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The Squirrel And His Acorn
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.

Once upon a time deep in the forest lived Mr. Squirrel and his family.
Spring had just began and it was time for the acorns to drop from the tree.
Mr. Squirrel was looking everywhere for some fresh acorns because his family had just ran out of their winter supply.
He couldn't find any so he had to manage with the next best thing, bugs.
He went to his tree to bring food home and his kids did not want to eat any beetles or caterpillars.
His son Bucky said "Daddy, I want acorns, bugs are icky".
Mr. Squirrel replied "Kids, you just going to have to make do until daddy can find some acorns for us all".
So Mr. Squirrel gave his wife and two kids as kiss and set off on a journey so that he could feed his family what they wanted. His new his wife made the best mix of acorns and honey and didn't want to miss out on it this year.
Mr. Squirrel took off running and jumping tree to tree trying to find some acorns.
"No luck" he said as he come upon a wide open space in the middle of the forest. He sat for a minute and then went to the stream for some water.
As he was drinking a turtle was a few feet from him playing in the water with his kids.
He said, "Excuse me, Mr. Turtle, have you seen any acorns this year. My family really wants some and I can't find them anywhere."
Mr. Turtle looked at him and said "I'm sorry Mr. Squirrel, I haven't seen acorns anywhere. I can catch you a fish though."
Mr. Squirrel responded by saying "No thanks".
He then went on his merry way in search for delicious acorns.
Mr. Squirrel was running as fast as he can in search for these acorns.
He kept going until he came across a Rabbit. He stopped and asked the rabbit "Mr. Rabbit have you hopped across any acorns this spring". Mr. Rabbit said, "No, I haven't but there is plenty of grass for everyone."
"I don't like grass", Mr. Squirrel replied. "I am hungry though", he then tried a piece of grass and spit it right out.
"That was nasty" he told Mr. Rabbit, "I've got to find some acorns. Thanks anyways Mr. Rabbit" and he took off on his journey.
He kept on running because he knew his family was awaiting a delicious meal of acorns and honey.
He then came by a skunk and stopped to talk.
With his fingers pinching his nose he said "Mr. Skunk have you seen any acorns this year".
The skunk was upset by him hold his nose that he replied "No" in a fierce tone and walked away from the hungry little squirrel.
Mr. Squirrel began walking instead of running and felt like it was hopeless until all of a sudden he tripped.
He got so mad he got up and kicked what had made him fall and when he did he realized it was an acorn and he had to find where he had kicked it to.
He ran and found it, it had landed in a pile of acorns.
There had to be at least 20 acorns there.
He grabbed four, one for each family member and began his journey back home.
When he was halfway home he came across a snake who was really in the mood for squirrel.
He said "leave me alone, I've got to get to my family"
The snake replied "Me to and your coming with me."
The squirrel took off running and the snake struck and barely missed Mr. Squirrel.
The snake hit his head on a rock and was knocked out cold.
Mr. Squirrel took off again and finally got home to his family.
Everyone was waiting on him and were so happy he was home. His wife then said "I'm all out of honey, can you please go get me some honey from the bee hive over there." She pointed to a big bee hive with hundreds of bees.
(Ends with squirrel looking scared to go)
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