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Please first read Adventure No: 01 - The Scary Vivleego for essential background to this series
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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 42 - Up And Away
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Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 42 - Up And Away by Linda Farrelly

"Basil can you hear it?" Elliot asked, "It's my very favourite sound."
Basil opened up his sleepy eyes and began to look around.
"WHAT?" he grumbled, clearly only half awake.
"I didn't think he'd come today!" gasped Elliot, "he's really very late."
Basil flew over to the window; there were children everywhere,
All gathered around an old white van in need of some repair.
"Why's that thing so popular?" groaned Basil, but Elliot had gone.
Basil will feeling quite confused, and wondered what was going on.
Outside he could hear music, and then it seemed to fade away.
He hoped this strange occurrence wouldn't happen every day!
"I've got a DOUBLE 99!" yelled Elliot as he rushed through the door,
"Grandad's got it for me; I've not had one like this before."
Elliot appeared in the bedroom with a huge ice cream in his hand.
'A double 99' thought Basil, but still didn't understand,
You see Basil didn't eat ice cream, and couldn't understand the fuss,
Ice cream was something very strange to a big red magic bus.
"It's my very favourite food to eat." said Elliot with a grin.
The ice cream was dripping everywhere, and trickling down his chin.
"You humans are strange" moaned Basil, and his bell began to ring,
"A new adventure." Basil smiled, "Hurry up and eat that thing!"
As Basil glared, the ice cream disappeared without a trace.
All that remained was a creamy mess all over Elliot's' face.
"Just get the shrinking powder" Basil grumbled, "and prepare to shrink."
Elliot climbed on board Basil, and they were gone within a blink.
As they sailed into the bright blue sky the wind began to blow.
The little bus was shaking as it wobbled to and fro,
Elliot held onto the seat in front, as the bus hurled him about,
"LOOK AT THAT! WHAT'S GOING ON?" Elliot heard Basil shout.
Heading right towards them was something Basil hadn't seen before.
"It's the TWISTER in my book" said Elliot, as he fell onto the floor,
"A twister is like a whirlwind" Elliot explained, "It carries things away."
"I KNOW WHAT IT IS!" yelled Basil, "you didn't need to say!"
The fierce wind circled overhead, and spun Basil around,
Basil lost all control, and went hurtling to the ground.
"THIS IS GOING TO HURT!" cried Basil, "this could be the end of me!"
The pair came crashing to the ground, and landed in a tree.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 42 - Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
Basil revved his engine, "I'm STILL WORKING!" Basil said,
Basil glided safely to the ground, the wind still overhead,
As Elliot stood upon the sand he looked ruffled and grey,
"WATCH IT!" a voice boomed out; "QUICK, GET OUT OF THE WAY!"
As Elliot looked up he could not believe his eyes,
Strange objects were swirling overhead and tumbling from the skies,
"It's a deck chair" Elliot gasped, "and it's heading straight for me."
Elliot ducked down to miss it, and it crashed against the tree.
As Elliot stared into the sky the twister seemed to spin away,
"That's not the end of it!" the voice said, "It will be back later today."
"Let's get out of here" said Basil "whilst we can still get free."
"WAIT A MINUTE!" said the voice, "you've come here to save ME!
I'm Polly" said a small girl holding onto an ice cream cart.
"I was selling ice cream when the wind began to start.
People were by the beach on deck chairs, it was a lovely day,
then this twister suddenly appeared and took them all away.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 42 - Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
The wind then picked up my cart, and I fell into the fridge.
We took off from the ground and almost hit a bridge.
I thought it was the end of me; I was scared I must confess,
Now I've squashed all the ice lollies, and I'm really in a mess!
I screamed for help" she cried, "and a kind voice filled the air,
I couldn't see a thing but I knew someone was there.
"I'll send you Basil, the voice said; he'll know what to do.
So I'm assuming," Polly said, "that this Basil IS YOU!"
"That was the Wizard" Elliot smiled, "he always sends for us."
