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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 59 - The Scary Hand
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 59 - The Scary Hand by Linda Farrelly

"What's that awful NOISE?" Basil yelled as he flew out of his drawer,
"Is the whole house caving in? What's all the banging for?
Are we being attacked, are there aliens?" Basil said,
It was then that Basil noticed Elliot jumping off his bed.
"Whatever are you doing?" Basil yelled "have you gone quite MAD!
If you don't stop jumping I will go and find Grandad,"
"I love to jump" said Elliot, "it's my favourite thing to do,"
Basil looking anxious said "There's something wrong with YOU!"
"It's great fun," grinned Elliot, "bouncing makes me feel good."
"You'll hurt yourself!" said Basil "Watch the floor, it's made of wood!
What's that strange thing on your head? I've not seen that before."
"What's all the banging?" Grandad said "You'll go through the floor!"
"Elliot whatever are you doing?" said Grandad with a frown,
"I told you not to play indoors, get off and put it down."
"WHAT IS IT, WHAT IS IT?" Basil gasped, "Is it a magic trick?"
"It's a birthday present" Grandad moaned, "it's called a pogo stick."
"I can climb on it from my bed" said Elliot with a smile,
"If I keep on bouncing I can go for quite a while.
I'm really getting very good I can even turn and sway."
"Take it outside!" Grandad warned, "Or I'm taking it away!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 59 - The Scary Hand by Linda Farrelly
"What a stupid idea" Basil frowned, "who ever gave you that?
It's dangerous, you could hurt yourself, and what's that silly hat?"
"The hat protects me if I fall, I have to wear it." Elliot said,
"Well it's a stupid present" Basil sulked, "I'm going back to bed."
Now Basil didn't like it when Elliot had new toys,
He could be quite jealous, especially if they made a noise.
Basil went off muttering, and flew over to his bed,
"It's not even MAGIC! In fact it's boring." Basil said.
Then there came a crash as Basil flew into his drawer,
He turned to see that Elliot was lying on the floor,
"Oh, I've hurt my knee" groaned Elliot. "I warned you." Grandad said,
Basil had a big smile and flew onto Elliot's bed.
As Elliot sat down on his bed Basil's bell began to ring,
"A new adventure." Basil beamed and he gave another ting,
Grandad brought the shrinking powder, and Elliot began to shrink,
"Your pogoing needs practising." said Grandad with a wink.
"Take it on your adventure," Grandad smiled, "It will shrink as well."
"Don't you dare!" called Basil, and he began to ring his bell,
"I'm not having that thing on my bus, you'll damage me." Basil said,
"Play with it outside later, just leave it beside your bed."
Basil glared, opened up his door and Elliot climbed in,
Basil flew out of the window, and in a blink they'd gone,
They flew into the winter sky and soon a new land was in view,
Basil couldn't find a space to land and wasn't quite sure what to do.
"There are lots of people" Elliot said, "and look at all those toys!"
"The children here" smiled Elliot, "must be happy girls and boys.
Look, that boy's got a pogo stick!" Basil groaned "Oh dear"
They both stared in Amazement as they watched him disappear.
"DID YOU SEE THAT?" yelled Elliot, "wherever did he go?"
Basil looked on in disbelief and muttered "I don't know,
Something funny is going on; we must fly down and see.
If I'm careful" Basil said, "I can land just by that tree."
As Basil came into land lot's children gathered round.
There were shrills of laughter as he touched down on the ground,
"I'm glad you came," a voice called, and a boy jumped into view.
"I'm Adam" the boy said, "I'm so pleased to meet you two!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 59 - The Scary Hand by Linda Farrelly
The boy, about 12 years old, was jumping on a pogo stick,
Elliot stood there open mouthed as he watched him do each trick.
"Can you teach me?" Elliot said, the boy seemed to have no fear,
"EXCUSE ME" Basil butted in, "that's not the reason we are here!
You sent for us" said Basil, "what's your problem, and be quick,
I haven't come all this way to watch YOU on a pogo stick!"
