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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 39 - The Gingerbread Shop
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 39 - The Gingerbread Shop by Linda Farrelly

Elliot's mum came running up the stairs; "I'm very cross" she said,
"I've just found this in your pocket" her face was very red,
"Why didn't you tell me? You do this every time,"
Basil sat there open mouthed, what was this awful crime?
"I'm not a magician!" his mum groaned, "Why didn't you say?
Why didn't you tell me you had COOKERY at school today!
I don't have half these things in, my cupboards almost bare,
You know today's my shopping day." Basil could only stare.
Elliot's mum produced a crumpled list and began to read it out.
"Flour, butter, sugar, ginger, GINGER!" she repeated with a shout,
"Elliot you're impossible" she said, "I'm very cross with you,
If the local shop doesn't stock it I don't know what you'll do!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 39 - The Gingerbread Shop by Linda Farrelly
Elliot's mum hurried out as Grandad appeared by the door,
"I heard your mum shouting" Grandad said, "what's all the trouble for?"
Basil smiled, "Elliot's in trouble; he has cookery today."
"I JUST FORGOT!" said Elliot, "I don't like cookery anyway."
"What are you making?" Grandad said, "Can I help in any way."
"Teacher said," frowned Elliot, "we're making ginger bread men today."
"I know a story about those" said Grandad with a grin.
Elliot sat down on the bed whilst Grandad told the tale to him.
"In the 15th century Queen Elizabeth the 1st's cook had a plan,
He wanted to cook something different; he was a very clever man.
The Queen was to have a royal ball; the best there'd ever been,
The cook wanted something comical to amuse the Queen.
He had an idea to make biscuits that looked like little men,
Then he had a thought, gave a smile, and put a face on them.
Each face looked like a royal guest, and when each one was done,
He took them all to show the queen who thought it was such fun."
"Oh that's brilliant!" Basil said "make one that looks like ME!"
"I'll think about that," Elliot said, "you will have to wait and see."
Basil's bell began to ring; a new adventure was coming through.
Elliot took the shrinking powder; he knew exactly what to do.
They flew out of the window, high into the bright blue sky,
"I hope you're thinking" Basil said, and Elliot asked him "Why?"
"Whose face are you going to choose?" said Basil with a grin
Elliot smiled and thought that he just might choose him.
As they flew across the sun filled sky a town came into view.
"I've not been here before" said Basil, "this is somewhere new,
I'll land by that building over there." and Basil rang his bell,
"It looks like a shop" said Elliot, "I wonder what they sell."
As Basil landed on the grass Elliot's mouth was open wide,
"My very favourite shop" he said, "look what is inside."
As they peered through the window the smell of baking filled the air.
There were so many cakes and biscuits Elliot could only stare.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 39 - The Gingerbread Shop by Linda Farrelly
"The Gingerbread Shop," Elliot read "and there's the baker, can you see?
If I ask politely" Elliot said, "he might bake a cake for me."
"DON'T ENTER YET!" a voice called out, "and don't eat anything."
Elliot gasped as in front of them appeared a Royal King.
"We're in a mess" the King said, "and don't know what to do.
When we told the wizard he said he'd send for you.
This shop appeared from nowhere, we were happy when it came,
Once we were a wealthy town but now nothing is the same.
Most of our monies nearly gone, it seems to disappear at night,
All the gold from my palace has vanished out of sight,
No one ever hears a thing, it's amazing." the King said,
"An evil burglar seems to take it when we're tucked up in bed.
When we awoke a week ago the ground that once was bare,
Had a shop upon it, no one saw how it got there.
At first the town was overjoyed, there were lots of cakes to eat,
The baker seemed to work all day it really was a treat.
You can see from my appearance that I sampled them as well!"
Basil gave a funny twitch and began to ring his bell.
"I think the bakers smell has affected me!" said Basil with a groan,
"I'm sure one of those gingerbread men just moved on his own."
"How can you help us?" the king said "What are you going to do?"
"When night time comes" said Basil "we'll stay hidden out of view,
We need to see what going on; we'll find the culprit wait and see.
Nobody stealing anything is going to get past me."
As night time fell Basil and Elliot hid, and the King went home,
"I don't like it here; it's spooky" Elliot frowned, "being on our own."
They heard a crash and then a bang, then the noise seemed to stop.
"There's someone running" Elliot said, "just there beside the shop."
"It's so dark" said Elliot; "shine your headlights on the ground."
As Basil turned his headlights on they made a whirring sound.
An evil face came into view, and Basil gave a scream,
"GET IT AWAY!" yelled Basil "that's the scariest thing I've ever seen."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 39 - The Gingerbread Shop by Linda Farrelly
The sound of running once again was pounding on the ground,
Then it all fell silent and they couldn't hear a sound.
"That was awful" stuttered Basil, "it had green staring eyes,
It had white hair and an evil grin that seemed to mesmerise.
Its skin seemed to be crumbling; it was all orange and browned,
I'm sure it had a red bow on when it turned around."
"A RED BOW!" said Elliot, "I'm sure that can't be right,
Who would put a red bow on to go stealing things at night?"
The darkness turned to day light, and soon the bright sun shone,
They could hear the King shouting "NOW MY JEWELS HAVE GONE!
Have you caught the villains? Show me where they are."
Elliot blushed, "We haven't got them yet, they can't have got too far."
"NOT GOT THEM!" the King bellowed, "wherever have they gone?"
"We know what they look like" Elliot said, "One had a red bow on."
The King stared in disbelief and began to shake his head,
"I thought that you were special; at least that's what the Wizard said."
Basil stared at the cake shop window blinked and rang his bell,
"I know that face" he muttered, "and I'm sure I know it well."
The red bow of the gingerbread man was glowing straight at him,
It blinked an eye, raised its arm and gave an evil grin.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 39 - The Gingerbread Shop by Linda Farrelly
"THEY'RE ALIVE!" yelled Basil, "they are not biscuits at all."
The bakers face grew evil, and the shop began to fall.
Basil turned his headlights on; the burning lights shone red,
There was a bang, a puff of smoke, "It's all vanished." the King said.
"The wizard was right, you're marvellous, you are both brave and bold."
All that was left on the ground were bags and bags of gold.
"How can our town thank you? To repay you?" the King said,
"I've missed my sleep" said Basil "all I need now is my bed!"
They sailed into the blue sky, and soon their home came into view.
Elliot grabbed his bag for school and new exactly what to do.
The day passed by quickly, and soon the clock struck four.
Elliot dashed into his bedroom, and closed the bedroom door.
"DON'T FORGET" his mum called out, "cousin Jakes coming for tea,
He's coming to play with you so please be nice for me.
Let him share your toys, and play with your bus
Whatever you do Elliot, please don't make a fuss."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 39 - The Gingerbread Shop by Linda Farrelly
"I've made them! Elliot declared "Basil come and see,
I've made three gingerbread men, one like you and one like me,"
Basil flew over to the bed, "That one looks like Jake" he said,
"I know it does" said Elliot, and then bit off his head!

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