"I thought Basil would be a SUPER HERO" she glared, "not a little bus!
How is something so old and small going to save the day?
This Wizard person is useless; you'll never find a way."
"Basil's MAGIC!" Elliot said, Basil was getting very cross.
"She looks funny too" Basil exclaimed "with hair like candy floss.
Why should I help you, you're rude and a disgrace."
Polly took an ice cream, and pointed it at Basil's face.
"THIS ISN'T HELPING!" Elliot cried, "We are here to save the day."
"Why should I bother" Basil glared, "when she's so rude anyway."
"DO SOMETHING MAGIC" Polly yelled; "show me what you can do?
If you're so special SHOW ME! Then I'll believe in you."
Basil narrowed his blue eyes, and his headlights shone bright red.
"You'll melt my ice cream!" Polly yelled, "Turn them off." she said.
Basil's head lights made a whirring sound, and began to spin around,
Polly and the ice cream cart then took off from the ground.
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 42 - Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
First he sent them in the air, then dropped them down a bit,
Up and down his headlights moved which made Polly feel sick,
"STOP IT! STOP IT!" Polly cried, her ice lollies crashed around,
"I promise I'll believe in you, just put me on the ground."
With Polly firmly on the ground Basil gave a grin,
"You can't match me" Basil sneered, "because I always win."
The tree began to sway, and gave the cart a whack.
"IT'S THE TWISTER!" Polly shouted "I think it's coming back!"
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 42 - Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
The twirling wind rotated, sand scattered everywhere.
"Do something!" Polly called out, "Basil, let it know your there.
BASIL CAN BEAT YOU!" Polly yelled, "he's magic, brave, and um....RED!"
But the twister took no notice and just hovered overhead.
The storm began to die down, and Basil saw its evil eye.
"We'll catch it while it's resting" Basil said, "We need to get up high."
"I WANT TO COME," yelled Polly "you must take me with you,
If you can carry Elliot then you can take me too.
Elliot can stay here in case my old cart blows away,
Have an ice cream while you wait, they're all free today."
"NO FEAR" shouted Basil, "Elliot, tie her to that tree."
"TAKE ME, TAKE ME!" bellowed Polly "You can't do this without ME!"
Polly stamped and jumped about, and made an awful fuss.
"Elliot you can jump in too" groaned Basil "and try to keep her calm,
It's my job to protect her, and keep her free from harm."
Basil revved his engine, and headed for the sky,
As he approached the twister he could see its evil eye.
The eye of the storm looked down on them and gave an evil grin,
Children's Story: Elliots Amazing Adventures No 42 - Up And Away by Linda Farrelly
Basil shone his headlights, and they burnt the deepest red,
"He's backing off, you've got him, he's squirming" Polly said,
The twister shrivelled into the sky, and then seemed to disappear.
"YOU'VE DONE IT!" shouted Polly, and the sky above was clear.
Basil turned his headlights off and flew down to the ground.
Polly was making so much noise he couldn't hear a sound,
"YOU'RE MY HERO!" Polly gushed, "Can I hug you please?"
Basil started up his engine, and was soon above the trees.
"Climb into your ice cream cart," said Basil with a groan,
"HOLD ON TIGHT," he shouted "I am going to take you home."
Polly and her ice cream cart floated behind Basil to the beach,
"I COULD KISS YOU," Polly called, but Basil was out of reach.
"I'LL TELL ALL MY FRIENDS ABOUT YOU!" she yelled, "And how we met."
"This is one adventure" Basil groaned, "that I'd rather forget!"
As Elliot's home came into view music filled the air,
"I DON'T BELIEVE IT," shouted Basil "there's an ice cream van sat there."
Elliot grinned, "Polly was nice, now she's gone I feel quite sad."
"NICE!" Basil exclaimed, "She was loud, and drove me mad.
She was bossy, argumentative, and all she did was scream."
Elliot laughed, "Like somebody else I know, anybody for ICE CREAM?"

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