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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil by Linda Farrelly

It was 5 o'clock on Christmas Eve, the light was growing dim.
"I'm so excited Basil." Elliot said, but Basil didn't answer him.
Elliot pulled out Basil's drawer to see Basil eye's shut tight.
"WAKE UP!" shouted Elliot; he gave Basil quite a fright.
"WHAT'S GOING ON?" yelled Basil, and he flew out of his drawer,
"Is something wrong?" he panicked, "what do you want me for?"
"It's Christmas Eve," said Elliot, "I'm excited, can't you see?"
Basil groaned "It's like any other day; they're all the same to me."
"You didn't say that last year, it was great fun" Elliot said.
"Well that was last year" Basil yawned, "I'm going back to bed."
"Last year we flew with Santa, and you pulled the sleigh,
Can we go back this year?" Elliot pleaded, "Just for one more day."
Basil, still looking sleepy said, "Last year we had a job to do."
Elliot smiled; "They would have cancelled Christmas if it hadn't been for you!
Please Basil," Elliot begged, "this can be YOUR present to ME,
Santa might need us!" pleaded Elliot, "please can we go and see?"
"Oh alright" moaned Basil "but we really mustn't stay,
Santa will be busy and we might get in his way.
He has lots of jobs to do, he won't have much time for us,
He's probably forgotten a small boy and a magic bus."
Elliot sprinkled the shrinking powder, and dived into the bus.
"CALM DOWN!" Basil shouted, "And don't make such a fuss."
"I'M SO EXCITED!" Elliot cried, "I can't wait to get there."
Basil revved his engine and flew into the cold damp air.
The ground below was cold and icy as they came into land,
In the distance stood a reindeer, looking very grand.
"I'm sure that's Rudolph" Elliott said, "Why does he look as sad?"
"Something must be wrong" said Basil, "something very bad."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil by Linda Farrelly
Rudolph rushed to meet them as they came into land.
"I hoped you'd come" he said, "follow me, and you'll understand."
It wasn't very long before Santa's grotto was in view,
The elves where dashing everywhere, they had a lot to do.
"We really need your help" said Rudolph, and he gave a big sigh,
"There are so many presents we'll never get the sleigh to fly.
Each year there are more children, and Santa's sleigh is far too small,
Santa is very worried that we won't be able to carry them all."
"BASIL MY FRIEND!" a loud voice called, and Santa was standing there.
And once again, like last year, Elliot couldn't help but stare.
"You're here" grinned Santa, "I knew you'd come today,
I need a special spell from you to make a bigger sleigh."
Basil flashed his head lights, and the sleigh began to grow.
"It's a good job we're strong," laughed Rudolph, "there'll be more to tow."
Santa's sleigh was twice the size as it stood there on the ground,
"Choose a present Elliot," Santa said, "just take a look around."
"Come and follow me, I'll help you." a little elf spoke out,
"We have some new toys this year; I'll show you as we look about."
Basil stared in amazement; he couldn't believe what he could see,
"There are lots of buses" Basil gasped, "and they all look just like ME!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil by Linda Farrelly
"Some children wanted a toy bus, and Santa knew just what to do,
For saving Christmas last year he made them all like you.
We must have made a good job; I'm so pleased that you could tell,
The only difference," said the elf "is that they have a jingle bell."
"I WANT ONE TOO!" grinned Basil, "so that I can look the same,
I want it on a belt" he said, "like the one on Rudolph's rein."
Basil smiled "I'll wear it with pride until Christmas is done,
Grandad will just love it, and it will bring us lots of fun."
"You look around whilst I make it" the elf smiled, "there's a lot to see,
Elliot can lend a hand; he can come with me."
The elf led Elliot to the workshop; he'd never seen so many toys.
The small elves were hammering; you should have heard the noise.
"That's our rejects box" the elf said, "our mistakes all go in there,
You might find a toy reindeer harness but please handle with care,
Some rejects can be quite sharp, like needles in your hand."
Elliot nodded his head and said, "Yes I understand.
