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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 38 - The Dinner Witch
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 38 - The Dinner Witch by Linda Farrelly

Elliot was in trouble, his mum had really had to moan,
He was upstairs in his bedroom sitting on his own.
She had given him a book to read, Basil was asleep in his draw,
Elliot wasn't really sure what the book was for.
He held the book in both hands, and his brown eyes opened wide,
He had an awful feeling he wouldn't like what was inside.
The picture on the front was scary, was that HIS face in the crowd?
He turned over the first page and began to read out loud:
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 38 - The Dinner Witch by Linda Farrelly
"You never know where she is or what day she will come,
The only thing you know for sure is that she knows your Mum,
Her eyes are black and scary; her nose is long and thin.
No child can ever beat her because she knows she'll always win.
She watches you at breakfast, and when you eat your lunch,
She listens to your every bite, and hears your every crunch,
She's always there at tea time; no one knows where she comes from.
You think that you can see her but when you blink she's gone.
She inspects all the scraps of food that go in the bin,
She blends them all together in a drink that's pale and thin.
Her favourites are made from broccoli, and cauliflower, and sprout.
Be careful, she may follow you whenever you go out.
If she ever catches you she's sure to make you drink,
She will laugh and cackle as you shrink back from the stink,
No child can escape her whether they are poor or rich,
You can only eat your dinner to escape the DINNER WITCH."
Elliot let out a scream, and shut the book with a bang.
Basil flew out from his draw so fast you could hear his bumper clang.
"WHAT'S GOING ON?" he shouted "I was a sleep in my drawer,
Whatever is the matter, what's all the screaming for?"
"I'm in BIG trouble" Elliot said and pointed to the book,
"Mum is very cross with me because I don't eat my dinners up."
Basil looked down at the book, smiled and said "I SEE!"
Elliot frowned; "Mum says the rubbish bin has more food in than me!
I just hate all of those vegetables that she makes me eat.
Sprouts and cauliflower are awful; I only like things that are sweet.
Vegetables are smelly slimy things and just look like horrid mush.
You don't have to eat them because you're just a bus!
I'm frightened now" said Elliot "that the DINNER WITCH will come,
She is bound to catch me because she knows every Mum.
Basil you have to help me, you will have to cast a spell."
"I don't need to do that" said Basil "because I know her very well.
Those drinks she gives the children have the most awful stink,
They're much worse than your dinner." And that made Elliot think,
"YOU KNOW HER!" gasped Elliot as Basil's bell began to ring.
"Whatever shall I do." he said as Basil gave another ting.
"A new adventures coming through, you prepare to shrink."
Elliot took the shrinking powder, and they were both gone in a blink.
Out of the bedroom window, and high into the sky.
Elliot sat there thoughtfully, and gave a fearful sigh.
As they flew high into the sky the light around grew dim,
Elliot had an awful feeling that someone was watching him.
It was the strangest feeling and he couldn't understand.
Basil turned his headlights on so that he could see to land.
The clouds were swirling in the sky, an eerie mist started to appear.
"I can't see anyone" Elliot said, "but I feel like someone's here.
Can you hear groaning Basil? I can hear it all around."
Elliot looked through the window but there was no one on the ground.
Then, as if by magic, the faces of children started to appear.
At first they looked ghostly white but then suddenly became clear.
Basil gasped in horror; this was something HE'D never seen.
"LOOK AT THEM!" he shouted "all their tongues are GREEN."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 38 - The Dinner Witch by Linda Farrelly
Then a bright light hit the sky, and a horrid laugh rained down.
"I KNEW I'D CATCH YOU!" came the cry as a bottle hit the ground.
Elliot stood in horror as the bottle rolled in to a ditch,
"NOW DRINK IT!" the voice bellowed "I'm the DINNER WITCH!"
Elliot had never been as frightened as the bottle rolled around,
The green slim was running everywhere covering the ground.
"PICK THE BOTTLE UP" the old witch shouted, "you will obey my will."
"I can't drink that!" said Elliot, "it will make me ill."
"YOU should have thought of that" she shouted, "NOW DRINK.
Next time you leave your vegetables it will make you think,
It's made from the food you wouldn't eat, fresh broccoli and sprout.
You'll eat all your dinner next time! You won't dare leave them out."
Basil stood there in disbelief and never made a sound,
"HELP ME BASIL!" Elliot shouted as he took the bottle from the ground.
As he put the bottle to his lips his head began to spin,
He couldn't understand at all why Basil wasn't helping him.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 38 - The Dinner Witch by Linda Farrelly
The children's faces became brighter and they all began to call,
"DRINK!" they all bellowed, "and you must drink it all.
If you leave a single drop you'll have to start again,
Apart from the rotting sprouts the drinks are not the same."
"You could have cauliflower!" one shouted, "or carrots in a stew,
Everything that you don't eat is all mashed up for you.
Each mixture that she makes you drink is much worse than the first,
It makes you feel so very sick that you think that you will burst."
"NO CHILD WILL DISOBEY ME!" the evil witch called out,
"I watch you all as you eat and count each uneaten sprout,
Every single child in the world I watch every day,
Not one of you who leave your meals will ever get away.
I'm watching in every kitchen, or meals in front of the TV,
You'll think someone is watching, and SOMEONE is, it's ME!
When you try to hide your food, or say you have a pain,
Or you say that you feel sick I'm watching just the same.
I watch you when you say you're full, and then you sneak a sweet.
The Dinner Witch is always there watching everything you eat,
No child is beyond my reach, I'm cunning, and I'm shrewd,
The only children to escape are the ones that eat their food."
Elliot took the bottle from the ground and put it to his lips,
His head began to swirl around and he'd only had two sips,
The noises seemed to fade away until he couldn't hear a sound.
He could feel his legs go funny, and he collapsed on the ground
"Are you alright?" a voice called out inside Elliot head,
"I was really worried you were shouting out" the distant voices said.
This isn't the ground he thought; this is something soft instead,
As Elliot opened up his eyes he was lying on his bed.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 38 - The Dinner Witch by Linda Farrelly
"WHERE WERE YOU?" Elliot shouted, "you didn't seem to care."
"I don't know what you mean" said Basil "we've not been anywhere.
I was fast asleep having a lovely dream, all cosy in my drawer
You woke me up shouting, what was all the noise for?"
As Elliot looked down from his bed his book was on the floor,
When he looked at the cover of the book his face was not there anymore.
"What an awful dream" said Elliot "I met the Dinner Witch."
"Oh really!" exclaimed Basil, and his eye began to twitch.
"Did you learn any lessons?" and he gave a little ting.
"When I have my dinner" Elliot said "I'm not going to leave a thing,
I'm going to tell all my friends that they must eat theirs as well,
That DINNER WITCH IS HORRIBLE!" Basil smiled and rang his bell.
"DINNERS READY," Mum called out, "and I hope you've read that book!
If you leave it all tonight I'm just not going to cook."
"I'M STARVING MUM" he called out, "I'll eat everything."
When he'd gone Basil smiled, looked up, said "Thanks" and gave a ting.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 38 - The Dinner Witch by Linda Farrelly

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