappeared from sight.
"He's being very secretive" said Grandad "he's so excited I can tell."
As Basil flew up from the bed he began to ring his bell,
"A New adventure's on the way, fetch Elliot" Basil said,
As Grandad went to fetch him Basil's bell glowed red.
"HURRY UP!" shouted Basil "this must be a special task,
We've been summoned by the wizard and we have to get there fast,
It must be important, someone's in trouble" Basil said.
Elliot was amazed as he watched Basils bell glow red.
Grandad sprinkled on the powder, and Elliot began to shrink,
"I'll wait here to hear about it." said Grandad with a wink,
As Elliot jumped on board Basil, Basil groaned and gave a cough,
Elliot's eyes stared in Amazement as Basil's bell fell off.
"THAT'S THE WIZARDS FAULT!" Basil yelled as his bell hit the floor,
"He's always in a hurry, this happened once before,
Leave it on the back seat let it cool down for a bit,
I'll mend it when we get back if I can make it fit."
They sailed out through the window, and into the bright blue sky,
They hadn't flown for very long when Elliot heard a cry,
"It's coming from down there" he called, "let's go down and see,
I'm sure that there's an animal just behind that tree."
As Basil landed on the ground the strangest horse came near,
"Oh you've arrived than have you!" said the horse with a sneer,
"It took you long enough; I hope you're as good as they say,
It will take a miracle to put right all that's wrong today."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 29 - What A Pantomime by Linda Farrelly
"Don't start!" said a little voice, "you really are a GRUMP!"
As Elliot turned there was a fairy sitting on an old tree stump.
"I'm Fairy Good;" the fairy squinted "I grant wishes in our land."
The horse neighed; "Let me tell them so they can understand.
You are in Pantomime land, every character lives here,
Each one has a job to do their roles are very clear,
Aladdin finds his lamp; Robin Hood saves the day,
Beauty marries the beast; things have always been that way.
Dick Whittington finds London with his trusty cat,
The nasty villains all get booed; it's always been like that.
The seven dwarfs look after Snow White, Jack climbs the bean stalk,
Cinderella finds a handsome Prince, and all the horses talk."
"All the horses talk!" Elliot said "however can that be?"
"Let me finish" neighed the horse "you are interrupting me!
Today Fairy Good cast her fairy wishes, reading from her book."
"OOO A SPELL BOOK!" said Elliot "can I take a look?"
The horse glared, "Today she got them all mixed up and this is why."
Fairy Good looked at Basil and a tear came in her eye,
"I can't see without my glasses, they were stolen late last night,
Please Basil helps me find them so that I can put this right.
Dick Whittington's up the bean stalk, Snow Whites with Robins men,
Cinderella's with the seven dwarfs, they've gone riding in the glen,
Robins down there in the cave looking for Aladdin's lamp,
Widow Twanky and Prince Charming are washing in Robins' camp."
"Who would steal your glasses, who would want them?" Elliot said,
"Who would gain from taking them." the fairy's face went red,
"You know!" grinned Basil "who would take them if they could?"
"I think" the fairy blushed "It could be Robin Hood!
He said that he was fed up with giving to the poor,
He envied Aladdin because he had so much more,
He said he would give anything to have Aladdin's wealth."
Basil smiled "So he caused the confusion to have the lamp himself."
"He's in the cave" the horse neighed "please go in and see."
"I need my glasses back" the fairy pleaded, "please get them for me."
The cave was very dark inside so Basil put his headlights on.
"The cave seems empty" Basil said "I'm sure he must have gone."
Just then Elliot heard a squeal; "I'VE GOT IT!" came a cry,
"The lamp is mine" the voice said "I'll just give it a try."
Basil spotted Robin Hood and he hid behind a ledge,
"I'LL BE RICH!" Robin shouted "I'll have lots of gold" he said.
Basil whispered, "Is that it! It's old and dirty, it wouldn't do for me."
Elliot smiled "Wait until he cleans it up then Basil you will see."
Robin rubbed the old lamp; Basil could not believe his eyes,
A huge bright figure appeared, three times Robin's size.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 29 - What A Pantomime by Linda Farrelly
"I'm the genie of the lamp" he said; "your wish is my command."
"WAIT A MINUTE!" the genie shouted "I'm not sure I understand,
WHO ARE YOU? You're not Aladdin! Where's Aladdin gone?
I'm not here to grant wishes for just anyone!"
"I WANT GOLD!" Robin shouted "Grant my wish, do as I say,
You're my slave now, Robin Hoods your master from today."
"ROBIN HOOD!" the genie shouted "you'll get no gold of mine,
Send Aladdin back, you're in the wrong Pantomime.
You should be in the Greenwood with your men at your camp,
SOMETHINGS WRONG!" he shouted "I'm going back into my lamp."
"DON'T BE SO GRUMPY" Robin shouted "you must do as I say."
"NO CHANCE" the genie shouted "I'm out of wishes for today."
As the genie disappeared Robin sat down on the ground,
He held his head in his hands as Basil flew around,
"You shouldn't steal things" Basil said, "now what will you do?"
Robin stared in disbelief, and shouted "WHO ARE YOU?"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 29 - What A Pantomime by Linda Farrelly
"I'm the keeper of the lamp" Basil frowned "I'm the genies boss.
Give Fairy Good her glasses back, you've made me very cross."
Basil flashed his headlights, and Robin began to run,
"I didn't know" smiled Basil "that Panto's were so much fun."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 29 - What A Pantomime by Linda Farrelly
The horse was very impressed when Basil told the tale.
"I really thought," the horse said "that you were going to fail,
How can we repay you there must be something we can do?"
Elliot smiled, "Just before we leave could I have a word with you?"
Elliot came back smiling "Now I know just what to do,
I'll remember your advice; your help will get me through."
The Fairy had her glasses back so she could put things right.
Elliot waved goodbye as they both flew out of sight.
When they landed in the bedroom Basil gave a knowing smile,
"You and the horse," he said "were gone for quite a while.
Now I understand Pantomimes I'm sure you'll be a star,
No lines to learn" he said "I think I've worked out what you are.
You and your friend will need to practice, so you can get it right,
I won't interfere" he smiled "I'll keep out of sight."
"Who are you?" said Grandad, Basil smiled, "Just wait for the show."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 29 - What A Pantomime by Linda Farrelly

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