I'VE FOUND ONE!" shouted Elliot, "Basil would like this I can tell."
"Very good" the elf said "all we need now is a bell."
The elf led him to another box "This is our bell box" the Elf said,
"We have bells in different colours, yellow, blue, green, and red."
Elliot picked out a double bell, and the elf attached it to the rein.
"That looks really good" the elf said, "now Basil will look the same."
Elliot rushed to show Basil, but couldn't find him anywhere,
He looked through every alcove, and under every chair.
He looked around the ceiling to see if he had flown,
"He must be here" cried Elliot, "he couldn't have gone home!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil by Linda Farrelly
He ran into the dolls toys room, and searched through every bin,
He raced into the bike shop, but he just could not find him.
The toy cars, and the games rooms, he searched through everyone,
"It's no good" Elliot cried "I'm sure Basil has gone!"
"WHERE IS HE?" wailed Elliot, "how could he leave me all alone?
Whatever am I going to do, how will I get home?"
Santa heard all of the shouting, and came running in to see,
Then Santa, thinking hard, said, "I think I know where he might be."
Santa led them to a large hall; there were boxes everywhere.
"The elves are packing presents" Santa said, "he could be in there!"
As Elliot looked around, millions of parcels were in view,
Elliot gasped, "In one of THEM! Whatever will we do?"
Santa said "Let's search the toy bus boxes, in case he has been packed."
Elliot stared at all the buses, and each one had been wrapped.
"That's impossible" said Elliot "however would we tell?"
"Remember" said the little elf "he doesn't have a jingle bell."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil by Linda Farrelly
For hours they shook the boxes, until day time turned to night.
Each box they picked up jingled, he was nowhere in sight.
"It's Christmas Eve" said Santa, "I must get on my way,
The reindeer must fly faster to get there by Christmas day."
"I CAN'T LEAVE BASIL!" shouted Elliot "I can't leave him all alone."
Then Elliot gasped and shouted "HOW WILL I GET HOME!"
"Come with me" said Santa "you can ride on my sleigh,
While I'm delivering the presents I'll drop you off along the way."
Elliot couldn't get excited this year, all he could feel was sad,
He kept thinking about Basil and all the fun they'd had.
When Elliot's home came into view, he sighed, and gave a frown.
Grandad was waiting by the door when Santa flew him down.
He told Grandad the story, and how Basil was gone,
Someone else would soon have Basil; HE wouldn't be the special one
Grandad frowned; "Think about Basil, he'll be unhappy too,
Just think how sad he's feeling to have lost a friend like you."
"I had these made for Basil because he liked them." Elliot said,
He reached into his pocket, and put a package on the bed.
"They're Jingle Bells," said Elliot, "but when we found that he had gone,
I didn't get the chance to show him so he didn't put them on."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil by Linda Farrelly
Grandad glanced at the window and said, "Santa's coming back,
I've just seen a little elf, I'm sure he left a sack."
Elliot dashed down stairs before his mum could see.
He came back with a parcel saying, "It's addressed to me!"
Elliot tore the paper off, and much to his surprise
Basil sat there in the box completely mesmerised.
His blue eyes were staring; he was in a state of shock.
Elliot, trying to wake him up, gave the box a knock.
"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" shouted Basil, "Elliot is that you?
I thought I was boxed up forever, is this really true?
Don't move me, I'm all stiff" he said "and I can't feel a thing,
I can't even feel my tyres, and I'm sure my bell won't ring.
Did you get my Jingle bells? I hope they're special ones" he said,
"It took long enough" he moaned, as Elliot took them from the bed.
"Put them on" demanded Basil, "so that I can see."
Basil gave a great big smile and said, "YES! They do suit me."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil by Linda Farrelly
"Now it's time I was in my drawer, I'm warn out" Basil said,
"Getting packed it's very tiring; I need to be in bed.
Tomorrow I shall wear my jingle bells, and we shall have some fun,
But before I go" said Basil, "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 54 - Jingle Bells Basil by Linda Farrelly

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