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Terry Fitterer's Children's Stories
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Waiting For The Sandman
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Children's Story: Waiting For The Sandman by Terry Fitterer

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight,
I close my eyes for slumber deep,
But soon I tire of counting sheep.
Then suddenly, to my surprise,
The Sandman stood before my eyes,
And as I took a second look,
My room became a storybook!
Children's Story: Waiting For The Sandman by Terry Fitterer
The curtains on my window were a satin ball gown for Cinderella.
The round throw pillow on the rocking chair—her coach.
Ballet slippers draped around the doorknob turn into her glass ones.
The shadow on the wall from the moon now belongs to Peter Pan and the coat hanger in the closet is the hand of Captain Hook.
The flash from a firefly outside must be Tinkerbell, coming to take me to Never-Never Land.
Pairs of shoes are the Seven Dwarfs and the ballerina atop the music box, their beloved Snow White.
Fuzzy slippers beneath the bed are Dorothy's red shoes, and the Halloween mask in the toy box is the Wicked Witch of the West.
A leg from the wooden stool in the corner could be Pinocchio's nose and a serenade of crickets chirping outside is led by Jiminy.
Children's Story: Waiting For The Sandman by Terry Fitterer
The formation of Dr. Seuss books in the shadows look a lot like the castle in Beauty and the Beast, while my toy chest turns into a gingerbread house that hides Hansel and Gretel.
The vine-covered trellis on the window is Jack's beanstalk and also a home for the brown bunny that lives under it called Peter Rabbit.
As my eyelids become heavier and the Land of Nod is just over the horizon, I hear the wind blowing tree limbs on the roof.
I smile to myself...I know that it is really Humpty Dumpty falling!!


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About Terry Fitterer
Terry is a long-standing poet and writer from Minnesota, USA. Her work is published in humor columns in newspapers, periodicals, children's magazines and humorous murder poems for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.
Terry has also been a winner of The World Wide Poetry Contest. Poems for children come easy for her as she says "I am still a kid at heart!"
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