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Christmas Day
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Who would have thought that Christmas would be such an exciting day for someone?
This is a story about a poor little orphan girl.
Children's Story: by
There was once a little girl called Mary, who was an orphan.
She didn't like the orphanage she lived in and always wished that she could celebrate Christmas just like all the other little kids did.
On Christmas Eve, when everyone was preparing for the big day, Mary gazed at a little statue of a Christmas tree in the window of a shop.
She really wanted it and wished that she could have it.
She went back to the orphanage, and fell asleep dreaming about the Christmas tree.
When she woke up she found herself in a lovely cottage.
It was decorated with roses, it was a well kept but simple cottage.
Mary thought she must be dreaming and pinched herself.
"Ow!" she cried "That hurt, I am not dreaming after all, this is real, but how?" Mary was bewildered.
Then a small pixie came towards her and said she was the Spirit of Kindness.
"I sense a lot of kindness in your heart." she said to Mary, "Your kindness will be rewarded."
"But how?" asked Mary
"See for yourself." said the pixie and disappeared.
Mary didn't understand, one moment later she was back in her own bed.
'I must be imagining it all.' she thought and went back to sleep.
Then she woke up and found herself in a nursery. It was a good well kept nursery.
Then a slightly larger pixie than last time appeared and said
"I am the Spirit of Honesty and I sense that you are very honest. You will be rewarded one day."
"But how?" Mary asked
"See for yourself." said the pixie and disappeared
Then she found herself in her bed once again.
"If they were the Spirits of Kindness and Honesty, then the next one is....."
She went back to sleep.
When she woke she found herself in a beautiful park.
It was covered with flowers, the air was fresh and it was lovely.
Then a very big pixie appeared and said
"I am the Spirit of Love; I can sense a lot of love in your heart towards every living creature. You will be rewarded one day."
"You'll soon see" said the pixie and disappeared.
Mary once again found herself in her bedroom.
She went back to sleep.
The next time she woke up it was Christmas Day morning.
Mary went out and found everyone laughing; now snow covered everything and everything looked beautiful.
Mary went to see the tree statue, but someone had bought it.
Disappointed she went back towards the orphanage.
On the way she found a wallet. She looked inside and; 'Oh' the wallet had a million dollars in it!
She didn't know what to do, so she decided to give it to the police.
The policeman said "Thank you little girl, you were a great help to us. I hope you'll keep working like this. Now go and deliver the wallet this address." said the policeman giving her an address.
Mary blushed with pride and went to find the man, and finally found him.
"Thank you little girl; this a present from me to you for your honesty." said the grateful man, handing Mary a fluffy rabbit.
Mary was overjoyed; for this was the first time she had ever got a real toy.
She headed back. On the way she found a little baby crying.
"What happened?" asked Mary
"I want a toy." said the little baby
Then his mother came and told Mary "You see he really wants a toy and last year I promised him a toy."
"Oh don't you worry about that" said Mary handing over her rabbit. "Here, this is for you"
The grateful woman said "Oh little girl, I can't thank you enough. Here, a very small present for your kindness." and handed Mary a bouquet of flowers.
They were lovely.
Mary was overjoyed, now she could decorate her room with those flowers.
She walked on and met a young, rather rich looking man weeping.
He saw the bouquet of flowers Mary was holding and called her to come to him.
He said "Oh little girl will you please give me those flowers. My son is sick and he can only be cured by those flowers; they are very rare and difficult to find in the markets."
"Alright, if these are the flowers you want, you shall have them." said Mary, handing the flowers to him.
The man said "I can't thank you enough." and guess what he did?
He gave Mary the statue of the tree, which she had wanted for so long.
Mary was overjoyed and danced around.
She raced back to tell her friends.
Wasn't that exciting?
So maybe the Spirits of Christmas are there or are they?
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