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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 58 - The Greedy Ogre
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 58 - The Greedy Ogre by Linda Farrelly

Basil could hear a rustling sound as he lay in his draw,
When he flew out all he could see was paper on the floor,
There was packaging everywhere, and lots of chocolate on the bed,
"These are my Christmas chocolates, aren't I lucky?" Elliot said.
"I had 6 selection boxes, 2 chocolate Santa's and an elf,
I'm not sharing them with anyone, I shall eat them all myself."
Basil could not believe his eyes, and could only stare,
As he looked around the room there was chocolate everywhere.
Elliot opened up a chocolate bar and took a great big bite,
"This is scrummy" Elliot drooled and it soon disappeared from sight,
"Now what shall I have next?" he said, Basil looked on in dismay,
"You can't eat THEM ALL" Basil gasped, "not all in one day!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 58 - The Greedy Ogre by Linda Farrelly
Elliot opened more chocolate, and lay down on his bed,
Basil looked on astonished as Elliot bit off Santa's head,
"I'm fetching Grandad," Basil groaned "he'll know what to do.
You'll just explode" he muttered, "and that will be the end of you".
Basil's bell began to ring, and Grandad stood there by the door,
"Did you call me?" Grandad said, "What do you need me for?"
"DO SOMETHING", Basil shouted "make Elliot stop!
He's eating too much chocolate, take them all back to the shop!"
Grandad smiled at Basil and gave a knowing grin,
"He's just excited" Grandad said, "he can't believe they're all for him.
Elliot, save some for another day, just save them in your draw,
You'll be in trouble when your mum sees the wrappers on the floor".
Elliot huffed, and then he puffed, and started to create,
He didn't want them both to know he had a tummy ache,
"You always spoil things" Elliot said, "You always cause a fuss,
It's not my fault you can't eat chocolate because you're just a bus!"
Then Basils bell began to ring, a new adventure was coming through,
Grandad found the shrinking powder; Elliot knew just what to do.
"While you're away" said Grandad, "I'll put these sweets away,
I think one bar of chocolate is enough to have each day!"
They both flew out of the window, the sky was cold and grey,
Elliot's tummy ache was getting worse, but he knew he couldn't say.
The sky at first so gloomy turned into the brightest blue,
The greenest grass they'd ever seen soon came into view.
"Let's land here," said Elliot, "It looks so beautiful and bright."
As Basil came into land they both had a dreadful fright,
Sitting by an old oak tree a huge monster was in view,
"Come with me," a kind voice said, "and I'll explain this all to you".
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 58 - The Greedy Ogre by Linda Farrelly
A lady took Elliot by the hand; a tear was in her eye.
"I'm Matilda" the lady said, and then began to cry,
"Has the wizard sent you? Are you Basil?" the lady said,
"I hope your magic's powerful or our village will be dead.
An evil slimy Ogre came to our village yesterday,
He put all the children in a trance, and makes them all obey,
He asks for food continually, he eats everything in sight,
All our villagers will starve; you must send him away tonight."
"MORE FOOD" a mighty voice yelled out, and Elliot could plainly see,
A massive slimy ogre who was bigger than a tree,
Huge plates of food where carried in, and laid at his feet,
The ogre didn't stop to breath, all he did was eat.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 58 - The Greedy Ogre by Linda Farrelly
"MORE SAUSAGES" the ogre yelled, "with chips, and raspberry jam,
Sponge cake with mustard, and ice cream topped with ham,
Bring my favourite beans with lots of chocolate sauce,
I'M SO HUNGRY," the ogre yelled, "I could eat a horse!
BRING MORE FOOD" he shouted, "You must obey my wish,
These portions are far too small, bring a bigger dish."
Matilda's face went very grey as empty plates came into view,
"THERE'S NO MORE FOOD" she cried, "What ever will we do?
The wizard told us you are special, a very powerful magic bus,
If you don't do something quickly I'm afraid he will eat US!"
Seeing the empty plates appearing, the ogre let out a roar,
His eyes began to narrow, and he gave a nasty sneer,
"STRANGERS" the ogre grinned "What are you two doing here?
You're RED!" laughed the ogre, "I like red things to eat,
Strawberries with tomato sauce, now that's a real treat.
A red apple, with mustard, I savour every bite,
I wonder," said the ogre, "WHAT DO YOU TASTE LIKE!"
"ME!" said Basil in dismay, "I'm not food, I'm made of tin."
"But I like beans" the ogre laughed, and gave a nasty grin,
"I always eat the tin as well; I have no time for fuss."
"I'm EMPTY" Basil cried out, "just an EMPTY old tin bus".
The ogre thought, and though some more, "EMPTY" he replied,
"EMPTY is a new taste, and something I haven't tried."
His huge hands reached out to Basil and he held him very tight,
"This new taste called EMPTY" he said "is something I might like."
The ogre opened his huge mouth, and Elliot screamed with fear.
The ogre yelled "Quiet while I'm eating, bring that boy over here."
The ogre stared at Elliot, and Elliot fell into a daze,
Then like all the other children his eyes began to glaze.
Matilda took him by the hand, and sat him on the ground,
"You're in his power now" she said, Elliot couldn't make a sound,
"I'm afraid that your friend Basil will meet his end as well,
What's happened to his magic, why can't he ring his bell?"
Basil was in a state of shock, it was an awesome sight,
All his magic powers were frozen, he was paralysed with fright.
The rotting smell of the ogre's breath made Basil feel quite sick,
The ogre's tongue poked from his mouth, and gave Basil a lick.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 58 - The Greedy Ogre by Linda Farrelly
The ogre frowned, "You're bigger than a sausage roll," and then he gave a grin,
"I will have to take your wheels off so that I can get you in."
Basil tried to rev his engine, which just made things much worse,
The ogre's hands squeezed tighter, and Basil's radiator burst.
Water was dripping on Basils paintwork, he felt like an empty shell,
"OH YUMMY" said the ogre, "You come with juice as well!"
Then there came an awful gurgling sound, like the rushing of the sea,
The ogre began to bellow, "What's happened, you've poisoned me!"
Basil fell from the ogre's grip, and landed on the ground,
The gurgling became louder, the most horrific sound,
The ogre's tummy began to churn, and his face turned blue,
The ogre's pain was awful; there was nothing he could do.
The ogre let out a scream, and exploded with a bang,
The green slime landed everywhere, and covered all the land,
The children came out of their trance, and Elliot woke as well.
"You've got rid of him" Matilda said, "That was a powerful spell!"
Basil blushed and said, "It wasn't me; it was his greedy appetite,
His tummy became far too big; he just exploded out of sight,
His tummy couldn't stand the strain, all that food was his demise,
No one can keep on eating that much, he just didn't realise".
"Can we go home", said Elliot, "I've got an awful pain,
I am feeling very worried that I might end up the same".
Basil shone his head lights, and he rang his bell,
"I need to repair my damage first" he said, "and make sure I am well".
Matilda and the children waved them both goodbye,
Basil revved his engine and they both flew into the sky.
"I think my tummy's getting better, I've learned a lesson." Elliot said.
It wasn't very long at all until he landed on his bed.
Grandad was in Elliot's bedroom with Elliot's chocolates in his hand,
"Did you learn anything" Grandad said, "In your adventure land?"
Elliot was a bit confused and wondered if Grandad knew,
"Now these chocolates," Grandad said, "What do you want me to do?"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 58 - The Greedy Ogre by Linda Farrelly
"I'm going to pack them in my draw, and not be greedy." Elliot said,
"I can't look at them at all," groaned Basil, "so I think I'll go to bed."

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