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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 33 - Whats Happening To Flakey
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 33 - Whats Happening To Flakey by Linda Farrelly

"I had a sleigh at Christmas" Elliot said, "Basil come and see,
It's just started snowing, please come and play with me,
There are some hills not far away; we can go in Grandad's car,
We'll have lots of fun together and it isn't very far."
"WHAT!" said Basil, "OH NO, don't think you're taking me,
I'll stay where it's nice and warm; this is where I'd rather be,
It's far too dangerous for THIS BUS," and Basil gave a nervous cough,
"I have no hands to hold on with! I'd hate it, I'd fall off."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 33 - Whats Happening To Flakey by Linda Farrelly
"The cars ready." Grandad said as he peeked around the door,
As Elliot put his coat on Basil flew over to his draw,
"Don't worry about falling out," said Grandad with a grin,
"I have some string here Basil, so that I can tie you in."
"TIE ME IN!" exclaimed Basil, "No fear, I'd rather stay.
I'll be alright on my own, you two go off and play,
This bus won't be tied to anything; I have my pride you know!
Anyway" groaned Basil, "I really hate the SNOW!"
"OH PLEASE," begged Elliot, "if you don't it won't be fun,
I'll read you a story later if you say that you will come."
Basils blue eyes opened wide and he flew over to the bed,
"Oh alright, I'll come then, but I'm not happy." Basil said.
As Elliot closed the bedroom door Basil's bell began to ring.
"It's a new adventure," Basil smiled, and he gave another ting,
"It might be cold there so wrap up well," said Grandad with a wink,
"I will fetch the powder so that you can start to shrink."
They sailed out through the window into the morning sky,
"It's freezing!" said Elliot, as a robin passed them by,
As they flew the air grew colder, and Elliot's knees began to shake.
"It's snowing down there" Basil groaned "it will be scary when I brake."
"Look at all those people" Elliot said "Basil can you see?"
"I think" said Basil smugly "that they're all waiting for me!"
"They're all waving their arms about; they've seen us." Elliot said,
"This landing's tricky" Basil gasped, "there's a snow drift just ahead."
As Basil landed in the snow his tyres were stuck fast.
"Thank goodness" said a booming voice, "you've arrived at last."
"I can't move" said Basil "I am sinking in the snow."
"We'll dig you out," said the voice "when it's time for you to go.
Welcome to Winter Snow Land, we're so glad that you could come,
This is usually a happy place, but today there is no fun,
You have to help our snowman because he's sinking fast,
We just can't understand it, it's not happened in the past.
I'm Ginger, I'm the leader, these are my men scattered about."
"We're the icicles" a voice said "we came here to help them out,
That's Flaky our snowman, a good friend to everyone,
You have to stop him shrinking or he'll very soon be gone!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 33 - Whats Happening To Flakey by Linda Farrelly
"He needs a smaller hat" said Elliot "you can hardly see his eyes."
"Hmm!" said Ginger crossly, "you don't appear to realise,
His hat fitted him yesterday, and his scarf wasn't on the floor!"
"OH HE'S MELTING!" exclaimed Basil "Why didn't you say so before.
Snow men always melt and I know it's very sad."
"LISTEN!" said Ginger "because now I'm getting mad,
Nothing ever melts here because it's always so cold."
"We've been here ages" said the icicles, "and some of us are old.
Crunch and Crumb tried to rebuild him, a disaster we confess,
They tried to make another body but they just got in a mess,
They're not the brightest biscuits but they tried their best,
All the snow just shrank away, the same as all the rest."
Basil screwed his eyes up and said "I need to think."
Elliot watched poor flaky as he began to shrink.
"Help me! Please help me" Flaky cried, and began to shed a tear,
"Basil you must think quicker! Or I soon won't be here."
"If it's getting warmer" Basil said "All THE SNOW would thaw,
The icicles would shrink away, I don't understand at all.
Tell me when this started then I might know what to do."
"COME ON MEN!" Ginger shouted, "Get ready; form a queue."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 33 - Whats Happening To Flakey by Linda Farrelly
"I'm Crumble" said the first man "I noticed three days ago,
Flaky was helping with my problems, when he dripped on my toe."
"I'm Shorty" said the second man "the same happened to me,
His hat seemed to be slipping and he could hardly see."
"I'm Crunch" said the third man, "and I've not been feeling well,
Flaky helped to cheer me up, but he was shrinking I could tell."
Each man told his story of how Flaky helped each day.
Ginger frowned, "Our land would be awful if Flaky went away.
He's a friend to all of us; no problem is too small,
Whenever we have troubles Flaky listens to them all,
He gives us really good advice; he's helped each and every one,
We can't bear to think that one day Flaky might be gone."
Basil looked on thoughtfully then gave a knowing grin,
"I think I know," said Basil, "just what's wrong with him,
Flaky's heart is too warm, he is melting from inside."
"Don't magic me a cold heart! I'd hate that." Flaky cried.
"I love to help everyone, that's the best part of each day,
If I can't help them anymore I'd rather melt away."
"Oh Basil," Elliot cried, "you must do something fast,
I don't know how much longer poor Flaky can last."
"Clean my headlights!" Basil yelled, "I need them free from snow."
Basil revved his engine, and his exhaust began to blow,
As Basil shone his headlights Flaky sank into the ground,
They all looked at each other, but no one made a sound.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 33 - Whats Happening To Flakey by Linda Farrelly
"YOU'VE KILLED HIM!" shouted Crunch, "How could you do that?
There's nothing left of him, just his old scarf, and his hat."
The air became much colder, and the wind began to blow,
They all huddled together as it began to snow.
The snow began to swirl around, and they had to close their eyes,
When the wind died down they opened them and got a big surprise,
Before them stood a snowman, very grand and tall.
"IT'S ME! It's me" said Flaky, "and I'm bigger than you all!
Would someone pass my hat and scarf, and kindly put then on?"
"What about his heart" said Ginger, "I don't see it, has it gone?"
Basil smiled, "His heart is still there but you can't see it any more,
It's still warm inside him but this time it can't thaw."
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 33 - Whats Happening To Flakey by Linda Farrelly
"You're Amazing Basil; give three cheers." came a shout.
"Never mind the cheers" said Basil "can someone dig me out!"
With the snow all cleared away Elliot shrank and climbed on board.
Basil began to take off and his little engine roared.
"I just want to get home where it's nice and warm." Basil said,
The journey took no time at all, and they were sat on Elliot's bed.
"You look warn out" said Grandad, "aren't you coming out to play?"
"I think I'll pass" said Basil, "and I'll come another day."
"That's a shame" said Grandad "I've even found a hat,
I was going to make a snowman; I thought you might like that!"

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