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Children's Stories Net Worldwide Readers
Children's Stories Net Readers Worldwide Map

The world map above is a snapshot of Children's Stories Net individual reader point global distribution on 31 Oct 2016 (see maps further down to compare 3 year difference).
The small yellow dots represent up to 10 individual reading points at the location shown, the larger red dots represent over 1000 points, see the key bottom right on map. Some individual points relate to single individuals reading to a child, others relate to reading groups and school class rooms, thus some single points can represent 30 or more actual readers.
This map records unique individual children's story reading points by IP (unique computer / device address) in each location, not the individual point access count, data is strictly copyright © Children's Stories Net™).
In the year 2014 64,500 individual reading points worldwide read 7 stories each (on average) online at™, in 2015 reading points increased by 20% overall compared to 2014.
Reader Countries
Over 204 countries now use™. The readership spread changes and evolves from month to month, for example during winter months reading increases in some countries.
Here's the percentage use breakdown for the Top 15 Countries during October 2015 and 2016, note the Russian Federation jumping up from 0.3% in 2015 to 3.4% in 2016.
2015       2016
United States26.4%       United States31%
Great Britain20.4%       Great Britain21%
India7.1%       India7%
Philippines5.1%       Russian Federation3.6%
China3.5%       Philippines3.4%
Australia2.9%       Australia3.2%
Japan2.4%       Cyprus2.9%
South Africa2.3%       Ukraine2.8%
Ukraine2.0%       Germany2.5%
Cyprus2.0%       Canada2.4%
Germany1.9%       Greece1.9%
Canada1.9%       China1.6%
Egypt1.4%       South Africa1.5%
France1.3%       France1%
Mexico1.0%       New Zealand1%

Compare Reader Point Distribution 2013 to 2016
Comparing the maps below you can see below how our reader point distribution has spread and increased worldwide between October 2013 and October 2016.
Children's Stories Net Readers Worldwide Map 2016
Children's Stories Net Readers Worldwide Map 2013


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