Adam blushed "We asked the wizard for your help, this is Playaway,
The world's luckiest children live here, and play with toys all day.
Last night something strange occurred, it made the ground shake.
There were strange bumps, and noises that kept us all awake,
This morning when we woke up, and came outside to play,
This strange bony hand appeared, and took some toys away.
I think some children may be gone as well, but I'm not very clear."
"When we arrived," said Basil "we saw one disappear!
Who would want to do such a thing? Who would stop children play?"
Basil looked at Elliot and they both went grey.
"GRIMLEY" Basil shouted, "our arch enemy." he said,
"That can't be right" said Elliot, "I thought Grimley was dead!"
"Who else would be so evil, and stop children's fun" Basil frowned,
"Who else would steal their toys and take them underground?"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 59 - The Scary Hand by Linda Farrelly
"JIM'S GONE" someone shouted, "I watched him disappear,
He vanished down this hole, everyone come here."
All of the children gathered around but nothing was in view,
A filled in hole was now there, whatever would they do!
"Very clever" Basil said, "Now how did he do that?
Adam come here and bang the ground with your polo hat."
Adam banged the hat onto the ground, the earth started to vibrate,
"It's not heavy enough," Basil said, "we need the earth to shake."
Elliot's mouth turned to a grin, "I know what I could do,
I could fetch another pogo stick, and do a jump or two.
That would make the earth move, and shake Grimley up a bit,
When he realises that it's me he'll make a grab for it."
"And then what!" said Basil, "what are you planning I should do?
If he grabs the pogo stick, he'll soon be grabbing YOU!"
"I'll let go of course," said Elliot "as fast as I can."
"This isn't sounding good" groaned Basil, "this isn't a good plan!"
Elliot climbed onto the pogo stick and he began to bounce,
Basil hovered, watching, waiting for Grimley to pounce.
The earth below began to move and before their very eyes,
A scary wizened bony hand started to materialise.
It reached from beneath the ground and grabbed the pogo stick,
Elliot was still holding tight, but it shook him up a bit,
In fact he was so frightened he'd forgotten what to do.
The bony hand reached higher and grabbed onto Elliot's shoe.
Elliot began to sink, disappearing into the ground.
Basil stood there speechless; he couldn't make a sound,
The bony hand reached higher and grabbed onto Elliot's knee,
"BASIL" Elliot cried out "you have to rescue me!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 59 - The Scary Hand by Linda Farrelly
"I'm sinking fast, do something, cast a magic spell.
Hurry put your headlights on, startle him, and ring your bell."
As Basil put his headlights on he got a big surprise,
Staring right back at him were two evil looking eyes.
"NOT YOU AGAIN" a voice boomed out, "where did you come from?
How dare you interfere again." but Basil's lights just shone.
"There's a burning smell!" gasped Adam, "turn your lights down."
"It's not my lights" grinned Basil "look down into the ground."
The scary bony hand suddenly looked very grim,
"That's not his hand," cried Adam, "that does not belong to him!"
The hand began with wither as each finger fell,
Basil laughed "I knew it! it's PLASTIC, when I saw it I could tell."
Grimley began to scream "You've set my hair alight."
Elliot jumped out from the hole and gave them all a fright,
The ground began to cave in and Elliot's pogo stick slid down.
"Let go of it" said Basil "and put your two feet on the ground."
The pogo stick slid deeper to the sound of Grimley's screams,
"I'LL BE BACK" yelled Grimley, and I'll catch you in your dreams!
When you least expect me, you'll turn round and I'LL BE THERE."
Grimley started laughing "I could be ANYWHERE!"
"I don't like the sound of that" said Elliot, "whatever does he mean?
He'll come back and he will catch me when I'm in a dream?"
"How can we ever thank you? We're so grateful." Adam said,
"Now I'm going home" said Basil, "I think I need my bed."
They flew into the bright blue sky and soon home was in view,
"When we get home," Elliot said "I know just what to do.
I'm going to practice jumping outside; I could be brilliant if I try."
"WATCH OUT FOR HOLES! You never know." smiled Basil with a sigh.

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
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