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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 44 - Old Father Time
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 44 - Old Father Time by Linda Farrelly

"ELLIOT!" Grandad shouted, "Can you come here and help me,
I need some help in the garden, come down and you will see."
Elliot grabbed Basil from his drawer, and soon was standing there.
"Look at all this mess!" said Grandad and Elliot answered, "WHERE!"
Grandad sighed, "Can't you see the weeds, the gardens overgrown,
Mother Nature never rests." and Basil gave a groan.
"You can use this little spade; we'll be done in no time" Grandad said,
"Use it to take the weeds away from around the flower bed."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 44 - Old Father Time by Linda Farrelly
"BED!" said Basil, "that sounds a good idea to me,
Take me back upstairs, and you can wake me when you're free."
"NO BASIL!" Grandad said, "You can help as well."
"Do something Basil," whispered Elliot," can't you cast a magic spell?"
On hearing this Grandad glared, then gave them both a smile,
"It's hard work not spells we need" he said, "it will only take a while,
Basil you can supervise, tell me when the beds are clear."
"SUPERVISE!" said Elliot, "I don't think that's a good idea!"
Elliot stood there looking puzzled with the small spade in his hand.
"Grandad I'm confused," he said, "I don't really understand.
I need you to explain to me, is there a book that I can read?
I don't know which one is the flower, and which one is the weed!"
Grandad smiled, then shook his head, "It's quite easy to tell."
Before Grandad could explain it all Basil rang his bell.
"It's a new adventure!" Basil ginned, "we'll leave the gardening to you,
Elliot and I have MORE IMPORTANT things to do."
Grandad stood there grinning, and soon both were on their way.
"DON'T WORRY," Grandad called out," The weeds are here all day."
They sailed into the blue sky, and soon their home was out of view.
"That was lucky," Elliot said "there was far too much to do."
The ground below looked still and bleak as they came into land,
Even the flowers were dying Basil; couldn't understand.
The grass looked brown and lifeless, all the trees looked very sad.
"Something's happened" Basil said, "and something very bad!"
The wind wasn't blowing, and they couldn't hear a sound,
When they looked up to the sky there were no birds flying around.
"It's as if time has stood still." said Basil with a sigh,
"You're exactly right! You've got it right." came a distant cry.
Marching towards them were a band of little men.
Elliot saw one at first, then two, then three, then TEN.
They were all in the strangest clothes; each one looked the same.
"Time HAS stood still" the first man said, "and Seedy is my name.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 44 - Old Father Time by Linda Farrelly
Let me introduce the gang, and then I'll explain what you must do.
There's Pea Pod, Corny, Rye, and Hay, the first half of the crew.
Then Oats, Wheat and Barley, then there's Reaper, nicknamed Grim,
That's Weedy in the corner but we never mention him.
Only a child can help us, and so the wizard thought of you,
I hope you're very brave" he said "there's a lot you have to do.
You can see our land is dying; there are no seasons any more,
You have to start the time again, that's what you've been sent for."
"ME!" said Elliot looking worried, "What do you want me to do?"
"Answer three questions" said Seedy "it's not far, then I'll show you."
The men led them to a wall; "You'll get this wrong." groaned Grim.
"Come out and see us" said Seedy, "we are ready to begin."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 44 - Old Father Time by Linda Farrelly
Then, as if by magic, three mirrors stood there in full view.
As Elliot stared into them, three faces were there too,
They were the faces of three old men, all wrinkly and grey.
Basil's mouth fell open, not quite sure what to say.
"Oh you've arrived then have you?" the first man grinned and said.
"I hope you're clever." said the second, and Elliot went bright red.
"If you want time to start again, make sure that you don't lose."
The third said, "One of us is Father Time, go on Elliot, CHOOSE!
You have until the sand runs out, and you have to get it right,
If you're wrong the light will disappear, and leave just endless night,
Nothing will ever grow again, no crops, or flowers to see."
"I don't understand" said Elliot, "why have you chosen me?"
"It has to be a child" the first man said, "and it has to be a boy."
"Choose wisely" said the second man "which two of us will you destroy."
"Take the scythe," said Seedy, "think about what you should ask,
Two of them must be destroyed; you'll need this to break the glass."
"HELP ME Basil!" Elliot called "tell me what I should do."
"You are on your own" said Seedy "this task is up to you,
No magic will help you, and Basil can only lend a hand
With one of the questions, now do you understand?"
"Now think" said the first man "what will your first question be?"
Elliot took a deep breath and said, "Name the four seasons for me."
The three men started laughing, and then all three began to sing,
"Summer, Autumn Winter, and the best of all is Spring."
"TOO EASY!" they all shouted, "Is that the best that you can do?"
"You ask the next one Basil," Elliot pleaded, "I need help from you."
"I can only think of one!" Basil said, "And I can't help you again,
Grim grinned "Oh that's a good one! Whisper your answers to me."
The three men looked astounded, what could the answer be,
The first man smiled, and whispered a name to Grim.
The second man shook his head and couldn't answer him.
The third man smiled then gave his answer, Basil waited patiently,
"Are you ready Grim?" said Basil, "Bring the answers to me."
"The name is CHRONUS;" Basil said "the gods gave that name to you."
"Swing the scythe" said Seedy, "and get rid of number two."
Elliot hurled the scythe at the mirror, and it crashed onto the ground.
"It's your last question" Seedy said, and no one made a sound.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 44 - Old Father Time by Linda Farrelly
"Think carefully" said Basil "what would Grandad say?"
"You can't help him!" grumbled Seedy, "he is on his own today."
"Old Father Time," said Elliot, "does anyone help you?
I know you rule the seasons, and the time and weather too.
Do you do this on your own, or does someone lend a hand?
"What's he saying" Seedy said "I don't think I understand."
The third man shook his head, and then he gave a groan,
"What a silly question" he replied, "of course I do it on my own."
"You're a clever boy" the first man said "How wise of you to see,
Every day of every year MOTHER NATURES helping me."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 44 - Old Father Time by Linda Farrelly
The little men all jumped with joy, and Elliot knew what he must do.
He hurled the scythe and crashing down came mirror number two.
"You've beaten the sands of time, you're a hero." Seedy said,
The wind began to blow, and the sun shone overhead.
"I'm so proud of you" said Basil, "you have listened well,
Now climb on board and let's go home." and Basil rang his bell.
The little men stood cheering as Basil flew into the sky,
Elliot smiled, "Grandad told me to listen; now I know the reason why!"
Grandad was in the garden with a big spade in his hand,
"Oh you're back," he smiled, as they both came into land.
"Thank you Grandad," Elliot grinned, "I'll always listen to you,
Can you pass me that little spade, and show me what to do?"
"Whilst you were gone" said Grandad, "I found you this book to read,
It explains about flowers, and how they grow from seed,
I will show you where the weeds are as you weed the flower bed."
"BED! Now that's a good idea, I'll see you later." Basil said.

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