Children's Christmas story Elliots Amazing Adventures No 05 - The Tenth Reindeer by Linda Farrelly

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Elliots Amazing Adventures No 05 - The Tenth Reindeer
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It was Christmas eve, there was no snow in sight,
Elliot knew, he wasn't going to sleep at all that night,
He was so excited, what would Santa bring,
He'd written him a Christmas list, just then Basil gave a ting.
As he opened Basil's draw, Basil rang his bell,
I think I'll stay at home today, I don't feel very well,
Basil was never poorly, Elliot thought it very strange,
We've flown a lot said Elliot do you need an oil change?
I had a dream said Basil, about a job I couldn't do,
You can do anything, said Elliot, this is not like you!
I dreamed of lots of animals, it was awful Basil said,
One of them had a great big nose, and it shone bright red.
It's Christmas, that was Rudolph, you've seen him in my book,
Here he is said Elliot, Basil come and take a look,
I have a fear said Basil, that an adventure will come through,
Somebody will need my help with a job that I can't do.
There was a knock on Elliot's door, Grandad said it's only me,
I have brought some presents, to put underneath the tree,
What is wrong with Basil? He looks poorly, Grandad said,
He's had a dream said Elliot, and he wants to stay in bed.
Sometimes Basil, said Grandad, jobs seem too big to do,
That is when you need a friend, someone to help you,
Basil I once remember an adventure long ago,
It bothered you a lot, and you didn't want to go.
I remember that said Basil, it was an awful night,
There was a giant ogre, and he gave me such a fright,
He let down all my tyres, and I couldn't get away,
Yes said Grandad laughing, but you still saved the day.
Oh dear said Basil, an adventures coming through,
Come on Basil said Grandad, Elliot will be there too,
Grandad took the powder, Elliot began to shrink,
He opened up the window, and gave Elliot a wink.
They sailed into the evening sky, the wind began to blow,
It wasn't very long before the ground was white with snow,
This will be a tricky landing, hold on tight Basil said,
I can see a clearing by those high trees just a head.
Basil's engine coughed and spluttered, Basil couldn't see,
He put his brakes on very hard, and landed in a tree.
He shouted, don't move Elliot, just sit still and wait,
They both heard a cracking sound, and the branch began to break,
They sailed through the tree tops, the bent branch let them go,
Basil toppled the right way up, and landed in the snow,
There's a cave said Elliot, like the grotto in my book,
There might be someone in there, let's go and take a look.
They peered into the grotto and saw a light ahead,
This is like my dream said Basil, I wished I'd stayed in bed,
Look Basil there's a little elf, he's looking very sad,
Oh dear, Oh dear, a voice said, things are really very bad.
The little elf saw Elliot and shouted who are you?
You seem distressed said Elliot, is there something we can do?
No one can help to solve this, it's a disaster the elf said,
Rudolph our biggest reindeer has tripped and broken his leg.
The boss is in an awful state, and it's affected all the deer,
The children will be very sad, they'll get no toys this year,
If you really want to try to help I'll take you to the boss,
But I'll warn you said the little elf, he's feeling very cross.
They followed the elf through a doorway in the wall,
Inside there were so many elves Elliot couldn't count them all,
Looking in through a window were lots of shining eyes,
When he looked a little closer, Elliot got a big surprise.
He saw Dancer, Prancer, and Cupid, standing by the door,
Dasher, Comet, Donna, and Blitzen lying on the floor,
Vixen was number eight, there's one missing Elliot said,
Rudolph was in the corner with a bandage round his leg.
Now you see my problem a voice echoed in the air,
And when he turned around, Santa Claus was standing there.
We can't fly without a full crew of that there is no doubt,
I know Elliot said excitedly, Basil could help you out.
Basil can fly, said Elliot, he could pull the sleigh instead,
Me! Basil shouted, his voice was full of dread,
I can't pull a thing like that I'm only a small bus,
You know you can said Elliot, Basil don't make such a fuss.
I can strap you in a harness, said Santa, this will do,
That harness is too big, said Basil I will slip right through.
I think you're forgetting Santa said, this is a magic land,
You can lead my reindeer, and you'll look very grand,
The sleigh isn't very heavy, you'll enjoy your flight at night,
We need another flyer just to keep the balance right.
Basil said, alright I'll try, and Santa strapped him in,
I think you might enjoy yourself, said Santa with a grin,
He strapped in the reindeer, Basil stood there in despair,
But when Santa put the presents in, Basil shot up in the air,
The sleigh is far too heavy, said Basil with a frown,
Elliot come and get inside, your weight will pull it down.
Santa lifted Elliot up, and put his seat belt on,
We're taking off said Santa and in a blink they'd gone.
They sailed across the night sky, Basil led the way,
The proudest bus ever was saving Santa's day.
Basil stopped at each chimney, and kept the deer on track,
We've done well Santa said, I have an empty sack,
They flew back to the grotto, this time Elliot drove the deer,
Oh I feel so proud he said, I wish my Mum was here.
They flew back to the grotto, the elves all gave a cheer,
That was fun said Elliot, can we come back next year,
With a bit of luck said Santa, by then Rudolph will be well,
You'd better go, it's Christmas night, Basil rang his bell.
Thank you, said Rudolph, you made a good tenth deer,
I don't know what we'd have done if you had not been here,
I hope the children like their presents, said Elliot with a grin,
Those chimneys were so small, how did Santa fit in?
Santa smiled as Elliot said, it's been the greatest day,
Who'd believe we rode with Santa, and I drove the sleigh,
Santa waved them both Goodbye, calling enjoy Christmas day,
The elves were standing cheering, as they both flew away.
Elliot was still smiling as his home came into view,
That was the best adventure Elliot said, and Basil thought so too,
They were soon in Elliot's bedroom, Grandad stood there with a drink,
I think you both deserve this, said Grandad with a wink.
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