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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 30 - Basil Goes Quakers
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 30 - Basil Goes Quakers by Linda Farrelly

"We're going to a farm" said Elliot, "Basil come with us and see."
Basil frowned "They're smelly and dirty and they don't interest me,
I don't like sheep or cows, they're scary." Basil said.
"You can go with Grandad; I will spend the day in bed."
"SCARY!" Elliot said, "all cows can do is moo!
How can they be scary, they are more afraid of you?
They have all sorts of animals there; there are chickens you can feed,
The farmer doesn't mind at all, he sells little bags of seed."
"How exciting" Basil yawned, "well, have a lovely day."
Elliot frowned, "Has something happened to make you feel this way?
Did you have a bad adventure, did something happen long ago?"
"Yes it did," said Basil "and its best that you don't know!"
"Oh tell me." Elliot pleaded; Basil sighed and gave a groan,
"I don't want to talk about it, now please leave me alone."
"You always tell me everything" Elliot frowned, "was it really bad?"
"Oh, I'll tell you." Basil sighed; his blue eyes looked dark and sad.
"There was this duck," said Basil, Elliot began to laugh,
"A DUCK?" grinned Elliot, "like those I play with in the bath?"
"OH NO" said Basil "this one was enormous and didn't want to play,
No matter how high I flew I couldn't get away.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 30 - Basil Goes Quakers by Linda Farrelly
It caught me in its orange beak; I thought that I would die,
It crushed both my headlights so that I couldn't fly,
It terrorised all the cows and sheep and the chickens wouldn't lay,
The animal's asked the Wizard to send the duck away.
It was then the wizard sent for me to use my magic powers.
Nothing seemed to work on him; I tried for hours and hours,
The Wizard knew he had to help me; he reached out from the sky.
He sent a bolt of lightning; you should have seen his feathers fly.
I didn't go out for ages; I couldn't make my headlights light,
My bodywork was crumpled and I couldn't sleep at night,
The Wizard was very worried because he'd caused so much harm,
He promised me he'd never send me back onto a farm."
Basil's bell began to ring, a new adventures was on the way.
Grandad popped in and asked, "Are we still going out today?"
"There's a new adventure" Elliot grinned, "it's time for me to shrink."
"I'll be here when you get back." Grandad said with a wink.
They flew out through the window, and into the bright blue sky.
Basil felt very worried, but he didn't quite know why.
"I have a funny feeling, I can't explain it" Basil said,
"I wish this wasn't happening and I was at home in bed instead."
The sun was shining brightly when land came into view,
Basil looked very shocked and didn't quite know what to do.
"IT'S A FARM! I don't believe it" said Basil with a groan,
"I'm not going down there; I'll take us both back home."
"Somebody needs us," Elliot said "there's a job for us to do,
Don't worry you will be alright, I'll take good care of you."
"THERE ARE DUCKS! I can see ducks." said Basil with a cry.
"Just land down there," said Elliot "you can do it if you try."
As Basil landed on the ground a cow began to moo,
"I'm so glad you've come" the cow said "we all sent for you."
Elliot was amazed to see a horse with two cows in a barn,
"We need your help" the horse neighed "with a DUCK at Duckend Farm."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 30 - Basil Goes Quakers by Linda Farrelly
"It's not a big duck is it?" gasped Basil, looking grim,
"How did you know?" the horse said "have you heard of him?"
"THAT'S IT!" shouted Basil "I know just what to do,
Elliot can sort this out and I'll come in the barn with you."
The duck feathers began to fly and the ducks all ran about,
Basil flew into the barn, and the old horse gave a shout,
"I THOUGHT YOU'D COME TO HELP US, whatever's wrong with you?
The Wizard told us you would help him, and you'd know what to do."
"HELP HIM?" said Elliot, "THE DUCK!" what's wrong with him?"
The other ducks were getting restless and creating quite a din.
The horse neighed, "He's very big and bossy, and makes such a fuss,
He's not afraid of anyone, but he's never met a magic bus."
The ducks were quacking loudly as a shape came into view,
Basil hid behind the horse, not quite sure what to do.
A duck twice as big as all the others waddled up to the barn,
CLEAR OFF, I don't want you here, this is my land." the Duck said,
His dark eyes stared at Elliot, who could feel his face turn red,
"We came to feed the ducks" said Elliot, "I've got them some bread."
"Don't give them THAT!" the big duck yelled "they'll all end up dead!
Don't you humans know anything, never give ducks bread,
It's very harmful for them; you should give them seeds instead."
The duck began to hiss, and grunt, "It's time that you were gone."
"Duck's don't grunt" said Elliot, the duck glared, "I AM A SWAN!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 30 - Basil Goes Quakers by Linda Farrelly
"What!" said Elliot laughing, "You don't look like a SWAN."
"Of course I do!" the duck said, "A very fine and elegant one,
Can't you see I'm bigger than a duck; my neck is long and slim."
Basil started laughing "I think there's something wrong with him!"
"He's our problem," the house neighed, "he's driving us insane."
"You have to help us" the cow mooed "he's the reason that you came.
No one can convince him, he is sure that he's a swan.
Basil, use your magic power, all our other hope has gone."
Basil flew out from the barn, and he caught the Big Ducks eye.
"Who are you?" the big duck said, "Who taught YOU to fly?"
"NOW LISTEN DUCK!" glared Basil, "you think you're very grand,
I've got something to show you to make you understand."
Basil flashed his headlights, and then let them go dim,
As the duck stared at the headlights a duck was looking back at him,
"Who's that glaring at me?" said the big duck with a quack.
"That's you!" said Basil smiling, "it's your reflection looking back."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 30 - Basil Goes Quakers by Linda Farrelly
"BUT THAT'S A DUCK!" the duck protested "that can't be ME!
I'm a Swan, just look! It's plain for everyone to see."
As the duck looked closer a tear came to his eye,
He tapped his beak on Basil's headlight, then began to cry.
"I'm not a SWAN am I?" the duck gasped "How can this be true?
Why am I so much bigger than every one of you?
I thought that I was special, and I was different from the rest."
"You are special" smiled Elliot, "but special doesn't mean the best.
All the ducks are your friends; they're all your family,
Don't be so bossy, play with them, and then you will see."
"Um!" said the duck thoughtfully, "it can get lonely being a swan,
Especially when it's playtime and you're the only one.
There's no one to talk to, or to help you when you're stuck."
"Just face the facts" said Basil "you're just a GREAT BIG DUCK!"
"I could take care of the small ducks, be their hero." the duck said,
"Don't be bossy though" said Elliot, "be kind to them instead."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 30 - Basil Goes Quakers by Linda Farrelly
The ducks waddled to the duck pond, and the big duck gave a grin.
Basil and Elliot waved goodbye as the ducks began to swim.
"That's enough of ducks for one day." said Basil with a groan,
"I'm covered in something horrible," and I want to go home.
As they landed in the bedroom Basil began to cough,
"I don't know what's on my paintwork, but will someone get it off!
I never want to see another farm or hear another quack,
No matter what the wizard says I'm never going back!
I think I need a lie down; you can go out on your own.
You enjoy your farm" said Basil, "today I'm at staying home."

Elliot's Amazing Adventures Book Number 1      Elliot's Amazing Adventures
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